We should have strip mined that country barren when we had the chance.

All we did was soften it up for the Chinese to spread their empire and vacuum up all those resources for themselves.

We spent $2 trillion and lost almost 2,500 lives to make China rich off Afghani mineral wealth.

Great job everybody!

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By J. Kb

4 thoughts on “And just a little bit more…”
  1. China getting involved in that Grave of Empires is the only bright light to come out of this. If they operate according to their usual practices in foreign locals, it will be a very short honeymoon.

  2. If the Taliban is aware of what the Chinese are doing to other Moslems – the Uighurs – it will be more like the Red Wedding than a honeymoon. (That is, they’ll invite some Chinese to a meeting and slaughter them.)

    1. I assume they know, and it’s clear they don’t care. No more than the Iranian dictator does.
      Religious propaganda is like communist propaganda — it’s there to fool the masses and make them compliant. There’s no reason to assume that the bosses believe any of that stuff. They want power; all this stuff they tell you is just a tool to obtain power and keep it.

      Look at it this way: would an actual religious zealot make a deal with an agent of Satan? I don’t think so. (Would Cotton Mather have signed a treaty with a representative of the Vatican, for example?) If you see a person claiming to be a religious zealot making such a deal, he’s a fraud trying to sell you a story.

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