Texas’ Governor Abbot announced that he is dropping the State mask wearing mandate and opens the state 100%. As you can imagine and same as with Florida’s soft-opening,  Social media has been inundated with predictions of death,

And then, there are the “warriors” who will “stand” to the Governor about masks. Like this guy:


Bubs, you do not seem to understand the concept of the Gonzales Flag. The governor is not taking your mask away. In fact, you can keep wearing the face diaper as long as you want. He evens allows business to keep implementing the mask requirements on their own thus respecting private property, something Liberals always have issues with.

And you have to love the idea that his wearing of a mask is the valor-equivalent of facing Nazi troops in combat. He is a self-deluded hero who wears a big ass “S” on his chest that stands for Stupid.

Maybe we can get DeSantis to allow 100% breathing in Florida and enjoy the show of idiots holding their breath in protest.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

14 thoughts on “And then there was this dumb guy in Twitter”
  1. I love how Newsom, who is facing recall for being a hypocritical, incompetent douche, is bemoaning that PEOPLE WILL DIE in Texas.

  2. This fourth generation Texan thinks the abomination of the Gonzales flag is from a dipstick who wasn’t born in and likely doesn’t live in Texas. Probably a transplant living the the socialist Republic of Travis county (Austin)

  3. Immature, binary, absolutist thinking. If the Government mandates it everyone does it. If the government doesn’t mandated it nobody does it. Leaves no room for personal choice.

  4. It’s like it never even occurs to them that if they really, really think its unsafe for them to be around people who aren’t wearing a mask that maybe they should stay home.

    I have a unique perspective here, and I caught shit from both sides over it.

    At the start of this I was worried about my then-5-year-old. He has had some lung issues, and we didn’t really know anything a year ago other than it was a respiratory disease killing people. There was enough information floating around out there that my wife and I figured the risk of “he’s going to die if he gets it” was not huge, but not insignificant.

    So we stayed the eff home, because we understood that there’s absolutely no way to control other people’s behavior. You can punish people for their behavior, but you cannot stop them from behaving in a way you do not like. Free will, and all. And remember, a year ago “masks don’t work, you have to stay 6 feet apart” was the dogma so no one was wearing a mask anyway–it was all about social distancing and not sneezing on each other.

    As we got more info and started to see how things were fleshing out (kids practically never get it, incidental contact doesn’t seem to spread it, viral load is important to the severity of your case, etc) we kind of eased back in to it over the last 9 months or so. We had a mask mandate here in my county until Saturday so even though I haven’t thought they were necessary or effective in quite some time, it’s not worth risking an overzealous mask-enforcer. Risk, reward, and personal inconvenience all play in to it.

    I’ve been called a granny-killer for not wanting mask mandates imposed on everyone else and a statist for wearing a mask myself.

    Are people just completely incapable of doing their own risk assessments now?

  5. And you have to love the idea that his wearing of a mask is the valor-equivalent of facing Nazi troops in combat.

    Whoa, there. I believe he’s referring to the folks at home during WWII, who not only dealt with, but largely embraced rationing and using alternate materials for everyday foods and items, so that good food and supplies could be redirected to the troops.

    Collectively, it was all under the umbrella “war effort”. You didn’t have to serve on the front lines to support the front lines.


    OTOH, his argument is still fundamentally flawed. “Being forced to wear a mask to love your neighbor” may or may not be a “small sacrifice to save lives” — the jury is still out on that. But the operative phrase in there isn’t “wear a mask”, or even “love your neighbor”; it’s “being forced”.

    It doesn’t matter that it’s a “small sacrifice”. It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about wearing a mask, staying six feet apart, getting the vaccine, carrying your “immunization passport”, or any other trivial thing. There’s a distinct difference between choosing to take some reasonable precautions and having those reasonable precautions (and many unreasonable ones) mandated.

    The problem isn’t what we’re being forced to do; the problem is that we’re being forced to do it!

  6. The responses from deranged, sick leftists about this are unsurprising. This has been a shining example of how liberals/progressives/democrats/communists hate personal freedom and responsibility, and absolutely yearn for and adore the boot of government on their necks.

  7. Once again, a toddler is equating “shocking” with clever. Look at how they are using gun rights advocates terms, in essence equating the right to bear arms with the right to wear a mask.

    “Come and take it!”


    No one is telling you that you cannot wear a mask. Want to wear a mask, go ahead and do it. I do not care. No one I knows cares.

    I will not “take it”
    Whether you wear a mask or not is meaningless to me.

    And, I expect the same in response when it comes to my lawful and responsible ownership of firearms.


    1. … Maybe we can get DeSantis to allow 100% breathing in Florida and enjoy the show of idiots holding their breath in protest.
      The trouble with that is after they pass out they will start breathing again. And, it’s against the law to help them not breathe? The law is definitely an ass.

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