Reader Mark M. sent me a couple of links last week and I accidentally put them in the bottom of the pile. The story would be funny f it was not such a sad commentary on the hoplophobia Down Under:

THOUSANDS of Australian shooters are lining up to buy an imported seven-shot shotgun that tests a 19-year ban on rapid fire weapons. More than 6600 Australian shooters have ordered the Turkish-made shotgun that uses lever-action cartridge loading to bypass strict bans on semiautomatic firearms. The shotgun, the Adler A110, has a seven-shot magazine and goes on sale in Australia in two months.The Adler’s lever action means it is legally available to general Category A gun licence holders and is not restricted to the strict Category C, semiautomatic classes.
Police were surprised at the rapidity of the Adler’s action.
We are concerned about its firing rate,” a Victoria Police spokesman said.
“Certainly it is a worry, traditionally a shotgun is a double barrel with two rounds, this has seven or can have eight.”

Source: Shooters fired up over imported Adler shotgun | Breaking National News and Australian News | The Weekly Times

So apparently the people at Adler Arms managed to work out the kinks out of the traditionally not-so-reliable lever-action shotgun and came up with a decent product (The Turks are known for manufacturing very nice shotguns at a good price). But for the Australian Authorities, this shotgun seems to be the equivalent of a Mother Deuce with a 500 round belt.

And of course, cue the Aussie Gun Control activists.

Gun Control Australia (GCA) teamed up with the Homicide Victims Support Group to call on the states and the Federal Government to ban the Adler A110 lever action shotgun in Australia.The A110 uses a lever action to load cartridges into the barrel….Samantha Lee from GCA said the A110 verged on being a high-powered pump action shotgun.

Source: Pro-gun lobbyists disrupt gun control appeal in Sydney, claim they are being vilified as criminals – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

So it seems that the Aussie version of Ladd and Elliot also like to make stuff up as long as it sounds dangerous.

And you cannot have a traditional Gun Control petition without the presence of the Bloody Shirt™:

Sydney father-of-four Angelo Cusumano was working in his family-owned business when he was shot dead four days before Christmas. Three students armed with guns terrorised his customers and stole a five-figure sum of money during the deadly armed robbery of The Gamesman computer store at Penshurst in December, 1995.
And 20 years on, his wife Mary is still fighting the horrific memories of that day plus another personal battle.

“I can’t understand what we are doing even thinking of this Adler shotgun coming into this country.”

Source: Widow Mary Cusumano pleads for ban of Adler A110 rapid fire shotgun

And since it is Lazy Friday, I am going to use Mark M’s own words in his email to point out the sheer stupidity of this whole issue:

    “Imagine my perverse glee in people believing Civil War era firearms technology is a threat to the public welfare.
To be honest, I’d like to hold one and see if its mind control waves order me to buy one and take it home.”

So we expect a T&E from Mark to grace the pages of this blog in the future. 😀

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

15 thoughts on “Australia Gun Control: If it Works, Ban it!”
    1. I’ll give you that it is a new shotgun with a still fresh action that is hard to cycle and a guy that does not know how to manipulate it other than he had seen on TV. Probably and Cowboy Action shooter would be faster, but it is still a shotgun and it will require time to shoot accurately and with some speed. Still, it is not a frigging assault rifle.

        1. Clockwork, Pump action shotguns were banned after that nut job in Tasmania shot all those people, yet pump action rifles are ok, which is good as my wife bought me a nice little Remington Model 572 pump action 22 for Fathers Day a few years back. I use it for target practice and bunnies.
          What has changed after Tasmania is that all those people who owned guns “just because”, either got rid of them or they retained them as they had “acceptable” reasons to own them, ie target shooter ( and therefore a member of a shooting club or organisation, most shooters are members of the SSAA ) or they have a farm or a letter from a farmer to shoot on a farm, self defence is not a valid reason to own a gun in Oz. .
          I grew up in a rural environment and when I was a kid in the 70’s almost every farm house had a 22 or a 12 gauge, it was really not that big a deal, I had my Ruger 10/22 confiscated in the aftermath of the Tasmanian thing, and as a ex Australian Army officer that seriously annoyed me so I used the funds from the 10/22 to buy a Mod 700 in 270W and took up deer hunting, which I now love.
          Hope that gives you a bit of a background on the Oz laws.


          Bush in Oz

          1. Bush, Recently moving to a small town in Idaho, I’ve noticed that alot of people have guns here… Many wear them in the open at the local Walmart or McDonalds Restaurant, making me fear the worst. I’ve spoken to local police about the situation and they acknowledged that there are more guns than people here. They said it has been this way for as long as they can remember and they share my fear, that someday, many years from now, there might be a homicide. The sad thing is, this would result in them being pushed aside by some big city police who would likely have to be called in to investigate, since they might know something about how to investigate a homicide, something our police are totally unfamiliar with, since you know, there are so many guns here. We moved from Chicago, where the gun control laws are very tight and no one ever gets killed… Other than maybe a few hundred a year and several hundred to a few thousand more shot. Even though virtually none of the shooters in Chicago legally own guns and are criminals, now that I’m in Idaho, I still would routinely bow my head, click my heels, and wish for some of that Chicago gun control.

    2. I caught that, too. “Samantha Lee from GCA said the A110 verged on being a high-powered pump action shotgun.”

      As opposed to … what? A low-powered pump action shotgun?

      Is 12-gauge. Is having kick.

      How the next round gets chambered doesn’t affect that.

  1. They will never be satisfied until foolish people stop listening to there hogwash and grow up and use their own brains.

  2. Based on the video, the statement:
    “So apparently the people at Adler Arms managed to work out the kinks out of the traditionally not-so-reliable lever-action shotgun and came up with a decent product”
    …. is not-so-reliable.

  3. “Gun Control Australia”? Why aren’t they called “Gun Safety Australia”? Do they not believe in gun safety? Oh, right. It’s because they’re not losing the PR battle down under.

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