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Worth a shot?

In a Wal-Mart parking lot (what’s with all the attacks at Wal-Marts recently?) in Fairfield, California, a man attacked, dragged from his car, and beat up a 64-year-old-man after the old man yelled at the attacker’s girlfriend for parking in a handicapped zone without a permit.

A number of bystanders stood around and videoed the attack.  The attacker turned on at least one of the bystanders recording the scene.

One bystander, Susan Fowler had a pit bull in the back seat of her car, but nobody else was armed.

Yes, it was California so CCW permits are about as rare as truthful statements by Hillary Clinton.  But let’s say that this didn’t happen in CA.

What would you do?  Intervene in the beating of an old man?  How about if the attacker advanced on you after just beating an old man?


Tamir Rice 2.0

Tyree King, age 13, was shot to death by racist white police officers who kill unarmed, young black boys for fun in Columbus, Ohio.

The police were responding to a report of a group of people who had committed and armed robbery.  The police approached King and another youth as part of their response.  The boys fled down an alley.  The police pursued them.  Cornered, King drew a BB gun from his waist band and was shot nine times.

Here we have another case of a black teen, shot by a cop.  A black teen who in this case drew a BB gun form his pants.  A black teen who fled from the cops before questioning, down a dark alley at night.


This was an unfortunate event, but from the news report, it seems like a justifiable shoot.

So far, there have been no reports of unrest in Ohio, but this just hit the wire.  I expect there is going to be some unrest when this story gains traction.

If there is one lesson to be learned from this: don’t draw on the cops with a BB gun.  You will lose.

Some F#!$&! Perspective

It is now September 12th, so I can say some stuff about September 11th that I couldn’t yesterday.

Buzzfeed posted this piece of shit article, which is supposed to make patriotic Americans who make a remembrance of 9/11 feel bad.

People Are Using #AfterSeptember11 To Share Their Stories Of Discrimination

Ever single tweet covered is by a young Muslim who suffered some sort of taunting following 9/11.


Now I’m not going to justify any of that, because it’s wrong.  But allow me to respond to them, to Buzzfeed, and to the liberals that hold this shit up high for everyone to see.

Boo-fucking-hoo for you!

You know why?

Because for 15 years, I can’t turn on the TV or go to YouTube, or browse the internet without seeing accusation after accusation that Israel and/or the Jews were responsible for 9/11.

Yes, some of the people saying that are kooks.  But in their group are influential people like Louis Farrakhan, and former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, educators like Oberlin professor Joy Karega, and other minor academic fuckwits who teach this bullshit in class.

There was a trending hashtag yesterday #JewsDid911 which just reinforced the 9/11 blood libel.  Did Buzzfeed stop for one second to condemn that shit?  Hell no.

What really is the twist of the knife in this article is that overwhelmingly the major parties pushing the Israel/Jewish 9/11 conspiracies are Arab media and Islamic  leaders, as well as antisemitic Social Justice leftists and liberals.

Want some fucking proof:

This is clipped right from the Buzfeed article:


So I went to Twitter and look what I found:

911-twitter-3 911-twitter-2



Yes, allow me to be totally sympathetic to your plight while you desecrate the symbol of my religion.

Of course, the #afterseptember11 hashtag coverage in no way indicates that according to the FBI, Jews were the N0. 1 victim of religiously motivated hate crimes, by a wide margin, being 59% of victims.

Much of these hate crimes are coming out of college campuses where they are instigated by the pro-Palestinian BDS campaign, to the point were socially liberal schools in places like California are openly hostile to Jews.

But why should a liberal site like Buzzfeed ever let those pesky facts get in the way of a good narrative.

Crybully crocodile tears

A little while ago, Miguel made a post about a video titled Never Met Her, which illustrated the absurdity of the “Cocks not Glocks” protest and movement.

Emily Keown, a volunteer with Mom’s Demand Action, went straight to the Austin-American Statesman with a OpEd that claimed the Never Met Her video was a direct threat to her.

In the short film, an actress portraying a leader in the fight against guns on campus at UT-Austin is shot and killed by a burglar after she watches someone interviewing gun violence prevention advocates like myself. Then, after the actress is shot point blank, the camera pans to the wall behind her, where a Moms Demand Action sign is splattered with blood…  Since the video came out, I’ve considered my options. I’m a mom of two. And while I want to fight tooth and nail against the men who made this video to intimidate and scare gun violence prevention volunteers like me, I must put my kids’ safety first. It’s a careful balance.

I doubt that a reasonable person watching the video would consider it threat to any member of MDA.  Nobody in MDA was named.  There was no dialog suggesting that a member of Cocks Not Glocks, or any other anti-gun organization, be killed for their political beliefs.

It expressed, in no unclear terms, that advertising your home as a gun free zone and being armed with only a synthetic phallus is an invitation to and not a defense from criminals.  But “reasonable” is not a word one associates with Social Justice types.  This satirical short film is now something Ms. Keown can use for sympathy support and victim credibility.  Even if she is not a victim.

The vast majority of gun owners support common-sense gun laws, and I suspect that most of them would be just as horrified as I am that the people who claim to be their voice in the statehouse are such a radical, threatening group… I hope that any legislators who watch this video will consider the history of threats and violence against gun safety advocates in our state. I hope they ask themselves how they’d feel if it was their mother, wife, sister or daughter portrayed in this misogynistic and menacing film.

I don’t know of what common sense gun laws MDA has ever supported, we seem to have different definitions of common sense.  Cocks Not Glocks is a childish protest that really doesn’t make any sense at all.  Their message is … ? … I’m not sure.  There really is no parallel with guns and dildos, at least to the thinking person.  Not to mention that I am nearly 100% sure that the same caliber of person who supports Cocks Not Glocks is also a protester of campus rape culture, and that if a fraternity whipped out a bunch of dildos at a party, these same people would work to have the fraternity kicked off campus and the students expelled for a Title IX violation.  The video is not misogynist, at least according to the conventional definition of the term, but they will use any chance to throw out a -ism or -ist to signal some “bad think.”  Of course, the film is not menacing either, by any definition.

But crybullies cry, that is what they do.  Never mind that they impugned the character of every person who supports campus concealed carry.  Never mind that they suggested we’d kill our professors over bad grades, we’d kill our professors and fellow students because they discussed something in class we disagreed with,  we’d mass murder LGBT students who demand we use their preferred pronouns, campus carry would make us into rapists, or we’re just murder happy people who are only held at bay because of a paragraph in a student code of conduct.  Never mind all of that, they are the real victims.  One would think that if everything they said about us was true, they’d suffer far worse than a satirical YouTube video… but they are’t going to question that.

Of course, being a crybully, Ms. Keown got what she wanted.   Outrage and the demand for censorship.

mda-cocks-3 mda-cocks-2

MDA: “You people are a bunch of crazy, racist wannabe rapists and killers.”

CCW: “But I passed a background check and can carry most places in TX, why is a public college in the middle of a city any different.”

MDA: “Here’s a giant rubber penis to make you understand why you are so terrible.”

CCW: “I don’t get it.  Besides, your point is stupid, here’s why (video).”

MDA: “You threatened to kill me.  You should be banned.”

CCW: “Wha…..”

MDA: “We scored a victory for common sense.”


And yet the crybullies say that we will be the death of civil discourse.   They are truly awful people.


Again with this BS

The Bloomberg anti-gun hydra has sprouted another head, with the intention of affecting another state election.  This time it is up in the Great Northeast as Mainers for Responsible Gun Ownership.  If their founding by Bloomberg were not confirmed by the Washington Times, it would be self evident by their Facebook title picture in which they are all wearing orange for gun violence.  


They are trying to raise funds using Grandpa and Grandson Fudd, pulling the “I’m not a racist, I have a black friend” argument for gun control.

What they are asking for is universal background checks.  Why?  Because loophole, that’s why.  The “40% of guns criminals use they get through sales with no background checks” claim has been stated and debunked so many times it holds no meaning any more.  Either you believe it because politics is your religion and you take crap this this as an article of faith, or you don’t.

What I know is that universal background checks, the way the anti-gunners and Left want them, won’t reduce crime and will be a massive inconvenience to gun owners.

I have a buddy who is the 1911 whisperer.  He has tuned and dressed 1911’s for world champion shooters, Hollywood movies, and celebrities alike.  For him, there is no such thing as 1911 vs Glock.  For him, the debate begins and ends with Series 70 vs Seires 80.  Come to think of it, I don’t think he can say “Glock.”  This is a man that leaves no sear un-stoned.  His “beater” 1911 would make Bill Wilson green with envy.  I’m pretty sure his prophylactics have a Novak cut.  He bleeds cold blue and if he cried, it would be 230 grain hard ball.

This man will tune 1911’s for me for a handshake and a six-pack.  Who needs Cylinder and Slide when you have friends like this?  The think is, he’s not a gunsmith.  He’s just a gun nut and has been around them forever.  So ever time I need a tweeking for a carry gun or something, I’d have to 4473 this man, who goes to work and plays with guns every day for a living.  Because… loophole.

How about not.

This is not about public safety.  Remember, Adam Lanza – which is where this whole 91% support universal background checks bullshit started – stole his gun from his mother after he killed her.  This is just another level of control.  Another way for anti-gunners to criminalize normal gun culture behavior and punish us.  Illinois’ universal background checks don’t stop the killings in Chicago.  What makes any reasonable person think that it will make a difference in any of the other 49 states?

Mainers, vote no.  And if this Fudd is really a Maine hunter.  If you see him at the hunting lodge, give him a one-finger salute for me.

Genocide Chic

Jet Blue has begun commercial flights from Ft. Lauderdale Airport to Cuba.

CBS News went completely up their own ass with the headline about this: Brace yourself, Cuba, the Americans are coming.

What. The. Fuck! CBS?  Really?  REALLY?

Systematic human rights violations.  Firing squads.  The most repressive regime in the Western Hemisphere.  Torture.  Political Reeducation.  Genocide.  An economy that hasn’t progressed since 1959.

No.  The real problem that Cuba faces is fat, white Americans who are going to show up in Crocs and fanny packs, wanting to buy cigars and rum, and ruin the island.

Taimarie Locke wanted to be on the first flight so she could see Cuba as it is now — “while it was still raw” — before the rest of America arrives.

Do you think there will be a special tour for Taimarie Locke, where she can see the wall where the woman who help raise me growing up (my mother’s best friend and practically a second mom to me) father’s brother was shot for voicing a pro-American opinion?  Maybe she’d like to see where Che had so many of Cuba’s suspected homosexuals murdered?  Maybe she cold take a selfie at La Cabana, where Che had the children of suspected dissidents shot to make an example of them.

Is that “raw” enough for her?

Maybe she can tag herself in a photo with some Cubans in forced labor (which includes their free clinics – I guess healthcare is free when it’s done by slaves).

What a worthless fucking piece of shit Taimarie Locke is and the rest of the people over at CBS are.  Yes, I hope she read this, and yes, I would tell her in both English and Spanish that she is a compete fucking piece of shit to her face.

You can’t read an article about tourism without reading about how terrible American tourists are.  You want to know what is really, truly, the epitome of an ugly American tourist?  Some pile of human garbage that wants to witness human suffering, oppression, and tyranny, where tens of thousands of innocent people have been tortured and murdered to keep a political regime in power, all because it’s “authentic.”

What a vile puddle of patchouli soaked pile of pig shit.  Fuck her and the people at CBS too.

Super helpful

J’Ouvert is a Caribbean holiday.  In New York City, it is also a street festival.  In preparation for NYC’s J’Ouvert, the NYPD put out this flyer.


If you can’t figure out what happened next, you are not a regular reader of this blog.

Four people were shot and two people were stabbed, leaving a total of two dead.  I guess you just can’t trust criminals not to break the law, even if you tell them not to.

Maybe next time, the NYPD will put out their flyer in ALL CAPS.  I’m sure that will be more effective.