Hutus said the same about Tutsis.

Turks said the same about Armenians.

Hitler said the same about Jews.

Biden is saying that COVID spikes and the resulting lockdowns are the fault of a minority.

A US President is focusing national outrage on a minority of Americans.

This is evil.

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By J. Kb

13 thoughts on “Biden pulling out the worst rhetoric of dictators on Americans”
  1. Rush used to say the same about LIBERALS,26% of the population and look at the fukkin damage they do. Im still tryin to finger out how UNvaccinated are a threat to vaccinated ????

  2. I’m vaccinated. My family are all vaccinated. As far as I know my friends are all vaccinated. Nevertheless, yes, this is evil. I stand with those who choose not to be vaccinated even though I think it’s a serious mistake. Rights are absolute.

    1. Similar rhetoric is “those who choose not to be vaccinated” and “you have to go out of your way to not be vaccinated”.

      The normal state is “not vaccinated”, the ‘event’ is to get “vaccinated”.

      Despite all the signs saying “Free Vaccination Here” one still has to make an appointment, usually two, to get whatever that is injected.

    2. Well said.

      Just because I made one particular choice, doesn’t mean all other choices are invalid.

      At least in this instance.

  3. So is he talking about them members of congress their congressional staff and the post office that he exempted!

  4. All leftists have is divisiveness. Separate the world into the deplorables and the desirables. Get them to hate despise and distrust each other. Dehumanize the ones not on your side. Genocide is next

  5. They don’t really care what they say now because they know that the elections don’t matter because they have an unlimited amount of people that don’t exist to make sure they win.

    The 25% they are talking about, what they really want to do is mandate the vaccination on them by force by literally breaking down there door and pointing a gun to their head and if those people and others resist, Biden and pretty much all but maybe 10 Democrats at most believe that that entire portion of the population should be systematically exterminated. I mean it does fit their worldview; they desire the complete and total extermination of every single Trump voter, every single gun owner, every single Republican, every Single Jew in Israel, along with the literal complete and total extermination of the entire population of the United States that opposes any of that.

    If you do not think the Democrats overwhelmingly want to literally exterminate 1/4 of the United States population for not being vaccinated along with the entire population of the United States that would oppose that that actually is vaccinated I don’t think you really understand how they think. And once the extermination begins, because it will, Democrats will still win via massive voter fraud, if there are even elections at that point. Even if they deploy the nuclear arsenal they will still win.

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