Earlier I covered Keith Olbermann being an utter piece of shit.

Colossal pile of shit Michael Moore had to join in.

So we have two famous millionaire Progressive assholes who believe that healthcare is a human right, one that only goes to Democrats.

Though to take them at their word, that’s not really surprising. They made it clear Conservatives and Republicans are not humans, we’re Deplorables.

Untermenschen don’t get healthcare.

Or maybe they do and our children are who they practice pediatric gender transition surgery on because sewing identical twins together to make conjoined twins is played out.

That these two human colostomy bags went to Twitter with their garbage isn’t surprising.

Neither, honestly, was the popular response.


Few if any replies said that calling for the deaths of Texans is bad.

A lot of Democrats saying they themselves don’t deserve to die because Texas is Red.

The alacrity at which Democrats are willing to throw Texas Republicans under the genocide bus shows you how interested in unity they are.

Don’t  bother hiding your Republican kids in the attic.  Your Democrat neighbors will rat you out on Twitter for likes.

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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “Blue Texans cry out “but I’m one of the good ones.””
  1. Mr. Ryan, and the rest of them are idiots.
    “I live here. I am AGAINST this. Don’t punish me and others!”

    What in the Governor’s order outlawed the use of masks? Or are these people so enamored with government controlling every detail of their lives that putting on a mask without a mandate from the Government is not an option.

    Seriously, do these people need a government mandate to get out of bed, breathe, or eat?

  2. “But I’m a good Jew, I fought for the Fatherland in the war and I earned the Iron Cross at Verdun.” Said as he was being herded on to the train for “resettlement in the east.”


    What is it to these lefty freaks that don’t live here?

    And what about the lefty nobs that do?

    Have you seen mask compliance here, ever? Nose hanging out, huge gaps, thin bandana. I think most I’ve seen didn’t have their mask on to where it would do any good. I checked into a doctor office where the lady at the desks n95 mask had huge gaps.

    The order also allows businesses to mandate masks. Didn’t say don’t wear them. Only that they wouldn’t make you.

    Generation of imbeciles. Disgrazia!

    WE had a cold freeze and power failures. I’m praying for hailstorms, wind storms, then a few months of searing heat (i.e. normal north Texas weather). Maybe it’ll drive these locusts away.

  4. In reading the Austin subreddit about the masks, it appears that everyone in Texas is going to drop dead of the covids next Wednesday morning, because the government isn’t going to hold their hands and make them get dressed.

    One amusing thing, the Alamo Drafthouse had a couple stories in the sub, one saying “Alamo Drafthouse will maintain mask requirement, seating limits, and social distancing rules” and had bad things to say about the governor.

    The other story headline was, “Alamo Drafthouse to file bankruptcy.”

    Go woke, go broke.

    1. I’m surprised they haven’t already been canceled for using the racist & colonialist “Alamo” in their name. They should Do Better!

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