You may remember Brianna Wu from some previous posts.

She is the crazy, radical feminist who wants to create a universal basic income because self serve kiosks have proven to be more economic than paying people $15 to screw up your order at McDonald’s and not correctly make change, and thinks that Elon Musk wants to take over the world by setting up a moon base to launch rocks at the earth.

She also supports disarming Israel and letting the terrorist invade it.

Given those platforms, I’m surprised she lost her bid for Congress in 2018, so she’s updated her website and is making another stab at it in 2020.

If at first you fail miserably, go even more bat shit insane.

She decided that she was going to take to social media to attack gun owners with a bunch of bullshit and projection.


I seem to remember another group that was so upset when their candidate lost that they took to the streets and started beating people up.

What were they called?

They were in black masks and hoodies…. that’s right…. Antifa.

That group didn’t include all the other feminists and Leftist who took to the streets to cry and wail and act like mewling, tantruming brats when Trump won.

The defense against tyranny that we are worried about is, like what Miguel pointed out the other day, is the government deliberately starving people to death.

I’m more worried of someone like AOC using her text chain of 200 progressive activists to incite a pogrom against Conservatives or Omar and Tlaib invoking Korematsu against Jewish supporters of Israel as foreign agents.

Wu has been on an anti-AR-15 crazy pants kick this week.

Yeah… that reminds me a lot of the “journalist” from the NY Daily News who got PTSD from firing an AR-15 at a range.

First of all, I find the idea that she shot an M-16 under professional instruction to be highly dubious.  Maybe she did, but I want details.

That said, this whole thread is horse shit.

The “I grew up in the South” part about target practice sounds like a New England Lefty trying to simultaneously gain gun expert credit while trying to pass it off as something unseemly because of anti-Southern prejudice.

“Back when I lived where cousins fuck and people have homes on wheels, I shot a gun because that’s what people do own there.  But now that I live where Harvard is, I am more sophisticated than that.”

An AR-15 or even an M-16 is not a different beast.  If you can handle a 10/22 you can handle a M-16.

I don’t know what that “you can feel the wind” thing is, unless she’s talking about muzzle blast at an indoor range.  In which case, that is “shoulder thing that goes up” level vernacular inaccuracy.

Last time I brought up the issue about guns and Brianna Wu, I got into a fight with a reader over mandatory training.  I don’t want to rehash that fight, but this is why I have a problem with mandatory training requirements.

She believes that it should take a minimum of 30-40 hours of training to shoot an M-16.  I still don’t think she shot an M-16, probably an AR-15 and can’t tell the difference or is lying.

So assume that they know that gun makers will just work around an AWB again.  Their goal is to ban all semi-autos.  That might not survive a SCOTUS challenge.

In Europe and Australia they make no differentiation between assault weapons and other semi autos.  They just outright ban semi-autos or have different permitting requirements for semi-autos that are stricter than for bolt guns.

Knowing that, how burdensome would a law be that says “to own a semi-automatic firearm. a permit is necessary and to obtain that permit requires 40 hours of training.”

What would 40 hours of training cost?  A few thousand dollars?  What working class person would take a week off of work or spend a few hours a night after for three weeks to get the training for the permit?

When called out on the fact the AR-15’s are not full auto, this is how she responded.

Really, converting an AR-15 to full auto is easy?  This person is just bullshitting all over the place.

The late great Charles Krauthammer said:

To understand the workings of American politics, you have to understand this fundamental law: Conservatives think liberals are stupid. Liberals think conservatives are evil.”

That has been our downfall.  We think that they are stupid.  They are not, at least not all of them are.  They are ignorant.  That is true.

I don’t think these people are stupid.  They know nothing about guns but they know how to scheme and connive and lie and be duplicitous and manipulate their way into getting what they want.

Wu is using projecting and fear mongering to try and strip us of our rights so that we are more easily abused.

That isn’t stupid, it is evil.


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By J. Kb

10 thoughts on “Brianna Wu is still running and still ignorant”
  1. I saw a video several years ago, that I can’t find now, of a guy who made a stock so that he could rest the butt of his AR-15 against his *chin*.

    My jaw aches just thinking about it, but apparently the AR-15 is one of the guns you could actually get away with this sort of thing with, because the comments included people mentioning resting the stock against one’s groin, the impact is so low.

    How badly has Brianna Wu’s hormone therapy atrophed her musculature if she can’t control an AR-15 effectively?

  2. Ignorance is bliss… ask wu. I qualified expert twice on the M16 when in the Air Force. 1 hour class room, 2 hours on the range, 50 or a hundred rounds fired I forget . Another hour or 2 to learn maintenance and clean it. THATS it for late 80s AF Mobile combat comms sqd. Now Ive fed about 4k rounds thru my 16 I built 2 years ago, almost all full auto… it takes about 2 hours for the “wood” to go away heh heh. The point of this??? ITS NOBODYS GD BUSINESS WHAT I OWN, SHOOT, DO WHATEVER WITH. I be dam tired of these ingnoramouses bleatin that no one needs this so im gonna take em away… meanwhile in realville We the People keep setting NICS records every month. Ya good luck honey. You ever come up here, stop in, Ill let ya shoot my belt fed MACHINE GUN

  3. Curiously enough, @@@ I ### don’t “feel” that those folks “need” marijuana, or sex change hormones, or (etcetera), and so I’m gonna encourage that they all be banned.

    See how that works, sweetie?

    And, guess which shall not be infringed, as enshrined verbatim in the constitution?

    1. Makes me want to go and find a ‘double’ or ‘triple’ bolt rifle…. That’d be a hoot!

    2. Wait… 5 minutes ago she said it takes at least 40 hours of training to even be able to handle this uncontrollable beast. Now it takes “no skill” and is “basically cheating”…

      1. Come on, you weren’t really expecting logical consistency from an anti-gun progressive, were you?

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