I took screen grabs of this just in case Twitter tries and memory hole it.

So this guy decided that Trump supporters are Nazis and therefore vermin and so he is fully justified in sounding like a Nazi when talking about them.

Except everything he asserts is wrong.

I’m still trying to figure out where these gay concentration camps are and I haven’t seen CNN report that ICE is arresting people en masse for having Hispanic sounding names.

Yes, there are problems with family separation and the solutions are not easy, but this isn’t the same ballpark as Nazisim.  It’s not even the same sport.

That is irrelevant because HE HATES YOU and he through of you as vermin long before the immigration issue became the Two Minute Hate du jour, this was just his rationale to let the hate out.

I didn’t vote for Trump.  I’ve come around on him most of the way because of things like taxes, Israel, and Korea.  I know that I will be lumped in with the MAGA crowd if this guy has his way because I am a Republican and don’t full throatedly hate Trump.  Remember, the grandkids of Germans who married Jews were sent to the camps too.

My people have been called vermin before.  The actual word they used was “untermensch.”

I swore if it happened again, I would be ready.

I have 3,000 rounds of 5.56 in my garage, and 2,000 of 45 and 9mm each.

That’s a start.

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By J. Kb

20 thoughts on “Buy ammo”
    1. I can buy 9mm +P hollow points for between 50 and 55 cents per round and regular pressure hollow points for less than 30 cents per round. It would take a lot of reloading to recoup the expense of buying reloading equipment, not to mention the hours of my time.

  1. The funny thing is he think that the Democrats have been trying to call for ‘reasoned debate’. I do not think that means what he thinks it means. In his world reasoned debate is ‘I am right so shut the fuck up and listen to me’.

  2. Hmmmm…. Let’s see…. Concentration Camps in the USA…. (sorting through all the trash in my head…)

    WWI – Woodrow Wilson enacted concentration camps against US Citizens of German birth or German sympathies.

    WWII – FD Roosevelt enacted concentration camps against US citizens of Japanese descent, and against those of German and Italian descent. (no one talks about the last two, much smaller but still happened, no, really.)

    No other concentration camps enacted.

    Score –
    Democrat Presidents – 2 incidents of mass roundups of ‘undesirables’
    Republican Presidents – 0 incidents of mass roundups of ‘undesirables’

    Yet we’re the problem?

    1. Well, the conservatives are always being accused of what the liberals actually do.

      Take the so-called War on Women that the Republicans are always being accused of. Turns out it was a Democrat that has the only confirmed kill in that war. (Mary Jo Kopechne, July 18, 1969)

      1. Kermit Gosnell was one of their troopers in that war, too. He killed one woman and three born-alive infants.

  3. Why isn’t he being doxx’d? I think I want someone as dangerous as this guy sounds to be located and kept track of.

    1. Doxxing is an evil horrible practice, and it should remain the tool of evil horrible people. Doxxing this jackhole is legitimizing the practice.

      That is why he is not being doxx’d.

      1. Not subjecting them to the same things they subject us to is why they keep winning. Just so you know.

      2. He needs to be doxxed because he needs a visit from the friendly local law enforcement for making death threats.

        1. Just report him to twitter. Jack Dorsey will make sure he is banned and reported (giggle) to the authorities. (Snicker) You can trust twitter (hahahahahaha).

  4. 9mm/.45 gold dot hollow point- 6cents a round
    .45 230grain hardball-4cents a round
    Lee turret press and a whole buncha reloading stuff bought at yardsale- 40bucks, sold black powder stuff included for 40bucks, reloader,dies,case trimmer,ect- FREE
    Had a bunch of dies and bullets my dad n I bought when I was in school.
    Lead sailboat keel- 150 pounds- $150bucks.
    My buddy fred casts bullets, i give him half the lead he casts a shitload of bullets
    You dont HAVE to have a Dillon 1050 $1000$ plus press.
    My 2c HO.
    Buy,reload,steal(heh heh,only from liberals) barter beg swap ammo
    Get sum!!

  5. I actually keep two separate ammo stocks. The main Stock pile and what I call “grab and go“ for plinking and range time. Rule is the main stockpile never decreases in number.

    I still have to buy another case of 5.56, .40s&w and an indeterminate amount of 45.

  6. JKB.
    Dude! You gotta double those numbers! At least!
    And I recommend getting a variety of other calibers, at least 100 each, just in case you find yourself some “extra” pieces lying around…

  7. Who has the guns…mostly Republicans.

    If we hated these groups this much, Greg Stevens would be dead already.

    Nope, we are the civilized ones. They will start ACW 2 and we will finish it.

  8. Several thoughts:

    1) If you buy by the pallet or half pallet, most sellers will throw in free shipping.
    You can set up an ammo buying club with friends- just like some groups have neighborhood grocery clubs to get the best deals at whole salers.

    Don’t forget a good supply of 7.62mm x 51 NATO. For stuff that REALLY needs shooting..

    2) I have not seen either the death camps this person suggest Republicans desire; the only group that has been called vermin that I know of is MS-13, those cuddly immigrants who decapitate their opponents and rape little girls as a rite of passage- vermin seems apt…

    3) as for the modern American Left-Nazis– I used to own a CZ made VZ-24 Mauser made during the occupation. Had all the appropriate eagle and swastika WaffenAmptStemfel. It has been rebarreled to 7.62 NATO.On the receiver bridge was a large “7.62” and the State of Israel ” Shield of David”. Each of the stempfel had been over struck with the star and the hooked cross obliterated.

    Who won in the end?
    One way or another, we will beat them. Ammo by the case is never wasted.

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