NJ Magazine Capacity Reduction….I wonder.

(Must don tin foil hat now)

Is the reduction of legal magazine capacity in NJ just a regular push for more gun control or a perfect set-up to bring down Chris Christie as possible candidate for the Presidency?

He is somewhat well liked by North East Low Information voters on the Dem side so those would be votes away from  the future Democratic Party candidate. And since he has the “R” attached to his name, maybe strategist are thinking he has the Republican vote cinched. So, if he vetoes the bill, the N.E. Voters will abandon him; if he signs the bill, then it is gonna be the Republicans (and gun owners in specific) that will abandon him. They are betting on a Catch-22 paradox.

Then again, I don’t know the first gun owner that does either like Gov. Christie. I know I wouldn’t vote for him if he gets selected by the GOP and i think many Gun Owners would go the same way.

But rest assured, we will go out and vote. Not just for the biggest RINO (literally and figuratively) in the GOP Zoo but to reclaim the Senate.


Common Sense Gun Solutions

Saluda PD gets funds to tackle school shootings not from the government or Gun Control groups but by local NRA members.

“It won’t be like a full (Special Weapons and Tactics) team,” Holmes said. “We don’t have enough people for a SWAT team. But we want to improve our capabilities in rapid response.”
That improvement was greatly aided Tuesday evening as the Saluda Friends of the National Rifle Association presented the department a check for $6,920. Raised through a banquet and other fundraisers, the grant goes through a rigorous selection process.
NRA grant helps Saluda Police.

Will the lemonade will be provided by Moms Demand Action (© 2014 MAIG)?


Apparently not a joke: Moms Demand to crash NRA’s Annual Meeting?

This just popped in their Facebook Page:

Moms Demand NRA annual Meeting


Shannon Watts has to be pissed. The NRA in her territory? She lives in Zionsville which is 18 miles from the Indiana Convention Center, so basically we are gonna be pissing the tulips in her backyard as far as she is concerned.

Now, I am sure they will seek some sort of confrontation because the media will have all the cameras on them while tens of thousands of attendees will be ignored. If you, lucky dog, is going to the Annual Meeting, I can only give this piece of advice as you walk by them:

smile and wave


Kill them with kindness…. it is hard to accept defeat but we must help them.

PS: I realized that they are not specific as why the gathering and the reply from the followers seem to indicate they are unaware of the NRA AM. Let’s see if Internet Tough Talk translates to presence in the street. Anyway, it shall be fun.

And if you are going, take pictures and share!

Dear Officer Jerry Bledsoe: Welcome to The Streisand Effect.

Police Officer acts like a penis, gets recorded by the complainant. Officer Jerry Bledsoe goes running to a judge who issues …get this… an order of protection against Jordan Klaffer  for stalking and forbids him to publish in the interwebs his name, picture or video.

The Streisand Effect ensues.

And of course there is that little detail of firearms confiscation that kinda leaves a bad taste in my mouth….

I almost forgot. An order of protection for stalking? Besides the fact that it makes you look like a wussie with a “p”, it makes stalking look like a joke when it is applied to stupid shit like this and demeans the danger that true stalkers represent.

Get a pair of relinquish the badge.

Hat Tip to Say Uncle