Dear J. Kb.

You want to carry your snubbie? God Bless you and fair winds. No reloads?  We are going to disagree on that one.

Till recently I carried a .357 Rossi snub and two extra Bianchi Comp II speedloaders. I know, big suckers but when your fine motor skills are gone and your hands are one step from ogre, you need all the help for reloading. So I am not allergic to Snubbies, in fact I want to buy a couple more to have as emergency reach guns around the house. I believe they are great guns to hide just anywhere… and no, I don’t carry around the house as gym shorts tend to fall off with the weight of the guns.

I carried the snub in a holster at 3 O’Clock and I felt protected knowing that the tradition of the .357, 125 grains in hollow point would deliver…if I hit where I am supposed to hit. I do realize I am not the most cool guy with a gun, might miss the sweet spot on an attacker so I rather fail to the humble side and figure I might need extra BBs. Bad guys also move when you are shooting at them. Lately I switched to a Khar CW9 with CorBon’s Pow’RBall and two spare mags. I carry it in a Sibari Hun Side Bag that my wife abandoned when she found more stylish options for her. Why? Health issues and a bad back forced me to give up anything around the waist except my own roundness.

You say that the average defensive shooting is over after only 2 rounds fired and that is true, but I live in Miami and it was not that long ago that a cop put two rounds of .40 S&W on a guy that was eating a homeless man’s face, but the bath-salt-infused guy kept chomping away like nothing had happened. The officer had to get close and put one in the brain pan to finally end the “meal.” Besides the bath salts, we are having issues with a new version called “flakka” which seems to be making people even more stupider and dangerous. So, just for the non-average event, I want to have as much advantage as I can summons because I know I am going to be the poor bastard that is gonna end up with the “He needed six shots and only brought five” scenario.

I like having eight right out of the holster and seven more close by.

Again, I am just being contrary….. because I can 😀

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

10 thoughts on “Closed Letter (Because I am Contrary)”
  1. Would all y’all just agree that each and every person can carry whatever they want to, however they want to, even if they are dumber than a bag of hammers because they do not carry what I carry the way I carry it?

    Back when I was a member of Seel Team XIV working Food Court Protection Detail I carried to defend the shopping public from the dangers of a madman flinging slices of deadly veggie pizza (no cheese). After being medically retired when I took a pretzel stick to the hip I carry something different in a different manner to protect my family from wild shopping cart pushers in the day-old bread aisle. But it is still the best thing to carry in the best way to carry it. The rest of you can risk your lives doing something different.

    stay safe.

  2. A simple formula: (Functionality) Service pistol > Kahr/Shield/other small 9mm > J Frame > .380 > .32 > .25 > knife > nothing at all (Concealability)
    Of course there’s always trade offs for each step down to a more concealable and easier to carry firearm- smaller guns carry less ammo, are often harder to shoot, and often have very small hard to see sights. 9mm and .38 special are the “floor” when it comes to calibers that will provide both adequate penetration and good expansion- in the lesser calibers you’ll get one and not the other.

    But, rule one. One does need to take an honest look at the risk one faces, and make an informed choice. A 5 shot .38 carried often beats a .45 in the safe at home.

  3. Don’t joke about Miami Vice. I was raised on that show. One day, even though I’m in rural GA where our biggest problems are meth heads blowing themselves up and the occassional saw mill worker knocking around his old lady; one day I will wear a linen suit, my loafers with no socks, and carry a Bren Ten in a Galco rig.

    Even though the dual mag pouch would be a cruel joke.

    That being said, the snubby makes a good quick carry gun.

    And besides, my man Joe knew what was up. Whenever he though things would get bad, he’d draw either an Ithaca pump and five rounds of 00 Buck or a “Thompson gun with plenty ammunition”

    1. When I started carrying on the other side of the southern pond, my first rig was shoulder carry. I never found them comfortable to wear and it was a biatch to put on. This particular bag will do the job without the spending half an hour trying to figure which way is up.

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