DINWIDDIE — Ann Baskervill, Dinwiddie Commonwealth’s Attorney, said 18-year-old James Faison fired eight rounds at his father with a .45-caliber handgun, with six shots hitting the victim

via Commonwealth’s Attorney: Murder charge stems from number of shots fired – News – The Progress-Index – Petersburg, VA.

Got this one through Bearing Arms. The article is long and not well written; I looked for more info but it is not really all out there. I just simply cannot believe that a prosecutor on this day and age would use as reason to prosecute “he used too many bullets.” Tell me that the attacker shot after the victim had ceased to offer danger and yes, you are within the legal parameters. But you do not stop a 250 lbs man easily , specially if he was on the move towards you. I know many consider the .45 ACP the closest thing to a tactical nuke, but reality is that 200 grains worth of bullet will not bounce back 1,750,000 grains of human flesh. The physics is not there.

I am going to keep an eye on this one.


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By Miguel.GFZ

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8 thoughts on “Commonwealth’s Attorney: Murder charge stems from number of shots fired”
  1. The DA is most likely going to try to get a plea out of him. I hope he has a good lawyer who will not sell him down the river.

  2. Reading the article, it’s almost like the court system in the area was trying to get the family killed(12 months of jail time with 11 months suspended for assault, battery, and death threats?). Small wonder they’re upset that their pet has now died.

    “’He emptied the gun, the only reason he stopped shooting is because it didn’t have anymore ammo,’ Baskervill said.”

    Yes. That’s how you’re supposed to do it. That’s why we want magazines that hold more than 17 rounds, because sometimes it takes more than 17 rounds to subdue someone.

  3. It’s been proven by interviewing participants, most of the time in a life and death situation, you have no idea how many shots you fired. Most people said they fired 2 or 3 shots, when in actuality, they fired 5 or 6. It’s supposed to be due to the adrenalin dump. Even cops that were in gunfights had this happen. This prosecutor sounds to me like she just wants a head to hang on her love me wall.

  4. Police use an incredible number of rounds when they fire their weapons. Since they’re the professionals, I would think the courts would treat this as a best practice.

  5. So, this is in… Virginia? I would have expected better of them, well, maybe not with Manchin. Fortunately, I don’t have the adrenaline reaction, so my round count will be pretty accurate. However, I am a fairly large, muscular guy, and it would likely take a good few .45ACPs to stop me, shot placement important, were I presenting a threat. Also, fortunately, I don’t present threats.

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