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‘It’s Not Who We Are’: Jill Biden Visits the Refugee Camp in Matamoros

On Sunday, former second lady Jill Biden donned a pair of calf-high rubber boots and trudged through thick, muddy fields littered with hundreds of tents and tarps in the Matamoros refugee camp across the border from Brownsville. She was there to bring Christmas cheer to the estimated two thousand migrants, mostly Central Americans, who are idling across the border as a result of the Remain in Mexico policy. Biden helped serve tamales with beans and rice, and later handed out Christmas toys to migrant children.

“It’s not who we are as Americans,” Biden said after spending more than two hours at the camp. “We are a welcoming nation, but that’s not the message that we’re sending at the border. We’re saying, ‘Stop. Don’t come in.’”

Jill Biden is the wife of Joe Biden, the current Democrat front runner for Presidential candidate in 2020, and potentially the next First Lady of the United States.

One expects that everything she does now is calculated to help her husband’s campaign.

So if she was going to spread Holiday cheer in a way that would increase Joe’s electability, what do you think she would do?

Serve Christmas dinner to troops overseas in Iraq or Afghanistan?  If there were security issues there, she could have at least gone to visit troops in South Korea or Germany.

Maybe she could have served Christmas dinner to some of Los Angeles’ 58,000 homeless people.

She could have visited police officers who were working Christmas eve.

Those all make sense if you are the Republican candidate’s wife.

For the Democrats, you go to Mexico and serve dinner to the people who are trying to enter the United States illegally by taking advantage of our asylum laws.

This really gives you an idea of who the Democrats prioritize.

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By J. Kb

One thought on “Democrat’s next First Lady tells you were their priorities lie.”
  1. Democrats haven’t made average American citizens their priority in at least a decade … why expect anything different at this stage?

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