Found his announcement

Just watch and enjoy it.

Violent assembly, 3rd degree felony.  Blocking the road? Felony. Don’t touch monuments (no mention of penalty) Harassment of Citizens in public accommodations also penalized, ,  My most thunderous applause was when he announced that R.I.C.O. will be applied to those organizing or funding riots. If you are arrested in a riot, not Portland’s Catch and Release: you are staying till you see a judge. Touch a cop? Six months mandatory minimum.  And enhanced penalties for other crimes committed during the riots. (ouch).

To municipalities “If you defund the police, then the state is going to defund any grants or aids coming to you.”

If local government is grossly negligent about a riot and let the Pantifa boys cause damage to citizens and property, Sovereign Immunity will be suspended for that government and citizens can sue the bejesus out of them.

If you are convicted of participating in riots, you will no longer be able to get state benefits or employment. Work for a living you scum!

Sounds good to me.

PS: And the besides the proposed bill, the best I heard him say was “Upcoming Senate President Wilton Simpson.”

Goodbye Senator Bill Galvano (R- Moms  Demand/ Bloomberg).

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

148 thoughts on “DeSantis did not shoot across the bow of Antifa/BLM, he dropped a tactical nuke.”
  1. Trumpian genius. The leftist mayors, police chiefs, and sheriffs won’t enforce it. That’ll draw the rioters straight into those counties. Can’t wait to watch that.

    1. I also can’t wait to see how those counties will fare once they lose state funding after not enforcing it. Interesting times indeed.

    2. if local government is grossly negligent about a riot and let the Pantifa boys cause damage to citizens and property, Sovereign Immunity will be suspended for that government and citizens can sue the bejesus out of them.

      1. Thank God there is someone in this nation that is going to stand up for law abiding citizens and put teeth into the law to protect our law enforcement!

        1. Ms. Blom, your words Express an unfortunate ignorance. I realize that a law abiding citizen is good for society but until you are subjected to those laws, subjectively enforced, or you are spoken to as if you are not qualified to receive dignity, you will remain ignorant. I neglected mentioning other behaviors that you would likely make the same response many give, there will be a few bad ones, after all they are only human. It takes a very talented and objectively balanced individual to bring the public service they signed up to perform. It is realistic to acknowledge that many come into the field with beliefs that are based on TV shows or an inflexible rigidity that they will often use to create turmoil that could have been handled well with emotional stability. Politics will over rule law 100% of the time. The ideal must be justice. Any aspiring Hitler can use unchallenged authoritarian powers to appease the ignorant.

          1. Bzzzt. Politics is the business ABOUT making the laws. These measures are in response to other political morons ABDICATING their sworn duties, hurting the law abiding citizens. How an LEO treats me and my dignity personally has little bearing on the truth of his assertions.

            1. Since this all (riots BLM) has nothing to do with race and “fairness” Or police brutality

              And MORE ABOUT DEVIDING US
              AND BLAMING TRUMP
              For Said Division

              Ask yourself why didn’t this happen under Obama
              I will tell you why
              Trump is undermining So much garbage the left And prior conservatives have inflicted on this country that they (Left/China) are desperate & WILL/ARE doing ANYTHING to get rid of him.
              From even before he was elected
              Covid 19 China Virus Russian Collision garbage after unsubstantiated garbage.
              You like Biden? go to China and vote in there election (oh wait that’s all a sham just a façade to make the Chinese feel they have any say in ANYTHING!!
              Anyone who thinks that can’t and IS NOT happening in the USA is a fool.

              Read up on critical race theory
              Put it to practice in your mind
              THINK GOOD AND HARD!!!!!


          2. If the people that are doing these so called “ peaceful protests” would do them like they are supposed to be done without hurting people and their businesses maybe we would take all of this much more seriously. But when it is done like a child pitching a fit with no morals or no concern for any human being how are we supposed to take any of these people seriously. They harass, hurt innocent bystanders not just police and by the way it doesn’t matter what color you are either. I have witnessed some peaceful protests that are done and there was no burning of buildings, harassing people, destroying monuments, going onto private property without consent to harass and cause harm and all of are against the law by the way, so there is no reason whatsoever for anybody to do any of of these things to get a point across. Because it only makes them look more suspicious or unbelievable for many or like a spoiled brat.

          3. you wasted alot of words and at the end said NOTHING !!

            BLM & Antifa are local TERRORISTS.
            The stooges they have in the street are unemployed white trash and black niggers who will do anything for a buck.
            Most of them can’t even carry an intelligent conversation much less know they’re being used by the devil soros and his kind.
            Now THESE are words !!

              1. I’ve always said that “being a nigger” is about your attitude on life. “Niggers come in all colors” This movement should get on board with all lives matter. That way it’s dis
                sociated. with the bad element that has smeared the peaceful re organizing of our country. God bless America, and all those who understand the need to mend our ways.

          4. Dear Jeff, you are correct such laws can be interpreted subjectively HOWEVER, our democracy was built on the premise of responsible, moral, altruistic citizens. At this point in time evil is spreading and existing laws are not enforced. If situation (politics) persists we are headed for anarchy and subsequently m oligarchy at best, a dictatorship at worst

            1. Jeff’s reply is the view of someone who embraces critical race theory, which states that only the oppressed can understand and therefore only they have the moral authority to have an opinion. This opinion overrides any facts, laws or opinions of anyone who is in the oppressor group. It’s a disgusting ideology, it only promotes hate between all groups based on race, religion, sex, education. They accept no answer but their own, your opinion, your facts are just further showing your racism or oppression.

              1. Maybe the gov should be like the late Mayor Daley He ordered the police to shoot to kill during the riots in Chicago in 68. I would much rather see that, why waste time and money for people who don’t respect the law?

                1. The shoot to order was interesting. I do contend that when people in peaceful protest start seeing the looting and burning, common sense says it it time to leave because you are now enabling and giving cover to the law breakers. Once they have taken over a protest the protest is over and will accomplish nothing. If you are a sincere protester and find yourself unwittingly in a group doing violence common sense says leave. Unfortunately, common senses is not as common as it used to be.

            2. George Kefalas We live in a republic, not a democracy. Democracy is majority rules. In a republic, we elect representatives.

          5. Jeff you’re a misguided left winger. If you had enough sense to step back and ponder what you’ve written I think you would see how foolish you are. You’re one of those people that the rioters will try to coax you out of your house, beat the shit out of you if not kill you and then burn your house down. I guarantee you want be supporting and making excuses for them then.

          6. Jeff, I’m thinking you are the ignorant one. There is nothing remotely like the dictator and monster that Hitler was. Making such a comparison is evidence that you know little about the evil man that he was. People like yourself fling such comments around and you don’t have a clue about Hitler, Nazism, or WWII. There is a huge canyon between law and order and an authoritarian government.

            Lack of parental authority, lack of two parent households, absentee fathers, and kids who live without rules and discipline, is at the root of the actions of people who feel entitled to act uncivilized, and as if they are above the law. There are bad eggs in every walk of life and to isolate one or two is irresponsible.

          7. None of the laws DeSantis discussed have the slightest thing to do with the color of a person’s skin.

            They have to do with criminal behavior. Period.

            Don’t break the law.

          8. Please go take a hike and get off this page and go join the riots you idiot !!! But I personally can’t blame you cause stupid can’t be fixed you ignorant idiot

          9. Did Grady need to show you additional pictures?
            What a bunch of long winded jibberish attempt at trying to appear intelligent.
            286 thumbs down would agree.

          10. Jeff…your comment has to be the dumbest piece of clap-trap I have seen on FB in a long while. Follow the law, its there for ALL to follow. Don’t think you are exempt from the law because of the color of your skin. George Floyd (for example) was no hero by shedding light on police “brutality.” George had four times the lethal amount of Fentanyl in his system when arrested. George was a dead man long before the police ever arrived. Jacob Blake was a repeat child rapist, not following officers orders, and went for a weapon. But you know all this, and still you cry that it’s racist based??? Unadulterated garbage!!! Blacks are killing blacks 1200 to 1 of a police officer involved black death. It’s mind numbing the blindness of this insanity…

          11. Jeff they dont get it. They are folowing fascism. This idiot is making law to deal with according to him an issue thathasnt hit them.
            But florida is under attack by a violent killer and he caresless. Fully open and disregard /what science says thus leading cause if Floridians. Charge him for future covid deaths.

          12. Sir U lack cohesiveness and you strain to be read as intelligent. Sorry
            Politics make law. You are right. Those laws are bound to the constitution. Municipalities may try to skate them but if challenged, they will lose. The law is the Law. Blindfolded.
            Let Biden in and watch the rule of ” Law ” go out with the dirty water.

        2. Finally someone with cohoniies. Its time to put the house on the market and move to Florida! This state is now a ghetto thanks to the thugs rioting and the losers with no cohoniies demonrats Northam and Stoney.

      2. No need to blaspheme Jesus’ name. That’s exactly what godless filth like the Libtard cartel or BurnLootMurder would do and they freely admit that they don’t even believe in him.

    3. not a lot of intelligence in the comments section. Will get kicked by SCOTUS and cost a lot money to floridians who just don’t understand the law

      1. I must say that is a hell of a jump, bit please explain what parts would be unconstitutional and how would it end in SCOTUS?

        We are glad to have somebody with the intelligence to illuminate our comment section, so allow us to admire it.

    4. I am in SW Fl. Naples is the ideal soft target for these violent terrorist protesters, 1000’s of wealthy snowbirds, 100’s of gated communities, white majority like Portland

    5. I would recommend that if these “wonder kids” defund the police the Governor ask for prior military and retirees from the military go to the nearest Courthouse to be sworn in as active deputies to support the police that either can not or will not enforce the law (should be relieved of authority and job) . And hit the mayors of these towns with RICO charges

      1. Xpat I’m with you all the way except for one thing. Don’t limit yourself to active and retirees. There’s plenty of guys I know that are pissed off and want this to stop. They know the right end of a weapon. I would want each and every one of them by my side.

    6. And then as the new law states they are refunded and subject to civil lawsuits, corporately and individually. Their rebellion won’t survive the first kawsuits.

    7. Gov. DeSantis made clear that if they don’t want their state funding cut off, they will have to enforce this legislation. It’s also clear from action he’s already taken that, if a mayor or anyone else who has sworn to uphold the law and protect their constituents, that he is ready to send in the Florida National Guard to do it.

    8. Let’s end all freedoms! Come on govenor, you don’t speak English? Jail time till you do. You text direct quotes back at Republicans they made earlier and now say the opposite? Felony. You kneel at a sporting event? Taser then jail. Lets go aaaallll the way. HEIL!

    9. Most Florida sheriffs are right-wing bad-ass patriots and they WILL enforce this, as they support DeSantis and Trump. Florida is not Oregon, Minnesota or Wisconsin…we don’t stand for rioting and looting here.

    10. Anything to be negative. The ” best ” thing to do, according to you is doing nothing. A summer of love

    11. The LA riots is where it should have been stop. Fire starters get shot, mass robberies get shot, groups beating a single person get shot, wrecking or/burn public property get shot. People that do and did this should be shot on sight. No respect for other do not deserve any respect in return.

    1. It will likely be introduced early and sent to the governor the latest on April 30, 2021. The bill can say “Enacted upon signature by governor” Even earlier I think if it is passed early

    2. It does not have to take a year. If the State Legislature supports it , it can be law in a few months. YOu can always call a legislature back in session for a debate and vote.

      1. Question:

        So if blocking traffic and threatening drivers becomes a felony and in Florida you can use lethal force to prevent a forcible felony, did the Governor just push legislation that justifies lethal force against protesters who are attacking cars?

          1. Which was just proven even in Leftist Gainesville, where 200+ idiots swarmed a street and surrounded a car, said driver flashed his gun, people screamed and wet themselves,

            He was arrested.


            And.. Charges Dropped.


            It does seem as if the rule of law even pertains to this lefty hell-hole. Must have caused fainting in City Hall and Sheriff Darnell to have a snit-fit.

        1. yes….. you can shoot people trying to murder you

          welcome to Florida. I know this is hard for NoN-Floridians to understand, but we don’t put up with the things you might up there in commie land.

        2. They are not just attacking a car. They are attacking the occupants of the car, truck, boat, or whatever.

          And they don’t have right to steal or destroy personal property… whether that is a lifetime of sacrifice and investment in business, home or a shoebox full of plastic toys made in China.

        3. Already is a law, just like stand your ground, if you feel threatened you have the right to use any means possible to remove yourself from the situation.

        4. I say put the metal to the petal and plow the idiots over. Law or no law. Let me ride through one. I will gladly go to prison with a smile on my face !!

    1. Yeah, funny how none of those (except for the Proud Boys, who frankly got railroaded in NY and have wised up since) have caused the kind of trouble BLM/Antifa has.

      1. Well, let’s see…

        Boogs allegedly killed some California cops.

        …and were arrested in Nevada on terrorism-related charges…

        They all show up at protests, for one reason or another.

        I could go on…but I think you catch my drift.

    2. Feature, not bug. Remember, our host is on the record as saying that he has no problem with national socialists and international socialists killing each other, as long as they leave the rest of us alone…

    3. Yeah, so? They shouldn’t be rioting and destroying property either. The only reason they are out in the streets is because Antifa already started the riots and they want to get their own voice in the mix. If there are no more riots, they won’t have any more riots to go and break up. If a few of “ours” (as far as any of those groups are “ours” get caught and arrested, it will be well worth it to see the dozens of Antifa arrested. Sacrifices must be made. Of course, knowing the way things actually work, you could have 5,000 antifa rioters and 50 Proud Boys, and they;d be sure to arrest 50 of each group “to be fair”. The media of course will always portray the right wingers are the “violent, dangerous” ones, who just came to riot and “provoke” poor innocent Antifa, who never would have DREAMED of becoming violent if they hadn’t been so hardly provoked by the evil racists, etc, etc, and the police will make a point to very publicly disperse and arrest the small number of right wing demonstrators before they deal with the Marxists. Probably in the mistaken hope that they can “prove” their non-racist nature by doing so, which will of course be a hopeless attempt.

    4. He didn’t say any specific entity. .applies to everyone . But since PB and III% don’t block roads, tear down statues, assault police and civilians, seems the a

    5. Yea Marty, the Proud Boys are burning shit down on tv every night….not. I’m sure everyone can figure out for themselves that it includes all rioting groups. But good of you to put that out there. Like we all see how much other groups are destroying shit for no reasons?? Nope, again you should sense my sarcasm. It’s BLM & AUNT TEETHA(lol). We know who it is. Desantis knows who it is. Keep trolling

    6. Contemplate THIS.

      Who’s doing all the burning, smashing, and looting?

      Oh, that’s right… None of the aforementioned by yourself. Funny thing about laws…they do apply and if you don’t break it…

  2. “This legislation also changes the motto of the state to ‘fuck around and find out.’”

    Anybody else thinking DeSantis 2024.

    1. Going into statehouses peacefully protesting, no of course not since the 1st Amendment says that is permitted. Taking over Federal property? I’m sure it does apply there, as it has been so applied in the past.

    2. Likely just as it would apply to Gaige Grosskreutz. One of the “peaceful protestors” who was armed, gun in hand, when shot. Who subsequently was quoted as saying that his only regret was “…not emptying the magazine” into a 17 year old kid.

  3. I have a question. If one is participating in an orderly assembly that turns disorderly and one does not participate in a disorderly manner but is harmed by a police, will the police be held accountable? It needs to work both ways. I’m all in favor or police and against riots but not in favor of law enforcements that act like mobs. This is as clear as mud!!

    1. You have an amount of responsibility in the issue, mostly centered in awareness. If things start to turn ugly, make a 180 and leave the area.
      If you stay in what you already see is a violent riot, then you are taking your chances of being injured by any of the participants.

      Also, if you see that in the middle of Non-violent like-minded protesters, a bunch of people all dressed in black holding signs that have pickaxe handles or baseball bats, simply GTFO of there because you know trouble is coming.

      Distance is your friend.

    2. “…turns disorderly…” would be your opportunity to leave the previous protest now turned riot. If you decide to hang around violence with your cell phone filming officers determined to quell the riot, expect to be treated as part of the problem.

    3. If you find yourself in a disorderly mob it is advised that you clear out of that area immediately but there should be some consequences if the police do not act with restraint in these situations.

  4. Further……..legislation should be drafted to INSURE that damage awards ARE actually paid by the guilty……not disregarded due to bankruptcy, low income jobs, quitting work, etc. Set up the program so that settlement is deducted from any TAX REFUNDS ISSUED, and for as many years as it takes to pay back the restitution/debt…… this country it is too easy to avoid financial responsibility

  5. May god protect me from the attacks of Antifa and BLM. But the question is if I can have the freedom to protect myself from the Floridad police when their belligerent parasites come to my door to comply with one of the infinite parliamentary and administrative laws, mandates and prohibitions, contrary by nature to something as simple as my survival instinct against any aggression. Not to mention my freedom and my property in the constitutional sense. Let’s see if you understand: the attacks against my property that may occur in the context of a protest do not legally suspend my freedom to defend myself. On the other hand, police attacks do. Simpler: I can defend, by any means that I consider to be naturally legitimate, from any person who invades my property, but when the police, in compliance with an order that says that I owe property taxes to the state, invade my property, if I defend myself, the chances of getting out alive are practically null and if I get out alive I lose, which does not happen if I am attacked by the most criminal of criminals, I lose my freedom and with my freedom I lose everything.

  6. About bloody time! What Mayor DeBlasio has done to NYC is horrendous and he should be tried for treason. Disgusting that he forced nursing homes to take in Covid patients when the Comfort Ship (sent by our president) and the Javits Center were empty. Because of his stupidity thousands of elderly people died. The Governor of New York is just as bad and should be arrested and put in the same jail as DeBlasio. Hope and pray that bumbling Biden and his far left buddies don’t steal the election in November. If he does, then that is the end of America as we know it and the beginning of a new Communist-like country which will allow China to rule us just like they want to rule the world. TRUMP 2020!

  7. I am both excited and proud that the governor of my home state is doing all he can to support the first responders and keep the citizens of Fl safe. To have laws that protect citizens from violent vidlent protesters and rioters is a strong deterrant against crime!
    Thank you Ron Desamtis for making public safety a priority !

    The other stated should follow suit and do what is right!

  8. Wish NY’s Gov Cuomo would protect his people and properties also. The S.O.B. is such a turd. NY is burning. Hazardous fumes in the air once again from all the Homegrown Terrorist’s destruction. Do we get to sue ANTIFA, BLM and the rest, for subjecting us to the smoldering toxicity in the air that they forced upon New Yorkers to breathe from the crap they left on fire from their burning cocktails? People are litterally fleeing from NYC because of the Mayhem. Houses in the upstate area have just about tripled in price and those fleeing are willing to pay any price to escape the street riots in their neighborhoods. While Dems move in at lowered rental prices to make up for the losses. Businesses are either burned or abandoned on a daily basis. Cuomo and NYC Mayor DiBlasio are relishing in the fact. They seem to love the fact that NYC is fastly becoming a more Totally Dem City, while NYSTATE turns Redder by the day thru house sales. A strong arguement for them to completely sever ties with the State like they have wanted for so long. Cuomo is isolating a large Republican base living in nursing homes. They can’t go out, hardly anyone can go in. Will their voting rights be compromised? They are mostly voters who would proudly march to the poles to keep Trump in as Prez, and get law and order restored to protect their loved ones ! ALL REP STATE GOV’S should follow DeSantis’ example and show our nation that the people are represented by true govorners who will GO TO BAT for their constituants. CUOMO AND DIBLASIO NEED TO GO….. cant WAIT for THOSE elections to come up !

    1. I fled NYC this year like a bat outta hell for beautiful FL. Never voted Dem.
      The smell in the streets is something I’ve never sensed. Taco stands all over the place, w/no licenses. I’m sad leaving bc I knew the NY from the 80s 90s and before. Those 2 bastards have singlehandidly destroyed a once great city.
      Thank God for Desantis. I’m getting a Bumper sticker #DesantisForPrez2020
      For the first time being born in NY I feared for my life, my husband and 25 year old son. We literally packed up fish, cat and pup in my truck and left overnight for FL. Great schools, great people. SW Fl. Miami is becoming NY.

  9. Everything he said has to be passed as law before enacted. It’s clear that the Gov. has never been to a live protest otherwise he would know that he is just saying stuff to gain votes. Truth of the matter is that Florida is no better than Seattle, New York, Portland or anywhere else. The protest movement is so much greater than the penalty and unfortunately, there simply will be No Peace until there is Justice. All he did was issue a challenge to thousands of people that are going to love testing the waters. Want to solve the problems, direct that same speech to the cops all over the country and things will get back to normal.
    Can’t speak for ANTIFA but Black Lives Do Matter and we won’t stop until those words become law in America.

  10. Some of these comments lead me to believe our education system has failed our younger citizens, completely. Time to rework the entire education system. Defund, and rebuild. We are becomming a lost society, of complete stupidity.

    As for Desantis, DUDE get R’ done. As a Florida resident, YAY us😁😁😁😁😁

  11. ….Wonderful! Fantastic! What an anomaly…a governor with a backbone! LOOKS SO G.O.O.D. ON HIM! Now where is OUR governor?

  12. People will be fine once these officers realize their financial immunity has been pierced.

    “Fearless administration of law” Piercing the immunity is always the target

    —#Uncle Correct me if I’m wrong! But it appears suing officers protected by sovereign immunity for money damages is a waste of time whenever improperly approach.

    Despite the apparently unjust result as between a malicious of- ficer and an innocent plaintiff, the ardor of all but the most resolute (irresponsible) public officer/official is the unflinching discharge of their duties.

    If a public officer is acting with proper authority and the acts
    the subject matter. are “discretionary,” the Court in Barr v. Matteo held there is
    no liability, even though the officer acts willfully or maliciously…

    …while a court could obtain jurisdiction by treating an officer’s suit as one against a private person, in finding the officer’s acts unconstitutional a court would in most cases treat the acts of the officer as “state-action.”


    AS court explained in In re Ayers, 123 U.S. 443 (1887), if the defendant officer is stripped of his state authority when he offends the Constitution, he cannot be sued for specific performance of the state’s obligation.

    The general rule is that public officers are not liable for civil damages for acts, with certain exceptions. But the court does not intend to impinge upon the principle which justifies suits against individual defendants who, under color of the authority of unconstitutional state legislation, are guilty of personal trespasses and wrongs, nor to forbid suits against officers in their official capacity…where such suits are authorized by law and the act to be done or omitted is purely ministerial, in the performance or omission of which the plaintiff has a legal interest.

    In order to secure the manifest purpose of the constitutional exemption guaranteed by the Eleventh Amendment, it should be interpreted not literally and too narrowly, but with the breadth and largeness necessary to enable it to accomplish its purpose, and must be held to cover not only suits brought against a state by name, but those against its officers, agents, and representatives where the state, though not named, is the real party against which the relief is asked and the judgment will operate.

    If a bill in equity be brought against the officers and agents of a state, the nominal defendants having no personal interest in the subject matter of the suit, is defending only as representing the state, the relief prayed for is a decree that the defendants may be ordered to do and perform certain acts which, when done, will constitute a performance of an alleged contract, of the state, …it is a suit against the state….for the specific performance-of the contract within the terms of the Eleventh Amendment to the Constitution, (although the state may not be named as a defendant) it is the defendant that constitutes breach on the part of the an alleged contract between it and the complainants.

    Police officers are regarded as ministerial so that they are held personally liable when they step outside their authority. This concern caused courts to create the “discretionary-ministerial distinction.”

    The question of whether to impose liability for tort damages on public officers raises somewhat different policy issues than those arising in suits against officers for nonmonetary relief such as mandamus, injunction, or specific performance. The justification offered for the rule is the ease of alleging malice by plaintiffs wishing to circum- vent the immunity of the discretionary acts of officer because most suits for police misconduct are filed under the civil action provisions of 42 U.S.C. § 1983 (1982). Suits against public officers for tort damages are not considered a threat to the public treasury since the officer alone traditionally bears liability once immunity is found to be inapplicable.

    “If officials were forced to litigate whenever a general allegation of malice is made, the purpose of discretionary immunity would be (thwarted) the danger of its out-come, would dampen-result; now officers are concerned more for their personal liability than the performance of public duties.

    .A conscientious judge who is unfamiliar with the vagaries of the historical fiction will look at the reality and find that in fact the suit against the officer involves the state. _Finally, the pursuit of rationality is strained by a fiction that forces judges to treat things as other than they are. This memory of the fiction’s original purpose, circumvention of the immunity doctrine, has faded UNTIL NOW.

  13. Bravo Governor Desantis , see
    Gee i wonder why so many other states cant figure it out to stop the violence , destruction and intimidation or perhaps the truth is they dont want to .

    Maybe the real truth is other States ( majority blue) are depending on the federal
    Bailout funding that normally occurs after such destruction takes place but it seems as though President Trump isn’t having any of it , so now its just one big destructive free for all , Just like a child that would clean up his toys after mom refused a additional snack from a spoiled brat , You see our President wants the entire nation to see how poorly these blue states are mismanaged before the election ..
    Florida truly is a great example of the people are not gonna put up with the Democrats dirty tricks and tactics that have destroyed half the country thank God Andrew Gilliam never won as governor in Florida , he currently to busy in drug rehab and Fag therapy or Florida it would be another state under the destructive path of the Democrats …

  14. The rule is written in a profane manner, “Don’t be a dick.” Whey should I trust you if this is the best you can speak to “American Citizens”? If you can’t remember you too are to be a public servant, not a german feldgendarmerie. Practice what you preach!

    I support or respect police when they remember and remain a public servant. As a past police-fire responder chaplain and past state law enforcer, but I am a servant first, not the fear and tear of society. We all have seen lawbreakers or scoundrels in this world, and but dirty person are not just outside the responders/law enforcers as I have seen some such horrid despicable activity with many law departments. As I said above, “Practice what you preach” or hired to do. To me, politics is basically a cesspool for those who can’t make it living an honest and honest life.

    Sadly, I know there is a job that has to be done as it has allowed traitors governors, mayors, unruly citizens to have the key to the town/state/?, It is important and welcome to almost do whatever it takes to remove these LAWBREAKERS/ TERRORIST, and run-a-way liberal POLITICIANS from local to FEDERAL levels.

    But don’t EVER FORGET DeSantis and others are public servants and citizens as well and try to justify yourself with ridiculous control or power over those who hired and pay your salary. Don’t get over bearing and feel you a superior person over us the law-biding citizens or your tush can be the next to get dumped.

  15. My dear friends,
    The hate that has come into the world…has been here from the beginning…and it is only going to get worse…not better!
    I am grateful to be an American, grateful to have the right to vote, grateful for freedom of religion, grateful for a free society and the right to speak of such things…( free speech ) but a time has come that has been predicted from long ago! Long before your father & mother…and mine…and their parents …ever took their first breath of air in a land that has been guarded by the brave men & women in uniform…the enemy ( which is the anti-Christ ) has only one goal! His job is to destroy the family! To disrupt and destroy the marriage between a man & a woman…and have the children disrespect their parents…

    The First Resurrection is right around the corner and we’ve been in the days of Noah for a long time now…
    So, let me ask each of you 2 questions if I may.
    1.) Do you have eyes that see?
    2.) Do you have ears that hear?
    If you know & understand the necessity of those 2 questions…then you can appreciate the need to answer them honestly.

    • I say these words to stir your thoughts & emotions and steer them toward the reason for every problem that has ever plagued us as humans…and that has been the battle between good & evil…plain and simple!!!

    I’m not here to offend you…but if anyone is by these words I have spoken…then that darkness is the root cause of anyone’s anger and hostility…& that darkness has been on this planet FROM THE BEGINNING.

    The anger & hostility displayed against any citizen is from the enemy. Do not let him get a foot in your door. Don’t give in to him but simply say: No!
    No …I won’t be rude, hateful, arrogant, boastful or proud!
    Trust us when we say: Nothing is impossible ……&
    Love wins…

    Grace 2 you…

  16. Future President DeSantis is RIGHT ON THE MARK.

    Animals can only be controlled when they are disciplined.

    Communists can only be controlled when they are removed away from free states and only allowed in Communist states, where they will be happy.

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