I’ve seen this graphic floating around but it was just now that I paid attention to it. You may want to click on it to see it better.

Everytown Racist Scale


Non-Stop Lilly-white European countries listed and the only Non-White country is so racist that their word for foreigner is the same word for barbarian. Good job there Everytown, Where do we get the white hoods and the burning crosses? Next to the Donna Karan $40 bracelets?

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

11 thoughts on “Everytown goes White Supremacist.”
  1. And once again, no mention of Switzerland, with its low gun crime and high gun ownership. I guess the Swiss don’t fit the Lie, er, *ahem* the “Narrative”.

  2. I think it was Bill Whittle that pointed out a couple of interesting facts on those numbers. Take away the three largest cities in America (Chicago, New York, L.A., I think it was) and suddenly those numbers (3.7 per 100,000) drops to almost the middle of the pack there. Take away the top 20 (I don’t remember if he named them all) and our numbers fall down to almost Iceland levels.

    All of those cities (every single one of them) are Democrat-controlled mayor/city councils with onerous gun laws that restrict the 2nd amendment right.

    Another side to it, is add in other kinds of murder (not just guns), and the rates of the countries come up. Not all of them, and some not far at all. Add in other kinds of murders in the US, and the rate doesn’t change a whole lot.

    But all of those countries with maybe the exception of France, UK and Australia tend to be homogenous cultures with little to no racial divides, cultural divides or immigration divides. And Japan is a fun one because a husband can murder his wife and 2 kids, kill himself and voila!–we have 4 suicides. Not 3 homicides with a suicide, just 4 suicides. That’s part of the reason that Japan’s numbers on deaths and suicides are so skewed.

    But, guns are the problem, obviously.

    1. Yeah, when you get down to it on the actual homicide recording, nobody outside the US records their homicide rates accurately. That’s another reason ours are so high: unlike everyone else, we actually record all of them, instead of “just enough to be believable.”

      1. The UK has an ‘interesting’ way of counting and reporting murders. Unless someone is actually convicted of a murder, it is not a murder. Whereas on the USA, law enforcment can determine if someone was murdered even if they cannot find the murderer. It is very difficult to get consistently reliable stats from the UK.

        But it gets worse. Google “UK fiddling crime statistics cuffing” to learn how england law enforcement have lost credibility in accurate reporting. Google “mum fumes 43-year Karl Robert Wright” to see an example.

  3. I’m a little suspicious – as always – with their figures.

    0.05 gun homicide/100k in France, that would be 65M (population) / 100k * 0.05 = 32 homicides/year with guns.

    As far as I remember we’re closer to 200/year (and 900-1000 homicides overall) here in France

  4. And it is, as always “gun murders” that they count. Because if you get stabbed to death, beaten to death, poisoned, run over, lynched, blown’d up, or strangled you will be less dead than if someone shoots you.

    And these people accuse us of fetishizing firearms. The literal definition of fetish is an inanimate object that serves as a focus for religious reverence due to supposed magical properties. They insist dogmatically that “gun violence” is always more important than “violence,” that “gun crime” is always more important than “crime,” and that a “gun death” is a sacrosanct matyr compared to the mere “death” of a lowly mortal. They are literally fetishizing firearms.

  5. Funny, my right to self defense is intrinsic to being alive. So, half-baked statistics and their shoddy studies mean nothing to that right.

    Here is the truth. If I am disarmed per their wish, I will be at the mercy of the criminals and the State (but, I repeat myself). Only my enemy wants me disarmed so they can abuse my very inconvenient liberty.

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