Last week we asked if anybody wanted a photo heavy article on a couple of different lever actions.

You asked and I’m going to provide. First up is the Winchester ’94. We’ll be showing the differences between pre and post ’64 models.

For those that don’t know, In 1964 Winchester changed the design of the ’94. It went to a lower cost methodology. I don’t know all the ins and outs (yet) but the one that bit me is the “elevator” or “lifter”. This is the part of a lever action rifle that lifts the cartridge from the magazine tube level up to the chamber level and lets the round be chambered.

On the post ’64 model this is made from stamped sheet metal. On the pre ’64 model, it is a machined part. I’ve had zero issues with my pre ’64 Winchester ’94s. My one post ’64 gave me lots of feed issues. I believe I’ve Bubba’d that lifter back into spec. as it seems to be working.

The R92 will likely come third. I have a Marlin 3082 (Model 30 with fancies) and a Marlin 1894. Since somebody asked about the 1894, it is likely that I’ll do that.

It seems that Hagar stirred the pot but good. Last I looked there were over 25 comments on her article. She’s started her next article. I think you all will like it.

The most interesting thing I’ve read or heard regarding the Stabilizing Brace final rule put out by the ATF is the lawsuits filed. Many are being filed in Texas which is part of the fifth circuit court. A decidedly level headed circuit court, likely to follow Bruen

I’ll be keeping an eye on that case.

More stuff is happening with O.F.F. over in Oregon. Measure 114 is being challenged and of course the media is miss representing the cases. We might get an update done soon.

The CCIA in New York State has an injunction against it which is currently held by the second circuit court. There will be a hearing on the appeal in March. We are waiting for the court to release their reasoning for their stay as “suggested” by the Supreme Court.

The state of New Jersey created the “Kill Carry” bill. The first district court to hear the case issued a injunctions against the law when it showed up in her court. The state went judge shopping. Got their case in front of a different judge. This judge then passed the case to the original judge with a comment of the yeah, what she said.

State of Gun Free Zone.

When we went to “pay to comment” we lost a few readers. The numbers are going back up.

Let us know down below how we can make GFZ better for you. In the meantime, keep up the good fight

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By awa

8 thoughts on “Friday Feedback”
  1. Still a daily read for me, though as mentioned, unable to comment directly to a post. Although Fri. is ‘open comment’ day, I’m often not bothering as the comments I want to contribute aren’t as timely.

    That said, in response to the ‘alternative/supplemental heat’ bleg I’ll just link to this:

    There’s a trove of information in the ‘projects’ section ranging from conservation (best ROI) to supplementation that might be useful.

  2. Any other website I would have told them to fuck off I’m not paying to comment. I don’t even use websites that only make me log in to use them when they shouldn’t require a log in.
    At least from me that should tell y’all how I feel.

  3. Blogs go through transitions from time to time as this one has just come through…with flying colors. Content is above-par lately even without Miguel not posting at the rate he used to. J.Kb is the son I wish I had–my children are all in the mid to late forties, and awa and Hagar make a great contribution to a Gun Free Zone where everyone’s packing serious heat. You can’t get this on cable.

  4. Thanks for the court case updates, awa… you now those are may favorites! and may the hoplophobic gun grabbers continue to suffer acute anal boot homogenization in the courts.

    I will say I appreciate the discourse in Hagar’s post. My momma told me if y’aint got nothin’ nice to say? keep your mouth shut. So me, as a ‘mid-right(*) gun owner? Yeah, I feel attacked by the left… and on occasion I use my right under the 1st to say something hurtful instead of being violent to a basterd, but I know what my mom would say…

    Do you know how many times I’ve been told I love guns because I have a small little prick?
    To that I’ll say congrat’s on your surgery Miggy, and best of luck to ya!

    (you gotta laugh, or you’ll surely cry! thanks for the humor, too guys 🙂 Could we bring back an old school session of mean monday memes maybe?

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