Fried for violating Federal Law and the Constitution

I looked up Nikki Fried because of Miguel’s post.

This is her flagship campaign ad:

Hooray, she’s going to legalize marijuana and ban guns.  She wants to violate Federal Law and the Constitution of the United States.

One would think that a lawyer would be against that, but she’s not.

First of all, as someone with a background in biomedical engineering, let me say “medical marijuana is bullshit.”  I’m not denying that there are therapeutic potentials for cannabis.   If there are pain killers that are less addictive or have fewer side effects than opiates, that is worthy of study.

But smoking a joint is not medicine.  There is no dosage, no contraindications, no drug interaction lists, nothing that meets the standards of scientific pharmacology.  It’s the equivalent of taking away every prescription opiate and giving people plastic bags full of poppy heads and saying “do what makes you feel better.”

Besides that, when I worked concert security at Sturgis, it was right after California passed its medical marijuana act.  I cannot tell you how many old bikers we busted from California, who were getting high at rock concerts, and had their “pot card” because their “knee hurt.”  It’s bullshit.  It was an excuse to get high that moderates could be suckered into voting for.

If you really care about medical marijuana, run for Congress or the Senate and change the Federal schedule so pharmaceutical companies can do research.

What is the point of legalizing medical marijuana at the state level if you have a Federal job with drug testing and you lose your security clearance?

In addition, we are seeing a sharp rise in youth use in states where it has been legalized.  For years the MADD sales line was “when parents drink regularly, kids are more likely to experiment with or abuse alcohol,” and it’s true.  But when mom and dad can smoke pot, suddenly junior taking some from the nigh stand to smoke it behind the bleachers at school is not a concern?

There is strong evidence that teenage use of marijuana results in long term brain development issues from poor long term memory to emotional and cognitive function problems.

Lastly, states that have legalized marijuana have seen a surge in DUI Pot related car accidents.  Amazing how nobody seems to bring the problem of stoned people driving on the highway.

So it’s not so much “being against a plant” as it is being against unscientific quasi-medicine that increases the number of car accidents and has the high potential to be abused by school kids who  as a result will grow up with developmental issues.

But she’s for children and students.

At the same time she wants more gun regulations.  Yes, there have been two high profile shootings in Florida with these guns, but both had far more do to with incompetence of local law enforcement than the actual guns.

As Miguel mentioned, CCW permit holders are the most law abiding demographic in the state, but she wants to focus her attacks on them.

In the Soviet Union, when the farmers couldn’t meet the crop quotas, it wasn’t that the Soviet bureaucrats miscalculated and mismanaged the farms.  It was that the farmers had to be traitors and were shot.  There was no number of farmers that could be executed to sent to gulags that would make the government consider that it was screwing up, not the farmers.

That same illogic applies here.  No one running on the “more government” ticket will ever criticize the bureaucrats for a failure of government, they will just blame the liberties of the citizens.

“Our plans are not working because you have too much freedom!”

It boggles my mind that a person could run for a high ranking goverment office on the platform of “I want to break Federal law and violate the Constitution.”

That should be immediately disqualifying, but not for Democrats.

She might as well say “I want to strengthen Florida agriculture by bringing back chattel slavery.”  Go big or go home, right?



8 Replies to “Fried for violating Federal Law and the Constitution”

  1. I think there are enough states that have already legalized marijuana to allow us to do a thorough experiment on the long term effects of marijuana. Let’s see how things go in Colorado, California, and wherever else they have legalized it. If it is so great, it will be clearly evident in twenty years. Seeing my friends now that regularly got high thirty years ago and still do, I think that people will decide it is not a positive.

    If you must have your marijuana, move to a state where it is legal. There are already enough to choose from.

    1. I voted against Medical Pot for the simple reason I could not stomach the idea of the (wink-wink) “Medical marijuana card because I am 18 and have Lou Gehring’s disease” (wink-wink).
      Legalize the thing fully or not. Don’t make a mockery of the medicinal use.

    2. Totally. Folks with whom I am acquainted, who were enthusiastic users, today resemble my (elderly) (and, THAT from my own 60 + year old perspective) mother’s failure to process/short term memory loss. And, they are NOT “elderly”.

      “Dude! I’ve smoked for years, like, and years! I haven’t changed one bit!”

      (Yeah, I know. Kinda disappointing.)

  2. My state also decriminalized it though I voted against that measure, I wanted to wait and see how Colorado fell apart first, before doing the same ourselves. It never should have been on the Schedule One list but that has nothing to do with if someone should be smoking away, day in and day out.

  3. Remember kids- doped up morons are/will be dependant on gubmint and are easy to control. “Recreational” dope is legal here and it shows Idiots

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