When you think “what is the most insidiously racist website on the internet?”  What comes to mind?

Maybe the Daily Stormer?  Maybe Chimpout?

Nope.  Those sites are racist, of course, but they are cartoonishly racist.  Nobody who is not already a die-hard racist is going to visit there.  Google is not likely to put a Daily Stormer post in your search results.

So what is the most insidiously racist website on the internet?


I shit you not.

According to The Atlantic, this is the backstory of Medium (dated 2013):

Just about a year ago, a new website from two of the founders of Twitter launched. It was called Medium. The new site was invite-only, but outsiders could read from various collections. Ev Williams announced the site in a post. Medium, he said, was “a new place on the Internet where people share ideas and stories that are longer than 140 characters and not just for friends.” While Medium might look like a standard blogging platform, a content management system, it had been “designed for little stories that make your day better and manifestos that change the world.” And yet “it helps you find the right audience for whatever you have to say.”

Now is a good time to remind you of O’Sullivan’s Law, which states “that any organization or enterprise that is not expressly right-wing will become left-wing over time.”

So while in 2012 Medium might have been a place for writers to publish “little stories that make your day better and manifestos that change the world,” it has morphed into a Leftist hate site.

I read a few stories there, and now Medium sends me story recommendations.  I shit you not, this is what Medium has sent me:

Why The Lethal Tolerance of Intolerable White Males Isn’t Worth The Risk
Media and politicians be warned

If ‘Black Lives Matter’, then stop race mixing!
I watched a Youtube video a couple of days ago which shared this opinion.

Not Everybody Can Stand Their Ground
This Law Is For White Men Only

How White People Handle Diversity Training in the Workplace
Confronted with their own shortcomings, white employees often shut down the dialogue

Being “pro-white” is so redundant and so ridiculous
among many other things

If You Don’t Have Borders, You Don’t Have Whiteness
Whiteness requires borders

Why The Notion of “Anti-White Racism” Is a Purposed Lie
A recent article in the National Review, written by a White man who declares that “Yes, Anti-White Racism…

Of course, a website that keeps sending me recommendations for anti-white articles is going to send me an article on why anti-white racism is a lie.

The most recent one they sent me, I just couldn’t resist the click-bait.  I was not disappointed by the paternalistic bigotry that dripped from the page.

An Open Letter to My New White Neighbor

Oh gee, I can’t wait to read it.

Hi there! I saw the U-haul out front, and thought I’d drop by and see if you needed anything.  No, I’m not selling drugs.


I wanted to introduce myself. As a fellow white person who has been in the neighborhood for awhile, I thought I could welcome you with cookies, and offer some advice.

That took a turn I wasn’t expecting.  Still, there are few things more insufferable than an “ally” with the delusions of the white-savior complex.

Congratulations on the great deal on that house! Nobody can buy in Seattle anymore, so everyone’s moving here and commuting. No one’s mad about that, but with all these new folks moving here, this neighborhood is changing.

You know that if someone published an open letter on Medium to their new black neighbors who just moved into a white neighborhood, that person would be doxxed in about 8 seconds and be hounded by CNN and MSNBC for months as crowds of angry Leftists protested on their lawn.

So if you’re going to live here, you may as well have a cookie, take a seat, and listen up.

Excuse me?

First, tread lightly. This neighborhood has historically been inhabited by people of color, and before them, by the native tribes of our area. Redlining kept black families out of other neighborhoods, so they built a vibrant network of resources and relationships in this place. Your new house was home to an amazing black family who brought home Olympic boxing medals and served our country as soldiers, nurses, and teachers. Four generations lived together. When great-grandma died at home one cold November evening, the whole clan built a bonfire and sang in her honor. Sometimes, you might turn a corner in your new house and catch a whiff of wood smoke or an echo of an old Caribbean song. The people before you leave traces of themselves in this place. Take off your shoes, and recognize that this is holy ground.

That is the most condescending and paternalistic thing I have ever read.

Holy shit, the arrogance it takes to tell other people not to wear shoes in their own house is staggering.  And sweet Jesus, it’s a house.  Unless it’s on the Register of Historic Places for some reason, it’s just a house.

I can see this person telling the next white person who moves in: “Black people once lived there so if you store mayonnaise in the fridge, you are a racist.”

Second, don’t call the cops for stupid shit. When I first moved here, I called in things like people arguing on the street or kids setting off fireworks at 2 am. Our local police department does respond quickly, but they can rarely solve the problem any better than I can by going out in my bathrobe and reminding people that some of us need to work in the morning. Most of the time, folks apologize, the problem is solved, and I can sleep better knowing that I didn’t waste the police department’s time or risk the lives of my black neighbors.

Nothing like a little Leftist anti-cop thrown in there for good measure.

Third, spend some time beyond your property lines. Walk the neighborhood, and learn to say hello in Spanish, Vietnamese, and Cambodian. Adopt a plot in one of our community gardens. Recognize the people experiencing homelessness in our midst and, when you can, offer a sandwich. Learn the names and faces of local fixtures like Henry, Blanket Man, and Sonic Guy. 

Now I’m wondering why someone would move into a neighborhood full of homeless.

Also, I’m not a Leftist, so can someone explain to me what the actual fuck is up with Leftist attributing wonder to eclectic and unbalanced vagrants.  Is this an extension of the “noble savage” trope that Leftists love?  A stinking hobo who panhandles in a brightly colored blanket and mumbles unintelligible gibberish isn’t a wise guru spouting maxims, he’s a fucking vagrant.

Send your kids to the nearby school, or offer yourself as a volunteer. If you’re going to occupy space in this neighborhood, participate in civic life and be a part of our village.

“If you’re going to occupy space in this neighborhood.”  Fuck this person, the homeowner just bought that house and will be paying a fuckload of property taxes on it.  It’s not up to the neighbor to tell the new homeowner that they are just occupying space.

Sorry to overwhelm you with advice, but this is stuff you need to know if you don’t want to be an asshole.

No… it’s the person writing this letter who is the asshole telling the new person how to live in the community.

Given how many of my cookies you just inhaled, maybe asshole is a pre-existing condition.

Ummm…. didn’t she just offer the cookies?  What the fuck sort of sideways judgment is this?

That’s not something I can change.

Actually, being a judgy asshole is something she can change.

But know this: if I perceive your actions as threatening the lives or safety of our neighbors, I will call you out. And I won’t bring cookies.

Fucking paternalistic neighborhood Nazi.  This is obscene.

By the way, do you mind moving your Ford F-250? It’s blocking my Little Free Library.

Ha ha ha!!!  We have some evidence here.  An F-250 in Seattle?  Probably a guy who works for a living, possibly a Conservative, maybe even a Trump supporter.  No woke Lefty would be caught driving one of those.  I bet it is even a diesel and has 4-wheel-drive.

Thanks, and welcome to the neighborhood!

She doesn’t mean that at all.

If my neighbor said any of this to me, they should probably make sure their fire policy was up to date.

Who in the fuck does this woman think she is to be the self-appointed protector of blacks and homeless in her neighborhood, by aggressively and prejudicially critiquing new white neighbors?

This doesn’t make her a virtuous person, it makes her a detestable asshole.

This is the Leftist version of posting “Dear black neighbor, don’t grow watermelon in your yard” in the Daily Stormer.  Except it’s worse than that because people will take Medium seriously, as though it’s something other than a ridiculous hate site.

That’s what makes it not just racist, but insidiously racist.


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By J. Kb

13 thoughts on “Getting spammed by the most racist website on the internet”
  1. People like this are the reason people don’t like getting to know their neighbors anymore.

    And if I smell woodsmoke in my house, I’m grabbing the fire extinguisher and dialing 911, thank you very much.

    1. It looks like the article had two comments, but for whatever reason I can’t see them on my portable and can’t get to a desktop for a while. I’m curious as to what the responses said, if anyone could fill me in. Thanks.

      1. Either you have to be a paying member to see them, or their system is broken. I went to the trouble of signing up and signing in, and still can’t see them.

  2. I always heard it was called Medium because the views they express sure aren’t rare and the articles aren’t well done.

  3. “If you’re going to occupy space in this neighborhood.” Fuck this person, the homeowner just bought that house and will be paying a fuckload of property taxes on it. It’s not up to the neighbor to tell the new homeowner that they are just occupying space.

    10-to-1 the author rents or leases — doesn’t own their home — and isn’t on the hook for such mundane things as property taxes. He/she/xe is just expecting the new white family to volunteer their time and effort AND foot the bill.

  4. Author said exactly none of this to her neighbor, and hid behind a monitor and keyboard to do it. She wants to believe she’s courageous and has proven she’s anything but.

    I’d have told her to get off my lawn at the first insult, so I know she didn’t make it through her lecture.

  5. ISTR some big companies hosting their tech blogs on Medium. Like Disney+ and a bank or two. Wonder if they’d like the reputation the site’s getting.

  6. My immediate reaction to this line as a home owner: “When great-grandma died at home” thanks for the info, that wasn’t on the disclosure. I’ll be talking to my attorney for sure.

  7. Dead J is right. No way she had the onions to do this. Then again I’ve met many of these types. Just came back from Seattle as a matter of fact.

    “…but they can rarely solve the problem any better than I can by going out in my bathrobe and reminding people that some of us need to work in the morning.”
    Hah! Sure….

    “White woman found dead in yard, no witnesses found”. That’s the type that moves into these ‘hoods and winds up getting shivved by vibrant teens.

    So my question is, can I use a similar talk on all these left coasters coming to my Texas City?”

    “First, tread lightly. This neighborhood has historically been inhabited by people that work hard, obey the law, keep out of others business and expect that courtesy to be given them. Keep yer yap shut, we aren’t interested in how you do things where you come from. Think about the reasons we do what we do here before applying your west coast pretension”

    1. One suspects that should one ask all her neighbors about this lady, one would find that she’s viewed as a patronizing suckup who seeks her Left wing validation from minorities- and turns into a self righteous scold quick to call them sell outs should they not toe the Democrat line.

      But that is being generous, and making the supposition that she actually is social to the people in her neighborhood. It’s possible that she’s the one who walks fast to her car, head down and eyes averted lest she cause offense to the dangerous types outside.

      After all, those who virtue signal loudest are often the most deeply racist, and racist against all those minorities they claim to support, viewing them as nearly wild animals who need noble white people to support and protect them.

    2. I’m wondering if I should write an open letter to all the socialists who have invaded my state and made it their own; “I don’t suppose you know it, but this state used to be a solidly Republican, agricultural state, fiercely independent and opposed to big government and dedicated to hard work ethic, polite and moral behavior, one of the only states that voted against FDR, people who believed in minding their own business and taking care of themselves, so to avoid offense I suggest keeping your nose out of local politics for at least ten years, not criticising your neighbors, and not demanding we adopt all of your socialist programs right off the bat”. Of course that happened years ago, and all the old family homesteads and farms now belong to immigrant Democrats who have totally taken over the state and the government, and who barely tolerate any dissent among the remaining natives. But they were just white people, so their being driven out by the rising taxes by the influx of out of staters isn’t TRAGIC, it was just what they deserved be being so un-Progressive and insular. “Thanks for preserving this lovely rural paradise while we ruined our urban areas, we’ll take over from here, thanks. Here’s a list of new rules, and BTW, your taxes are going up”. Black people selling their houses and moving away because of urban growth is a tragedy, generations-old white farms being sold off and a whole regional subculture being dissolved is “just the way it is”. Can’t feel bad for those white people. their ancestors stole the land from the Native Americans anyway..

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