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Idaho’s state House of Representatives has approved the most far-reaching bill yet to criminalize medical treatments for transgender youth, a measure that threatens anyone who facilitates that treatment — or even helps a minor travel to another state to receive gender-affirming care — to be sentenced to life in prison.

The measure, approved Tuesday on a mostly party-line vote, adds medical care for transgender youth to a section of Idaho law already on the books that bans female genital mutilation.

As it absolutely should.  “Gender conformation surgery” is just genital mutilation performed by a fundamentalist Leftist doctor instead of a fundamentalist Islamist.  Butchering a child’s sex organs out of religious ideology is wrong.

“This bill is about protecting children, which is a legitimate state interest. We do that all of the time,” the bill’s lead sponsor, state Rep. Bruce Skaug (R), said on the House floor. “We need to stop sterilizing and mutilating children under the age of 18. This bill is not about the adults or adult trans community at all. It is about children.”

Absolutely correct.

Idaho’s bill is one of dozens of measures related to transgender youth that have been introduced in Republican-led legislatures across the country this year, and 25 that target medical treatment for transgender people specifically. Legislators in Tennessee, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Alabama, Arizona, Kansas, Iowa, Wisconsin, Kentucky and New Hampshire are all considering multiple bills related to transgender medical care.

It is not certain that those measures will stand up to scrutiny. Strangio, of the ACLU, pointed to an Arkansas law that was blocked by a judge earlier this year. A Texas judge last week put on hold a state agency’s move to investigate the mother of a transgender girl under orders from Gov. Greg Abbott (R).

I’m a simple man.

I like simple ideas.

Ideas like “if you cut the tits off a 15 year old girl who’s unhappy because she spends too much time on social media,  you deserve to go to jail forever.”

Actually, you deserve to be fed feet first into a woodchipper, but the 8th Amendment apparently exists to protect pedophiles from people like me.

Idaho needs to pass this bill.

Then every other Red state after that.

There is no defense for allowing a moody teenager with a social media addiction to be sexually mutilated.


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By J. Kb

4 thoughts on “Good news: Idaho has discovered this is the way”
  1. Reminds me of the suicide aphorism: a permanent solution to a temporary problem.

    Perhaps, rephrased for this context, as ” permanent, irrevocable solution to a remediable problem”

  2. I’ve been to Idaho a couple of times, great place, nice people, and tons of natural beauty….would move there in a heartbeat if I could find comparable work.

    One of states considered as part of the Redoubt. If you can keep the west coast Libtards from moving there.

    1. Unfortunately, Boise is getting fvcked by Californians and west coast Washingtonians moving there. They, for some reason, don’t want to sleep in the bed that they’ve already shit in…

  3. They cant buy booze or butts…
    But hey, lets make it OK to Speed up there Psychosis and WORSE.
    There are some sick F_ _ks out there in power, and they need Bleaching.

    Doctors that do this….
    Need to be Chipped

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