More video of that teacher from my previous post For the millionth time, students should not know their teachers’ sexuality.

He shows up in drag, daily.

“Harvey Milk meets Harvey Dent.  I’m here to recruit you.

Harvey Milk preyed on gay teenage runaways.

Harvey Dent was Two-Face the Batman villain.

How many red flags does this guy need to toss out?

His administration is fine with it.

That’s not a safe space, that is a homosexual pedophile grooming space.

This absolutely should not be legal under any circumstances.

You want to know why the conspiracy seems to be more real everyday theory that our nation is run by pedophile Satanists had gained so much traction?

Because when a teacher shows up in full drag to recruit students, the school administration gives that the thumbs up.

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By J. Kb

3 thoughts on “Groomer teacher admits he’s a groomer – a follow-up”
  1. But, if school administration says anything at all about it, they will be labeled a homophobe on social media. There might even be a protest with signs and everything.

    So, obviously, they have to ignore it, and after this teacher rapes a few students, move him to another school, etc…

  2. Strange how this can even excist.
    My how Merca has changed.
    All touchy feely sexual deviance 24/7/365

    Oh indeed the Dems are The Pe(D)o Party.

  3. In a sane world, all the fathers of the kids would give this guy a code red. The fact that they haven’t leads me to believe there aren’t many black kids in that school. I don’t think black parents would let this freak teach their kids.

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