Earlier this year, the gun control group Everytown launched a new program to train its volunteers to run for office. More than 100 people are participating in Demand A Seat this year.

Among them is Mia Livas Porter, who is running for a California Assembly seat, and whose brother, Junior, took his own life with a gun after battling mental illness. She said that for years she felt powerless — but that changed when she joined Moms Demand Action, an arm of Everytown.

“I felt empowered to use my voice as a survivor. And I saw how it could make legislative change,” Livas Porter said.

Their lives were changed by gun violence, and now they’re running for office

Wow! So much BS is such a small number of lines. Well done NPR!

Everytown did not launch a new program, but it is a rehash of a constantly failed tradition within the Gun Control community: The Waving of the Bloody Shirt. They select somebody who was a victim or related to a dastardly event where a gun was used, and the media came down like crows pecking on the corpses and then tried to use that person as political battering ram.

Here I have to confess something: I tried to remember some of the people used by Gun control in the past and short of the most recent asshole, “pillow magnate” failure David Hogg and his short-lived partner in BS Emma Gonzalez, my mind drew a blank. I had to rack my brain trying to search cases I remembered that spawned “activists” like the Incel mass killer in California and that led me to Richard Martinez, (the parent of one of the victims) and this old post where I also found the name of Colin Goddard who was supposed to be the perfect and eternal voice of Gun Control since he was indeed a survivor of the Virginia Tech massacre.  He was supposed to be the NRA killer, the Chose One to help Pass “sensitive gun control” in this country. He was courted by everybody and every news media organization, but he eventually disappeared from importance like all these “Bloody Shirt Stars” do.

About the only success story you can point out after decades of media push and millions upon millions of dollars spent in Bloody Shirt Stars is Lucy McBath whose son was killed in Florida by an idiot at a gas station over loud music or stupid crap like that. She is now  U.S. representative from Georgia’s 6th congressional district, and I seem to recall it was said she had a lot of support from Bloomberg money. But other than that, the Gun Control Rock Stars have been a miserable political failure.

And as for Mia Livas Porter, her claim to fame is she is a victim because her brother, afflicted by mental illness, killed himself with a gun. Holy shit! She is the victim! Not her emotionally sick brother, nope, she is the one suffering for his actions. How dare we challenge her victimization and not support her cause? Because we do not coddle vultures, especially the ones pecking the corpse of their own family for political or any gain.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

6 thoughts on “Gun Control “Heroes” always come with an expiration date.”
  1. “Empowered” by a check with alot of zeros on it… meanwhile in the REAL world- black friday week 687THOUSAND. NICS checks….86THOUSAND on black friday alone..

  2. The grift is real.

    Remember: prior to her current position, Shannon Watts was a publicity shill for Monsanto. As long as there’s a steady paycheck she’ll say whatever she needs to.

  3. Hell, even the once oh-so-lionized Jim Brady is better remembered by the gun rights side (because we remember who the Brady Bill and the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence are named after) than he is by the anti-rights side.

  4. Soory miss Porter, but judging by yours and your brother’s names you were doomed from the start. Because your brother was mentally ill he would have used another method if a gun was not available. Tell me: do you also want to outlaw bridges, ropes, medicine, cars, tall buildings?

    1. Suicides will find a way. The tool used is meaningless. Have known several in my life, and none of them used a firearm of any kind.

      Also, most suicides (not a therapist or psychologist, anecdotal evidence) will broadcast their intentions for a measurable amount of time before they actually carry through with it. This woman should be blaming herself, not the gun, because she ignored her brother’s calls for help. (Making a lot of assumptions there.)

      Using a suicide as proof of gun control is BS. It ignores the underlying mental illness that is driving the person to take their own life. It also transfers any guilt feelings from the survivors and allows them to push it onto the gun. (Friend of a friend took his own life using the glass from a drip coffee maker. Not going to start campaigning on a platform of outlawing Mr. Coffee)

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