Today’s episode of “I’m going to shoot your pitbull” is brought to you by a reader tip and tye biggest magazine for your carry piece that money can buy.

Pack of pit bull dogs captured after mauling 71-year-old Texas man to death

A 71-year-old Texas man was mauled to death by several pit bull dogs on Monday, July 18 in the Fresno area, according to the Fort Bend County Sheriff Eric Fagan. The family identified the victim as Freddy Garcia.

The Houston Chronicle reported that Garcia was walking to a store when he was viciously attacked by seven pit bulls in the 4300 block of Mark Terrance Lane, in unincorporated Fort Bend County. He was flown to a hospital via Life Flight, where he was pronounced dead. It was the area’s second dog attack in days.

According to the sheriff, the man did nothing to provoke the attack.

KPRC in Houston reported that this same package of dogs was responsible for another, albeit non-fatal, attack.


Seven pitbulls.


Roaming the streets and alleys in a residential neighborhood.

Animal Control apparently did nothing until a fatal attack occurred.

How do you defend yourself against seven dogs?

Most compact self defense guns hold between five and eight rounds. A few might go as high as ten.

Most compact self defense guns are sold on a idea of self defense against a single bad guy, maybe two.

A pack of dogs is completely different threat.

And yes, if a pack of pitbulls is roaming the neighborhood, and Animal Control doesn’t come and take them away….

This is the sort of problem that suppressors were intended to fix.

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By J. Kb

One thought on “High capacity magazines for self defense and shooting pitbulls”
  1. I quit carrying my compacts and few years ago when it started getting spicy out there. It’s a G22 for me with 2 mags. I have totally changed my wardrobe to accommodate doing so. I will even wear a loosely tied jacket around my waist to help cover it. It’s getting crazy out there, and Uvalde and the mostly peaceful riots showed me just what the cops are going to do for me.

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