First this:

The SHIP Act would send boats back out to sea, preventing them from idling within 24 miles of the coast.

This puts ships way out in deep-water off the California coast.

Ships are not going to want to idle that far out and wait to come to port.

What you are going to see is ships idle off the coast of Asian countries and then traverse the pacific in hopes of arriving at port in time to dock.

This will only stretch the supply chain bottleneck.

But it gets worse.

I was reading and talking to people and some things were brought to my attention that I was unaware of.

CARB bans registration of trucks with engines older than 2010.  All trucks must be certified clean idle.

Moreover, California AB5 hit the independent owner/operator trucking industry hard, costing many of those truckers’ jobs as they were classified as illegal gig workers and forced to become employees or leave employees the state.

As a result there us both a truck and trucker shortage.  Owner/operators, the largest segment of the trucking industry, who also have a tendency to use older equipment, are effectively banned from hauling freight out of California ports.

So even if there were enough dock workers to unload the ships, there are not enough trucks and truckers to haul the unloaded containers away.

California state law has almost single handedly shut down the supply chain that runs into America from across the Pacific.

And you know this Administration and Buttigieg are not going to do anything to relieve the truck and trucker shortage in California.

California is fucking the rest of America to death.

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By J. Kb

9 thoughts on “How California is f**king the America supply chain right now”
  1. For that reason, the ports in the Gulf of Mexico have seen a huge uptick in traffic to avoid the bottleneck known as the left coast.

  2. Owner/operators, by virtue of owning their means of production, are a species of Kulak, and must be purged.
    But see how it’s being done! Instead of being identified as part of the oppressor class and attacked directly, they’re tagged as oppressed, and new protections are enacted to keep them from being exploited by customers and banks. Either way, they end up out of business.

  3. Talked with a guy a few years ago. He had figured out how to get rid of cancer permanently. It was really simple.
    Step one: Identify everyone with the cancer gene
    Step two: Prevent them from having kids.
    See, simple. Breed cancer out of the human race.

    That guy is a genius compared to the average leftist in CA.

    1. Well, for some forms of cancer, he’s probably correct in that it would work.

      So there’s that, which the average Leftist “brilliant plan” doesn’t have going for it.

  4. I expect the drug cartels will shortly finance a large container port facility in Mexico (possibly Ensanda) to take advantage of the situation. Even if they have to build a railroad to San Diego it will probably end up being cheaper than offloading at the port of Los Angeles. Keep this crap up for a year or two and the Port of Los Angeles will be a ghost town.

  5. All this because: fake global warming.
    I truly believe that the top leaders of the left KNOW that global warming is fake. For them, it’s a feature not a bug.

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