This Ruger 10/22 is officially mine.

Although I understand the AR 15 upgrade/modification craziness, the fact that it is louder than what you can do with a 10/22 surprised me.  I might be off base here, but about the only tools you need for this thing is a Swiss Army knife and a hex key. This is an old model so the first modification was to add the extended mag release and next on the list will be the automatic bolt release. Both upgrades rang my wallet just cents over $30 and what I saw on other aftermarket parts, you can build a carbine from scratch with little money and even less technical effort.  Or I May just get me a threaded barrel and a new scope to install on this one for quiet backyard critter elimination.  Yes, I need a can too, thankfully, the ones for .22 cal are in the $ 500 area. Whatever I go, I can say I am enjoying the heck out this rifle as is.

And I am pissed at you, guys. You should have informed of this a decade or two ago.  🙂

UPDATE: The Tacbro  automatic bolt release arrived this afternoon rather than tomorrow. It took me all of 5-7 minutes to install it including a bit of file work which I knew it would be required and was ready for it.

Working as advertised.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

15 thoughts on “I am finally in the good graces of the Gun Community. (UPDATE)”
  1. You may want to go with a DIY eForm 1 on the the 22LR can.

    The Form 4 transfers are from 9 to 18 months vs 25-30 days for a e-filed Form1.

    1. Seconded. If you’re talking a rifle can for high-pressure rounds, I’d go with a commercial unit.

      For 22LR, if you don’t demand the latest hyperalloys and CFD-calculated baffle profiles, and are moderately handy, you can get going a lot faster.

  2. The 10/22 is the beige Toyota Carolla of rifles.

    They are exceptionally popular because they are extremely reliable, reasonably priced, and damn near ubiquitous.

    Owning one says nothing more about you than “I wanted an affordable product that functions.”

    Also, everyone and their mother makes accessories for it so if you want to add personality, you can.

  3. Before you go to Appleseed, try that scope from a prone position. You are going to need to move it forward. Probably more than an inch.

    1. I went on the floor and shouldered it tight. May not have done the proper position, but I think I have about 2 inches clearance.
      I’ll take screwdrivers and loctite just in case

  4. In lieu of a can in the meantime, subsonic rounds are very quiet. Fired some out of a .22 rifle and didn’t even need earpro for it (I was, obviously, but that’s how quiet they are out of a long barrel)

  5. I’m still baffled at the high prices of silencers over there.

    I had good experiences with A-Tec’s CMM-4 Rimfire model. It’s modular and, at least around here, costs less than $100.

    1. It’s because of the regressive federal tax, if you are going to go through the hassle of submitting fingerprints and photos to a bureaucrat for permission to own a muffler it is going to be a lifetime purchase.

      Otherwise we’d have $20 kits at Walmart or they would, probably, be integral to firearm from the factory.

  6. That is outstanding! So much fun can be had with these things and everything under the sun from integrally suppressed barrels to mouse whisker accurate barrels can be had depending on your fancy.

    Good on ya!

  7. In addition to my 10/22, I have a Remington model 12 slide action. It has a 22 inch or so barrel. In that rifle, 22 shorts (if you can find them) are damn near Hollywood quiet.

  8. now the fun begins with the 10-22
    upgrade the trigger to the Ruger BX ? or maybe further to a KIDD 2 stage ?
    suppressor & threaded bbl ?
    new sights ? truglo or LitePipes for iron ? a better scope ?
    maybe upgrade the stock to a pistol grip ?
    buy a Ruger 10-22 TDT (take down tactical)
    You have found a rabbit hole my friend, enjoy

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