Child rapist awarded $2.5 million settlement for trans surgery after Idaho prison withheld ‘care’

A violent sex offender who was incarcerated for the sexual abuse of a 15-year-old boy has been awarded more than $2.5 million in legal fees after suing the state of Idaho for withholding “gender affirming care,” Reduxx reports.

The individual now goes by the name of Adree Edmo. Edmo filed the lawsuit against the state of Idaho and the department of correction’s medical provider, Corizon Correctional Healthcare, in 2017 after being denied gender surgeries.

Edmo had also sought a legal name change, “gender appropriate” clothing, and transfer to a women’s prison.

I really don’t understand Idaho.

This is a child rapist who wants his dick and balls removed.

All I need is an electric carving knife, a soldering iron for cautery, and ear plugs (for the screaming), and a couple of assistants to hold him down.

No need for anesthesia.

Then they can toss him into whatever prison he/she’s like.

Problem solved in 10 minutes with about $100 worth of supplies.

Instead they are going to pay $2.5M in damages.


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By J. Kb

4 thoughts on “I could have done this for $100 and saved Idaho $2.5M”
  1. Edmo is a well known name in East Idaho. They run the Shoshone-Bannock (Sho-Ban) tribal government and are about as corrupt as you would imagine.

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