I don’t care if you are a woman, if you stomp in my wife’s head I will absolutely put you through a plate glass window.

If equality of the sexes means anything it means a man can full on punch the fuck out a woman who is threatening a loved one with grave bodily harm.

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By J. Kb

7 thoughts on “I really to believe in gender equality”
    1. Interesting you had to go to a UK paper to grab an article. Wonder why this is not front page on the Washington (Com)Post, NYT, and CNN.

  1. Ten bucks says the black woman gets off scot-free — not even an arrest — while the white woman faces assault and hate-crime charges for the swinging and kicking she did early on in the video.

    I mean, it could not possibly have been an attempt at self-defense, since the other woman was black and clearly the victim in this encounter, by definition.

    Plus, her screaming, “Aaaagh! Aaaagh!”, is obviously white supremacist code which, to the right audience, translates as an expletive-and-racial-slur-filled tirade that I don’t dare post here, lest this site lose its “family-friendly” rating.

    Any takers on that bet?

  2. My mother taught me that a gentleman never strikes a lady. She then continued by saying that a lady never balls up her fist to strike anyone. Once a woman does so, she stops being a lady.

  3. Came to say the same thing. When a lady stops being a lady, she gives up the right to be treated like a lady. After that, she’s just a broad and anything is fair game.

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