I could talk about the CHAZ/CHOP Summer of Love, ANTIFA, Mostly Peaceful Protests™, etc. But we all know the Left isn’t intimidated by hypocrisy.

I’m just going to say, make almost half of Americans and the political party that represents them untermenschen that can be ignored and abused and see how that works out.  Especially when that half of society owns most of the guns.

They don’t think these things through.

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By J. Kb

22 thoughts on “If they are going to stop treating Republicans like they are normal I’m glad I became a Pinochetist”
    1. You’re probably right. But.

      Perhaps it’s time to take people at their word. When they say they want to bury you, burn your children alive and destroy all you hold dear … perhaps one should believe them.

  1. Wow. Rubin has really gone off the deep end reading her twatter feed.

    I hope they keep pushing their agenda though. They really believe Xiao has a mandate and is the most popular President in history.

    1. Oh, but everyone she knows shares her sentiment.

      Which has always been the lefts problem. Look at how many in leftist circles believed Kyle’s contributions to society were minorities.

  2. Their days are numbered. The Left is gonna find out next year when they lose the House and the Senate. Then we can stonewall the losers in the executive branch until 2024.

  3. Does J. need a theme song?

    Pinochet is Coming to Town

    You better not riot, You better not try,
    You better not loot, I am telling you why,
    Pinochet is coming to town.
    He’s making a list, Checking it twice
    Going to find out who is commie or nice,
    Pinochet is coming to town!
    He’ll Kill you in your sleep,
    He’ll grind your body into paste,
    He knows if you are Antifa or good,
    So be good or you will be waste.
    Pinochet is coming to town.

    Any improvements will be welcomed.

    1. I would simply note that spoke aloud, “J Kb” has the same number of syllables as “Pinochet,” so it’s just about a 1:1 substitution.

  4. Surprise. Jennifer Rubin is a conservative political commentator. Of course, not by MAGA standards. So when y’all decide to armor up and take on 1/2 of America, better add the never-trumpers.

    Just sayin’.

  5. J. Rubin is a Conservative like Bill Kristol and the Lincoln Project. Both of which told us Terry McAuliffe was the “Conservative” Choice in Virginia. Heck, The Lincoln projest arranged for five Young Democrats in Virginia to stage a false flag protest of Glen Youngkins. Remember the 5 “White Supremacy” protesters with Tiki Torches? ALL DEMOCRATS, even that Black White Supremacist.

  6. Greg: two thoughts: Mr. Reagan certainly had his faults/mis steps.

    Secondly, he certainly was superior to the alternatives.

    I suspect that your point is that we ought not let “perfect” thrash “pretty good”.

    If so, I agree.

  7. My point is, Reltney, is that MAGA has moved the party so far right that they’re now calling perfectly good traditional conservative stalwarts “Democrats” simply because they don’t see Trump in the same golden light that MAGA does. It’s dumb. And it already cost the party the White House, the Senate and the House.

    And now I’ll be called a communist or Che or a socialist because…well, because I happen to think Trump isn’t doing the party any favors right now. Oh well.

    1. Yup, ‘MAGA’ definitely let the demonrats seize control of the exec and congress (these days, they don’t deserve a big C), no blatant election fraud necessary!

      Like at all.


      Most transparent and honest election EVAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. In all seriousness, has MAGA moved the republicans to the far right? Or has it just put it back where it was before the Overton window effect moved it to the left over the course of decades?

      Just raising the possibilities. Like fish in the ocean, we are also subject to currents we need to work hard at to perceive, as we swim in them daily and gradual change is much harder to notice.

    3. Y’know, Greg, you (used to be ) entitled to your opinion. I certainly feel that I am.

      In my opinion, when “traditional conservative stalwarts” support big guv, power centralization, and suchlike, well, I’m reminded of the pejorative “limousine liberals” that used to have currency. Ya know, folks who championed cross district bussing, among other initiatives, while *their* kids went to private schools.

      I suggest the epithet, “limousine conservative”, or “cocktail party conservative”, because such folks appear to never want to soil themselves with mingling with working class folks, let alone engage in shift working productive work.

      Mr Trump, even with all his faults, appears to recognize, even value, even CHAMPION, hard productive work.

      Which is, truly, conservative?

  8. “The growth in the annual deficit under Trump ranks as the third-biggest increase, relative to the size of the economy, of any U.S. presidential administration…”

    So, Reltney, you are a collection of contradictions. On the one hand, you can’t stand “big guv”…and yet Trump spent and spent and spent. I know that’s okay because they were all things you approved of: the military, the wall, compensating farmers when his China trade policy crashed and burned. But Trump was every bit a “big guv” guy.

    And power centralization? When your cabinet is comprised of folks who are routinely overrode when they stray even a little from the company line and most times aren’t even allowed to voice their opinions publicly. All the while high-level positions go unfilled and government agencies struggle to complete their missions. And let’s not even talk about the loyalty required of every Republican under the fear of being called out on social media or primaried by a loyalist. He even demanded that no one challenge him in 2020…and of course the GOP complied.

    Finally, Trump values “hard productive work.” Well, that one you got right. As long as that work benefits him and doesn’t involve him doing it. That load hasn’t logged in a hard day’s work in his entire life.

    Getting back to Rubin: she really is a conservative. She’s just not the kind of conservative that people who like to pretend they’re principled conservatives prefer. The fact that you and people like you don’t see that is pretty much to be expected. But that doesn’t change the truth.

  9. “JRubinBlogger calls for “rules” that would prohibit media outlets from treating Republicans as “normal””

    Um….so, Greg, THAT Is your “conservative”?

    Well, bless your heart.

    Not my sort of conservative.b

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