Some things we know:

The Uvalde School Police were inside the school within minutes of the shooter going into the classroom.

They were ordered to treat an active shooter like a barricaded suspect and hung around in a hallway for over an hour supposedly waiting for a key or SWAT.  The story keeps changing.

A Uvalde police officer whose wife was shot tried to go in an rescue her but his fellow officers stopped him.

Parents tried to go in and they were stopped.

Eventually, some independent BORTAC officers did their job in defiance of Uvalde School Police.

Uvalde School Police Chief Pete Arredondo ditched his radio after giving bad orders to hang back.

Texas DPS called this an “abject failure.”

We know Pete Arredondo is a huge Beto supporter.

The Uvalde shooting is what finally motivated Texas Republican Senator John Cornyn to support gun control legislation in the Senate.

The Biden Administration is failing at everything and has the worst rating of any president in history.  Any Republican who hitches his wagon to Biden now is finished.

This failure also has given the Left the talking point that “good guys with guns can’t stop mass shootings.”


I’m curious…

Was the response to the school shooting deliberately bad to maximize casualties to move the needle on gun control?

Not to say the whole shooting was staged, I don’t think it was.

But when Uvalde Police had the chance to do the right thing the chief had them fumble on purpose for political ends.

Just noticing things out loud…

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By J. Kb

19 thoughts on “I’m going to put on my Texas size tinfoil hat”
  1. The Obama political strategy has always been, “We will make them wear Texas Sized Tinfoil Hats”…because the majority of Americans will believe they are insane, which will provide the perfect political cover needed to succeed in discrediting-replacing the US Constitution, Bill of Rights and the ‘Damned’ fifty-state constitutional republic’s electoral college system, that has a stranglehold on the system of democracy…as it was originally intended to achieve.

    JKb you are getting warmer, imho. Tinfoil blocks them from reading your mind, and if you sleep with it on, they can’t access your dreams.

  2. There was a time when I would have said you were nuts.
    Then came “Fast and Furious.”
    Then the nation was locked in their homes because of a disease whose deadliness was largely exaggerated.
    Then there was an election that had a lot of what we can euphemistically call “irregularities” which were highly suspect, using the disease as an excuse to relax voting rules. Time Magazine later bragged about the left rigging the election for the good of the nation. Those who complained were called insurrectionists.
    After that, we learned that the disease that got us locked down in 2020 actually was created by a lab in China using funds provided by the doctor who pushed for the aforementioned lockdowns. He continues to provide taxpayer funding to the Chinese.
    Then we were told that parents who don’t want their children educated in how to cross dress or be raped by trannies are actually domestic terrorists.
    The president who was put in place by the rigged election is following his pre-election campaign promises to the letter, including destroying the fossil fuel industry, supporting LBGTQP issues, and enacting gun control, but ignore all of what has come before, because no one is that crazy.

  3. For a little extra tinfoil, I offer a question that might be answered with a question:
    Q: “How could several Senate Republicans, at a time like this, suddenly embrace the Democrats’ agenda on guns and (next week) immigration?”
    Q: “Where’s Ghislaine’s client list?”
    (LBJ, trust, pecker, pocket.)

  4. If Alex Jones was just right on, say, 10% of what he says, how can Jones, or anyone else, not come unhinged when talking about all this stuff?

  5. There is also the unsolicited statement by the police that they are totally sure they didn’t shoot any kids and all casualties were a result of the chumbucket.

    Also the order that the school is to be destroyed.

    1. The order to demolish the building is the only part of this that actually makes sense. Not saying I agree with it, but i can follow the logic.

      1. No the school building should be preserved as the new headquarters of the Uvalde Poltroon Department and rool call should take in the very classrooms where children died as a result of their cowardice. Also regardless of Castle Rock I think there’s a basis to charge every last one with “failure to render aid”

  6. “Was the response to the school shooting deliberately bad to maximize casualties to move the needle on gun control?
    But when Uvalde Police had the chance to do the right thing the chief had them fumble on purpose for political ends.”
    It is called, “Never let a crisis go to waste.”
    Did the globalists/statists/leftists deliberately release COVID? No, I doubt it, but they sure as hell took advantage of it. I see this as no different.

  7. I will say what I said on the second day. The police let those 19 little bodies bleed out for over an hour to maximize the carnage. Just like the Pulse Night Club. They refused to act, and delayed medical treatment for wounded victims.

    1. One of the coroners’ reports was for a little girl shot in the kidney. The coroner says it would have taken ~40 minutes for her to bleed out from what would have been a survivable wound if she had been transported to the hospital.

      *slow, calming breath* She. Should. Have. Lived.

      But she didn’t. Instead, she spent her last 40 minutes on this Earth in excruciating pain while physically separated from her parents, because the cops bumble-f***ed around for over an hour.

      Ditto for the teacher mentioned in the OP. She was conscious enough to call or text her husband to say she had been shot and was dying. That tells me she was alive for a while after being shot. If the cops had cleared the area and eliminated the suspect immediately so that EMS could go in, that teacher might have lived, too.

      I suspect it’s true for quite a few of the victims. Not all, but some. It did not have to be as bad as it was.

      *another slow, calming breath* Between Uvalde, and Parkland, and the Pulse nightclub, this is what’s going to end policing as we know it. It’s becoming crystal clear that the police cannot be trusted to “serve and protect” their communities. “Defund the police” is sounding better and better to BOTH sides, and ultimately will be the least of their problems.

      I pray none of us are ever in that situation; I don’t know what I’d do if I were that girl’s father or that teacher’s husband. I can’t honestly say I wouldn’t be going RCOB on the officers. I’m thousands of miles away, with no personal connections to the place, but thinking about what those men must be going through is alternately heartbreaking and infuriating.

      *sigh* I’m … gonna go get more coffee now….

  8. You’re not alone in thinking that. Hell, that’s what I thought (and still think, tbh) the second I learned that Arredondo is a hardcore Betophile. Maybe my tinfoil is wrapped a little too tight, but I can’t help but think that Arredondo saw an opportunity to “help the cause” and took it.

  9. Will there be parallels between this dustup and the Los Vegas concert shooting as well as the others mentioned? The Clark county sheriff produced a report long ago. The FBI, to my knowledge, never has.

  10. Politicians could cure this whole problem by getting rid of the laws that allow police to hide behind “no duty to protect”. Will they do so? I’m not holding my breath.

  11. Yes, I do believe that the cops held back for lots of reasons, at least one of them being the wish to promote a narrative against guns. (The others are not wanting to be shot at and just being lame-assed arseholes.)

    It’s why you see professionally printed shirts, posters, banners and the MSM has an anti-gun script in their hands within 2 hours of any school or gay-bar shooting.

    So, yes, I do believe there are those in Law Enforcement who are pushing secret agendas whenever something like Uvalde happens.

    Sad when conspiracy theories make more sense than what is being told to us.

  12. I still have a very hard time swallowing the fact that none of those cops disobeyed the order and went in anyways. A Uvalde cop tried to go but was stopped? WTF…you would have to shoot me from moving in. They had shields, armor and enough firepower. The next guy in the chain of command for these limp dicks couldn’t say to the rest “Fuck it, lets move in”? All of them towed the line??

    Its very hard not to think of conspiracy when the best explanation possible is cowardice and adherence to the chain of command.

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