VPC Oopsie!

Well, we had 2 possible gang bangers unloading on a nightclub…which is defined in the Florida Statutes as a Gun Free Zone.

Not for nothing, but that is the kind of place VPC likes…and so do criminals. And the line between both gets blurrier every day.

So, touting this event as a call to arms (pun intended) to restrict the Second Amendment is either very stupid or incredibly callous.

Al Gore in 24-hour broadcast to convert climate skeptics

Al Gore plans on an all out, 24 hour multimedia counter attack trying to debunk the debunkers.

At Guantanamo, interrogators will use this new Gore attempt as interrogation technique.

Red Cross and Amnesty International are already decrying the brutality of the method and demand that inmates are not subjected to such painful and demeaning tactic in contravention to UN Resolutions and the Geneva Convention.

What happens in the Range….

Nobody wanted to have their picture taken in this stage. I really thought my fellow shooters were more open to alternative lifestyles 🙂

In case you are wondering, the stage called for engaging targets while a body is on top of you simulating a mass shooting or similar and you ending up under somebody. For safety reasons, the gun initial position was on the rug aiming downrange.

And no, that is not me. A sore back “prevented” me from shooting this particular stage.

Are we really remembering?

Are we remembering today? Do we really? If so, how come most everybody is avoiding mentioning the bastards who did it? Are we that pussified we are afraid to say a fucking bunch of Islamic Fundamentalist murdered over 3,000 of our fellow Americans? And that they are still trying to do more? If so, by the 20th anniversary we will be blaming ourselves for the attack and whatever contraption they are trying to build at Ground Zero still won’t be finished.

Is CSGV and The Left itching for a kill?

This is not the first time I see this posted in the CSGV Facebook page:

It links to an article by MediaMatters in which they set the case that the NRA is anti-union and actively attempting to destroy them by inviting gun manufacturers to move to Right-To-Work states. About the only thing I heard is that states where the laws are friendly to Gun owners are telling Gun Manufacturers to move in as any state would do during a recession to companies that are one of the few that are actually making money and hiring people.
Now, we have seen lately that the unions are cranking up the rhetoric and their thug actions against those who dare oppose them.They are being openly aggressive against the media, to Longshoremen storming he Port of Longview, sabotaging trains, kidnapping security guards and holding up signs in the following manner:

Yep, that is a baseball bat. And he apparently was not alone in his choice of sign carrier but according to press reports, many fellow union thugs were similar armed. For all intents and purposes, if wielded in a threatening manner or actually used against a person, it goes from sporting equipment to deadly weapon. And that allows a legally armed citizen to defend himself with deadly force in many states.

Now imagine a picket of Union Morons in front of a new firearms factory opened in a Gun Friendly state trying to intimidate local workers with such “signs”? In typical Union fashion, the picketers rush against the workers “signs” held high and….. After the dust settles you may have several Union bodies on the ground and CSGV and the rest of the Antis will happily decry the crazy gun owners that attacked “unarmed & peaceful” Union representatives who were just exercising their First Amendment Rights.

Maybe I am being a bit overly anxious about it and CSGV is not conspiring to have Union Members killed to advance Anti Gun Laws, but we can safely apply Hanlon’s Razor:

Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.

Unfortunately both are regular part and parcel of CSGV and the Laddittes.