Gun Control Activist kills 6 in Wisconsin.

Now you say that is just exaggerating and making a mockery of the good folks in favor of gun control comparing them with that bad evil White Supremacist.

Well, both Gun Control Activists and White Supremacists think too many people have guns. That only certain selected superior folks should own guns and if you are not in the selected group of people and own a gun, you should pay dearly with loss of liberty or even life.

They sound pretty much the same to me.


The Stupid: They walk amongst us.

Heard at work:

“So this asshole cuts me off in traffic and takes off. I decided to after him, cut him off myself and force him to stop.”

“And then what?”

“I’d pull my badge (fake) and give him a bad time for being an asshole.”

“So, what happened?”

“A cop got behind me and pulled me over for doing 70 in a 35 and gave me a ticket the mother******. That’s not right.”

A passel of scenarios, all bad flashed in my mind. Juggling with Darwin is never a wise choice.

Guns flowing to Mexico: United States is at fault but we do not have evidence.

This is an interesting video. Take it to the 17:00 marker and watch Sylvia Longmire explaining the trace of US weapons into the Mexican Cartel’s hands. The tired slogan of the 70%-80%-90% of weapons used by the Cartels-blah-blah gets destroyed by her own words.

Ms. Longmire admits that the Mexican Authorities do not know how many guns have been confiscated, that guns have been rendered untraceable by removing the serial numbers and that guns have been obtained via the Mexican stocks. But that ain’t the problem, no sire, we are the problem because guns is a highly politicized issue in the United States.  At least she was straight enough to say that:

“We will never know with any certainty exactly what proportion of firearms and explosives and military grade weapons come from what parts of the world”

Go read this 2009 article in MSNBC (of all places) and then compare with the numbers given by the administration and do the math. Weapons traced to US “points of sale” might come to be in the single digit percentile.

But the myth of the iron pipeline to Mexico is too juicy to let go.

Dog Attack: It is gonna hurt.

Caught this video in Facebook:

People in general are not trained or have a basic idea about what to do if they are attacked by a dog. Do we see a dog, even one that is attacking as a pet that shouldn’t be harmed? Or have we removed our own predator instincts so bad that we act like ruminants rather than meat eaters?

Dog attacks is an area in which I have a certain amount of experience. We had moronic neighbors that owned big dogs for house defense but were not trained (the owners) to be responsible with them. Here is some of what I learned and you can expect if attacked by a dog.

1) Be ready to be bitten and it will be painful. If the animal has already targeted you and you cannot bring a weapon to defend yourself or an object they can sink their teeth on, you are gonna bleed. The smart thing to do is give them something that they can bite on but it does not put you in a serious disadvantage. The idea here is to have the dog’s teeth away from three important areas: Neck, Abdomen and Genitals. Bleeding profusely or being disemboweled are generally not good things. If everything else fails, give them your non-dominant forearm.

2) Once the dog is biting, counterattack viciously. If you have a gun or knife, take it out and defend yourself. Slice the neck, the abdomen, shoot it in the chest, inflict as much pain as possible till the dog releases you. When it does, make sure it has no more will to fight or that it has initiated retreat to check your own wounds. If it looks like it wants another round, you attack first. We are not doing an episode of Dog Whisperer here, it is you life and limb at risk. If no weapons are available, use your natural tools such as hands, legs, knees and your own bulk.The point is, do not try to shake the dog off or push it away but get in close and personal and use whatever is left to attack. However, banging a dog in the head with your fist tends to be ineffective in my experience and don’t shoot yourself in the arm trying to get a head shot.

Dogs, like any other creature in this planet, enjoy the intake of oxygen. Punching or gripping the throat may help it reconsider you from tasty morsel to maybe something that may actually hurt it. If it has a choker chain, grab it and list it till is off the ground and choking. Crush the throat with anything including a good grip. Dogs with long necks will tend to release faster than short necked versions.

Remember I said to get in close and personal? BITE BACK! Possibly the closest part of the animal to you will be the very much sensitive nose, so go ahead and take a bit out of Fido (and fulfill the old “Man bites Dog” expression). Pluck the eyes out with your free hand or pull the upper lips up and away with as much force as you can.  The idea is to inflict as much pain as possible so the dog gets off his Fight mode and enters Flight mode.

3) Once the dog releases you, continue the attack.  Kick, scream, throw things, chase and do whatever is necessary to make the dog understand you are a continued threat to his safety and must place plenty of space between you and it. Hesitation or retreat may re-trigger the dog into attacking again.

4) Once done, call 911 & tend to your wounds. As I said, you will be bitten, you will be hurting & bleeding. Call 911 immediately and request help. Do keep an eye for the dog’s owner and if you think the moron will actually behave like a moron, inform the operator you are moving to a safer location for fear of retribution.

It is a damn shame that some dog owners just get the animals for the “dangerous” cool factor but spend zero time training them to be safe or even keeping them safely enclosed on their property. If you take the responsibility of owning a dog, it is expected of you to reduce the chances of an attack to an innocent person to the minimum possible. And as a dog lover, rest assured I will not vent my anger on the animal but on the owner by legal means available. If you are stupid & careless, cause me injury and force me to cause injury on the animal, I will seek redressing.

A quick note on Government Conspiracies

People, remember this is the Government we are talking about. The same people who cannot get the Postal Service above water and could not keep the smuggling of guns into Mexico covered even when run by the “best” legal & political minds of this administration.

Therefore I am not buying that the Aurora shooting was anything other than a whackjob with a wish to be famous/infamous and not a push for the UN Small Arms Treaty.

Carry on…