CBS Frisco: You keep using that word….

Homeless Man Found With Weapons Cache, List Of Names In SF Golden Gate Park « CBS San Francisco.

San Francisco Police displayed an array of high power weapons and ammunition Wednesday that were found in a homeless man’s car last month in Golden Gate Park.


So that is what passes for a cache of “high-powered weapons” in San Fran? One shotgun, one pump rifle, on Tokarev and I think he last one is a single shot deringer of some sort. I think my wife carries more firepower in her purse.

Yup, he was ready to take over the world…. or a local Medical Marijuana store.

Pistol Shot connects with Bad Guy at 165 yards. Holy…. (Updated)

Gun Owner Saves Cop’s Life by Shooting Deranged Gunman! (VIDEO) – Gun News at

Stacy raised his gun, fired, and landed one hell of a shot – by his estimate “a good 165 yards” – with a pistol (we do not know the make or caliber at this time). Stacy wasn’t even sure if he could make the shot at that distance: “I hope this magnum bullet’ll hold up, you know, this distance. And sure enough it did and I hit him in the thigh.”

My hat is off to the gentleman.


UPDATE: The gun was a .357 Magnum. More info here.

Get your Uncle Bloomberg Ammo Right Here!

NYC Sells Spent Shell Casings to Ammo Store – WNYC.

Fellow Twitter @FightinBluHen51 informed me of this particular story. I have to say that I am quite tempted about ordering a couple of thousand rounds of 9mm from Georgia Arms since the price ain’t half bad. But SWMBO reminds me that I roll my own and have plenty of components (I might need to restock on primers though)

I heard good things about Georgia Arms ammo, so go ahead and order some just because it will piss New York Libs something fierce.


Bad Day for Nut Liberal Causes.

So what happens when your Mainstream Media, usual pundits and assorted idiots uses all its power to create a faux The Chick-A-Fil-A controversy plus goes all out once more for Gun Control? They Fail.

The #chickfila in Twitter is off the damn chain factory. It is middle of the afternoon in the east Coast and people are still waiting in line for lunch. It has gotten so bad, local TV stations were forced to cover it due to the huge traffic jams and concentration of people. Pictures posted on Twitter show managers doubling as traffic guides trying to get a bit of control on the situation. Apparently Free Speech is still important in this country.

And if that was bad. NPR is having a fit about the new poll showing us uneducated citizens of the USA are still clinging to our guns desperately. I am sure they never saw that coming with the head stuck in the sand and everything. That makes it two Amendments that are still being celebrated in this Country..Yay!

If you want a small example, head over In Jennifer’s Head and read her experience today. She does look hawt in that Persis Khambatta hairless style and it was for a great cause. (Did I just dated myself or what?)