Portland is the Havana of the Northwest. There is a group of people called Patriot Prayer whose only function seems to troll the Left in that city by using hateful items like the American flag and peaceful demonstrations and even (the horror!) prayer.

Now, as you can imagine, Antifa is not fond of Patriot Prayer and specially because you just can’t abuse its members without repercussions as one armed masked hoodlum found out the hard way earlier this year.

Now, I may not have seen it or may not even have been reported if it has happened, but there is not one single piece of evidence that Patriot Prayer has started any act of violence in the city of Portland. The only acts of violence associated with them only come when Antifa interferes violently with them. Sort of like the little boy who blames the caged tiger for biting his hand off after he poked it repeatedly.

The Mayor/Police Commissioner/Lefty In Charge of Portland proposed a regulation which basically stated opposing groups, specially with a history of violence should keep a buffer zone of one block. It seems people and business in the downtown Portland area have complained that the violence is costing them money not only in repairs but loss of income because people simply (and smartly) will not stroll for latte into the middle of a riot. What struck me as funny was that even though the Mayor/Police Commissioner/Lefty In Charge proposed the ordinance, he was not fond of it himself and even looked like he was not unhappy it got derailed.

The ordinance got voted down and the excuse used was possible violations of the First Amendment and possible litigation. But I fear that actually it is because they wanted something deeper and more unconstitutional, but (thankfully) they have not found it yet: Ban Patriot Prayer altogether.

First you need to check 00:35 and the whole Chloe Eudaly (longtime activist/failed business women) intervention explaining why she voted against the proposed ordinance. But what takes the cake is her blaming (indirectly) those Nazis of Patriot Prayer who incited violence and mayhem by just breathing the same air as Antifa (which she only calls counter-protesters.) She is a parrot repeating the standard radical Left and Anarchist points of view and was pretty much joined by the rest of the elected morons in that box. Her solution is to punish anybody that gives Patriot Prayer support, meaning if PP members engage in any normal and legal business transaction (from ordering a burger to ordering t-shirts printed) Miss. Eudaly hinted that the business should be punished.

Then you can jump to 16:20  and listen to Dan Saltzman. He goes on to compare Kristallnacht with a Patriot Prayer march and accuse them of playing the city like a fiddle. Again, there is no one shred of evidence that PP has done any vandalism or damage to Portland public or private property, the only ones on record doing that is Antifa, but they get a pass because of PP was not there, they would not behave like the criminals they are. He followed with pretty much saying that Portland cops were unprofessional because they are human and get angry if they are attacked (again, by Antifa, not PP but they get the blame.) But his best line is

“And I think Mayor Wheeler’s proposal  may not be constitutional, but we need to try things. We need to try solutions. We can’t just seat here and celebrate the First Amendment and at the same time express our concerns abut the predominance of Alt Right and Hate Groups without trying to do something about it.”

I do believe that the Portland Commissioners would love to have the power to have Patriot Prayer not only banned but arrested and at least banished from their city of not the whole state.  And it would not go against the history of Portland either since the city was a Wartime Civil Control Administration Relocation Assembly Center where the Japanese Americans were then shipped out to more “suitable” locations, namely relocation camps.




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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

6 thoughts on “It is your fault people act criminally and you should be banned. (Video)”
  1. “And it would not go against the history of Portland either since the city was a Wartime Civil Control Administration Relocation Assembly Center where the Japanese Americans were then shipped out to more “suitable” locations, namely relocation camps.”

    Also worth remembering is that Oregon at one point banned black people from living in the state. Ejecting people they don’t like is sort of in the state’s DNA.

  2. maybe PP ought to just quit showing up and when the REAL problem shows see who they blame. blaming others is projecting, point the finger to the dancing monkeys so YOU dont have to do anything. fuk em.

  3. The Soviet Politboro wasn’t as radically left wing as the Portland city council.

    Not just do they clearly hate anyone not far left, they love that Antifa has hurting anyone not far left as their goal.

    They talk about “white supremacists” but their definition of that is the person who wants to go home after work or pick up their kids from daycare and not have to drive around Antifa blocking streets again.

    Portland is gone, it is no longer an American city.


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