Mocking Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has become a bit of a sport of the Right.

It’s just so easy, because she says things that are just so wrong with so much confidence.

But at some point, she was going to say something that crossed the line from mock-worthy to dangerous.

She crossed that line for me over the weekend when she did some sort of Q&A live stream in the second video, below.

When think about someone having children and all you can think about is the potential carbon footprint of that new life, something is very wrong with your soul.

It has been a trait of the worst dictators and totalitarians in history to interfere with the fecundity of the people.  From the compulsory sterilization of undesirables in Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union, to the one child policy of Communist China, to Progressive Eugenics of 20th Century America, these monsters have always felt that they are the ones who should have the right to say who can have children and how many they are allowed to have.  These people will always come of with some quasi-scientific reason to justify their desire to manage the reproduction of others.

The one thing I can be totally sure of, as a capitalist Jew, none of these people throughout history would have ever given me their approval to have as many kids as I want.

Now Representative Alex-from-the-Block is pushing this same idea that should have been left in the garbage dump of history and global warming is her quasi-scientific justification to regulate your breeding.

Welcome to the Progressive Left.

They will defend your right to do whatever perversion you want in your own bedroom, or wherever else you want to do it..

Except, of course, engage in the perversion of getting pregnant and having a child, because you’re just bringing another polluter into the word and the planet doesn’t need any more of them.

This isn’t funny anymore, this bitch just got dangerous.

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By J. Kb

4 thoughts on “It’s no longer a laughing matter with this B*tch”
  1. This ditzhead hasn’t “just” become dangerous. She (and the vast majority of her classmates) has been dangerous from the first day she matriculated to BU and her official indoctrination into “How to be a tyrant for ‘Utopia’ ” began.

    She’s the current iteration of the Marxist revolutionary. Problem is; She’s here as opposed to being down in some Central American country running around in the jungle spouting her revolutionary crap-for-brains or fomenting riots in the streets.

    I can tell from just current events that the standard operational corrupt hypocritical demoncrap leadership in the house and NY State are scared stiff at her popularity. The worry is that she will amass so much power that she will be impossible to control or derail if she won’t ‘settle in the traces’ as another reliable rubber stamp vote for the actual demoncrap agenda.

    She may get some ‘exemplary’ treatment from her own side of the aisle if she’s not careful. And with her and her staff being so naive as to how the demoncrap leadership are more vicious than she can imagine, she’s not careful.

    1. I’m thinking she’s about to get stomped by the old line Democratic leadership. She’s basically aiming for their spot, and is unwilling to wait until they had the baton over.
      Plus, she’s a true believer, and they can’t have those types breaking their rice bowl. Think of all the money the NY Democrats lost when the Amazon deal got killed.
      We’ll be seeing more ethics accusations in the future.

  2. Funny how she’s saying we should limit our procreation…

    … but she’s not proposing limiting illegal immigrants’ procreation. Or that of Islamic “refugees”.

    If she thinks she needs to limit the size of her family to help prevent “global warming”, that’s her business. She’s not going to limit mine; we’ve already got two more than she probably thinks we should have, and God-willing we’ll double that. 🙂

    It’s eugenics all over again, only this time it’s aimed at white conservatives instead of blacks, which was Planned-Parenthood-founder Margaret Sanger’s preference for limitation.

    The answer to any form of government eugenics program is, and ought to be, “No,” followed immediately by, “Your move.”

    And backed up by overwhelming civilian-owned firepower.

  3. Oh, really? Why don’t YOU deserve to have your home to be PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE just like your ANTIFA buddies know where FOX news people live? YOU are NOT any more important than any other person. YOU DON’T deserve anything special, you DON’T deserve ARMED security ever from the tax payers if you are ANTI gun. OMG, she’s a friggin’ handball with ears…….

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