How many times to I have to say that?

From CBS New York:

‘Open Season on Jews’: Outrage Over Spike in NYC Hate Attacks

A 34-year-old woman and her 4-year-old son were attacked in Brooklyn Thursday by someone who yelled anti-Semitic slurs and hit the mother in the head, the latest in a spree of hate during the Jewish holidays that has the community and city officials alarmed.

The NYPD said police are looking into at least seven other incidents of possible hate-based attacks against Jewish people since Dec. 13. City leaders have condemned the attacks that are happening as the Jewish community celebrates the holidays.

“It seems like it’s open season on Jews in New York City,” said Councilmember Chaim Deutsch.

This OpEd was published on December 27th, so that makes seven attacks in 14 days or one every other day for two weeks.

The last confirmed attack happened in the early morning hours on Tuesday on Kingston Avenue in Crown Heights, when a 25-year-old Jewish man was walking on the sidewalk when he saw a large group of people walking toward him, police said.

That man told police that members of the group yelled “f— you Jew” before hurling a Slurpee at him. The group can be heard laughing and one appears to be filming the incident as they quickly flee shortly after.

About 15 hours later, a man in his 50s was standing in front of a building on Union Avenue in the same neighborhood when he said he saw as many as six people approach him after 5 p.m. on Dec. 24, according to police.

One of the people who came up to the man punched him in the back of the head, and the group took off.

Jews in New York City are being targeted for random acts of anti-Semitic violence.

USA Today is reporting that there have been six attacks on Jews in NYC since the start of Hanukkah.  Tonight is the 7th night of Hanukkah.

This surge in anti-Semitic violence was too much for even the Sandinista sympathizer in Gracie Mansion to ignore.

The NYPD will finally protect the group that the FBI identified as the primary victims of religious-based hate crimes this year.

This fact did not sit well with the Progressives and intersectional crowd online.

This turned into a perfect storm of anti-Police hate and anti-Semitism.

See, any and all police presence is bad for People of Color.  The police protecting a highly victimized community is bad when that community is Jews.

Yeah, the black community that is beating up the Jews are the real victims.

Because where there is socialism (the rose emoji) there is Jew-hatred.

The anti-Semitism in the Jew’s fault. They must be doing something. The last two times the self-appointed “leader” of the black community made a statement about the Jews he kicked off a Pogrom in Crown Heights and arson and murder at Freddy’s Fashion Mart.

More of this bullshit.

Because NYC isn’t having a surge of violent attacks against these communities. This is just deflection.

This second piece of shit then doubles down.

The Shomrim are volunteers, they have no power of arrest and cannot carry weapons, even pepper spray or batons. They can do nothing more than call the NYPD and report crimes. But that’s enough protection for the Jews according to her, they don’t need any more of the city’s tax money to protect them.

This isn’t helpful. It’s just racist and hateful.

Then there is this stupid, virtue-signaling fuck:

No, we know who the people assaulting Jews are, we have them on video. They look a lot like the same people who shot up the Jersey City Kosher Market.

Did I ever mention how much I hate Leftist Progressive Jews? Let me say it again. I fucking hate Leftist Progressive Jews. Their woke self-hatred harms the Jewish community. They are a fifth column, destroying the Judaism from within. They are Kapos.

This is the mildest of the Progressive Jewish response. It is disturbingly nieve.

It gets worse.

Her wokeness is going to get more Jews attacked. There is no “compassionate solidarity.” The intersectional solidarity in Jersey City was with the shooters, not the Jews.

This was an article in the Washington Examiner:

Member of Al Sharpton organization defends Jersey City official who said Jews had it coming

Don’t tell me that “solidarity” will stop the violence.

Really, getting the NYPD to protect Jews is a “white nationalist’s dream?”

What the fuck sort of logic is that?  When did white nationalists start to love the Jews?

This is a fucking sickness is what this is.

Then there was this conversation:

Max is virtue-signaling to the max.  He also isn’t Hasidic or Orthodox, so he probably doesn’t go around in a Yarmulke and Tzitiz (the fringes on the prayer shawl).  Since he doesn’t “look Jewish” the attacks are not a problem for him therefore they are not a problem.

What was refreshing was to see at least two people in this thread got it.

That about sums it up.

For the Left, the only good Jew is the victim Jew, either dead or beaten nearly to. Jews protecting themselves or seeking protection stop being good Jews and must be destroyed.

What you are seeing here is unalloyed hatred of visible Jews in New York City.

They are preyed upon and, and when the police are finally ordered to do what they should have been doing all along, the hatred increases.

The message for the mainstream Jewish community should be clear.

Get out of the Blue bubble, the Left and intersectional community hate you.

Buy guns and learn to use them, you will need to defend yourself.

Woke Leftist Jews are your enemy, don’t be that and don’t associate with them.  They will help the Left murder you in the name of the Leftist ideology du jour (before the Left turns on them and murders them once they stop being useful, useful idiots).

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By J. Kb

11 thoughts on “Jews, get out of Blue bubbles and buy guns. The intersectional crowd hates you and wants you dead.”
  1. The disconnect between fantasy and reality is painful watch.

    Remember the days when Twitter and Facebook did not exist? And, someone who was a moron was only that way to the people within earshot? Good times.

  2. All the responses about cops terrorizing POC is BS. Here’s an idea. Don’t be the area with violent terrorists attacking Jews and the police won’t have to increase patrols in your neighborhoods.

  3. JKB:

    Your words are true. I am sorry few people listen. The bottom line is that NYC has simply devolved into a leftist cesspool and DelBlasio considers this condition to be a feature , not a bug.

    I have helped train several Shomrim I know in Dallas . Instead of whistles or “help , help police come save us “ cell phones, they carry Glocks, except for an old school type- he has a Smith & Wesson Model 65. Shiny gun, 6 powerful cartridges. He assured me he knows how to reload.

    When the elites cannot disarm the plebeians and victims can have tools to fight back -“What a wonderful world it will be”.

  4. Scrolling down, I’m seeing a lot of white people who are more than okay with Jews getting bashed. As long as the approved minority of the moment does it, that is.
    More proof that Woke Leftism is just Stormfront level white supremacy dressed up as anti-racism.

    1. There is a hierarchy of victimhood. Jews used to be on it, but now muslims are on the top, LGBTQWERTYWHATEVER is next. Just plain gays are somewhere in the middle, blacks are still showing in the top 10, but their status is being eclipsed by the hispanics. (Not all hispanics, only those in the US illegally.)

      And, the higher up the hierarchy you are, the more forgiving the leftists are for your bad behavior, bias, and racism.

  5. Thanks to Joel Rosenberg (RIP) and a lot of likeminded Minnesotans, everyone in Minnesota, Jews and all have the right to defend themselves.

    Joel and his family were being stalked by a deranged science fiction fan. He wanted a may issue permit to allow him to defend himself. The Progressive Minneapolis Police Department refused to issue him a permit, even though he could document that his life was in danger. It wasn’t so much bigotry, they refused average politically unconnected Christians and Atheists as much as they refused Jews. He went to court to fight for his permit, and then helped lead the fight to make Minnesota Shall Issue, and removed the issuing authority from the local police departments and their politically appointed chiefs.

    1. And, IMHO, the MPD decided Joel would be their target forever after, to the point they jailed him on trumped-up charges and did not provide him access to his prescription medications.

      Whether that contributed to his death shortly afterward is a question for a doctor.

  6. Read on Instapundit that the attacker likely came from a different neighborhood, which makes the comments about “understand[ing] underlying conditions and dynamics” just another way to avoid dealing with the actual issues.

  7. Honestly, I would prefer that they not get out and stay EXACTLY where they are. Look, they voted for that mess, and they are now getting what they voted for. That is what is messing up our country- people vote for liberal politicians, and then when they get what they voted for, they decide that they are not happy, move to other places like Miami, and shift them to the left, lather, rinse, repeat.

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