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I think one thing that’s been missing in this discussion is that essentially all the multiple victim public shootings in the United States, and all the ones in Europe, have one factor in common – that is, they keep occurring where guns are banned.

You’d think people would think common sense would prevail. But the White House is demanding a ban of the guns that were NOT used in Sandy Hook. That should be enough to tell you what’s going on.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

12 thoughts on “John Lott on NPR about Gun Free Zones.”
  1. The exception I guess would be Maj. Hasan and Fort Hood where a military base full of weaponry didn’t stop a guy from taking out over a dozen people. SOB.

    1. Actually you are wrong. Since the 90s, Military bases are Gun Free Zones. Nobody is allowed to carry a loaded weapon unless they are doing security or at the range in exercises. At Ft Hood, the only armed people were the civilian security hired by the DOJ. Hassan knew exactly what to do.

      1. “My wife is laughing so hard right now and saying “He does not know you, does he?”
        She is evil :(”

        yeah but I’ll bet she’s an awesome mom and wife.

    2. Military bases are also gun-free zones. The only folks who carry are the on-duty MPs. I know, I work on one and it sucks. They’ll never learn.

  2. Unf., Brad, stateside mil bases are amongst the worst-self-defended places on earth. Sure, the perimeter is secure, but inside, nobody except the mil police can be armed, unless they happen to be checking their weapons out of the armory for a field exercise or to go on leave. Even as a CCW permit holder and veteran Marine rifle expert, I cannot enter a mil base w/ a firearm. Our Ft Hood soldiers — and others around the country and world — were and are sitting ducks. Just like our school children & staff.

  3. You should have seen my wife’s face when she saw it reported that military bases are gun free zones. Ever seen Looney Tunes when Bugs Bunny’s eyes bulge out about a foot? Just like that. I think her eyeballs pushed her glasses off.

  4. yep, I was in the army, If you are not on duty and have reason to be armed, then all weapons on base are locked up in an armory.

  5. They are going to ban assault weapons. A few months or years later a nutjob will come in with 10 round semiautomatics and kill a bunch of kids. They will ban semi automatics. A few months or years after that a nutjob will come in with revolvers and kill a bunch of kids and they will ban those too. Then a bolt action, a lever action, a break action, and when all of those are banned, they will use a muzzleloader. It took 20 freaking minutes for the cops to show up. A British soldier with a brown bess musket could shoot 3 rounds a minute. Twenty minutes and a nutjob with little to no training can shoot how many times? Then knives and bats and ropes and fists, how many children are going to die before we realize we have to protect them?

    Whats going to happen when a terrorist organization seeing how after a massive attack, we still don’t protect our children? We still just disarm ourselves over and over and over again? Its only a matter of time before its 200 instead of 20.

    I know its a few years away, but if and when I have kids, I’m going to homeschool unless someone trained with the ability to protect them is at school. Even if its just a handful of teachers with pocket pistols, its better then nothing.

    This should be a wake-up call, but it will just turn into security theater again. Would it be so hard to have a rotation of police officers or highway patrol or federal police to protect the schools? Just make it constant duty. One officer stays in for one week, then another stays for the next, then another for the next, and then on and on, rotating when officers have each spent one week, then just keep it up through the school year each and every year. That’s all it would take to slightly harden the target enough to potentially turn back nutjobs or a terrorist attack…. But they will do nothing and more kids will die.

    1. See Beslan. It is coming to a school in America soon if we do not arm ourselves for immediate response. The single uniformed police officer was the first one killed. Please don’t let it happen here.

      Gun Free Zones must be eliminated! Don’t have your head in the sand, blaming everything except the evil SOBs. Gun bans and firearms carry restrictions will cost us more innocent lives.

      To the gun control advocates out there: grow up, face your silly fear and use your God-given mind to see your proposals are worse than useless, they are counter-productive.

      1. Terror at Beslan: A Russian Tragedy with Lessons for America’s Schools by John Giduck http://www.amazon.com/Terror-Beslan-Russian-Tragedy-Americas/dp/0976775301/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1355941945&sr=8-1&keywords=terror+at+beslan
        186 children and over 100 adults were killed.
        There is a section in the book that stayed with me for it sheer horror. The killing has already started, fire is killing students, teachers, etc. Terrorists are shooting anything that moves. Out of the gym window comes out this young girl, not even in her teen trying to escape. If she moves towards the courtyard, the terrorists will surely shoot her, if she gets back in, she’d be killed by the fire. First responders know this and a sniper is screaming for permission over the radio to shoot her on the leg so she wouldn’t move and send a team to rescue her. Before permission was even thought about it, the girl went back inside and later was found dead.
        I live about 50 yards straight from an elementary school. Beslan is my nightmare.

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