Chili is with beans. That crap that comes without beans is just a spicy Sloppy Joe.



In fact, beef or pork or any other meat is optional. The translation of Chili con Carne is Chili with Meat.

I am glad we got that out of the way.

Update: if you please, answer this poll. Just a suspicion I have.

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By Miguel.GFZ

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21 thoughts on “Let’s get one thing clear…. UPDATE”
  1. Chili without beans is blasphemy. I’ve got a 4# bag of pinto beans and a couple of pounds of Carne Picado. Chili sounds real good right now. Especially with snow on the way.

  2. If you’re going to call chili with beans “bean soup”,’shouldn’t you be calling chili without beans “hamburger soup”? πŸ˜€

  3. I have had some real fine dishes of stuff called chili, here in my part of Texas most folks cook it long, slow and spicy hot with some interesting extras but not beans and not goofy stuff and anything else will get your disqualified in a chili cookoff cause it ain’t chili. But having said that I have had wonder stuff called chili in Cincinnati that had noodles and cheese and in Minnesota I had chili stuff with funny sausages and shrimp and I have had some great filling food that looks kind of like chili with beans added. If I am hungry and you put it on the table and call it chili and it tastes good I have enough sense to tell you it’s wonderful and “can I have some more please?” It’s all good and you can call it anything you want and share it with me any time.

  4. On a related note: if it has beans in it and you put it on a hotdog it is NOT a Coney Island, it’s a chilli dog. A real coney has no beans!

    1. I decided to keep it with 9 mm – 45 acp and bean v. beanless because those are the most common heated arguments in the interwebs.

      Probably I may have to do one with 10 mm v. 40 S&W and Texas BBQ v. Kansas City BBQ.

      PS: NC BBQ does not count. When you add vinegar is no longer BBQ but some unholy and illegal treatment of good mammal flesh.

  5. Saying chili should have beans is like saying cornbread should have sugar in the mixture. In the better parts of the civilized world either will get you thrown out if not outright shot.

    Carne, from the Latin “carno” = meat. Saying “chili con carne” means chili with beans is like saying “carne asado” means grilled beans. But what can you expect from someone who shoots 9mm or .40Short&Weak? πŸ˜›

    Glad we cleared this up.

    Now, may I please have another bowl of that stuff in the pot? Thank you.

    stay safe.

  6. Chili without beans is a hotdog topping.

    Specifically, “Michigan Sauce”, except in Michigan it is called coney or chili sauce, and in Texas I hear they call it chili and eat it straight from the bowl rather than as a hot dog topping.

  7. Chili has no beans. Chili was invented in San Antonio, Texas. Meat and spices. I did not know you had so many Obozophiles reading your blog. Born in Texas. Will die in Texas.

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