Mechanical Offset is the distance between the bore line of your gun and the eye line of whatever device you use to aim such gun. In most firearms, both lines are immediately on top of each other, but in rifles like the AR and the AK, there is s substantial distance and same goes with guns that may be using optics.

The importance of knowing this is because you there is a proper technique on how to shoot weapons with mechanical offset because if the Point Of Aim (POA) is different that the Point Of Impact (POI) on normal guns, the adding of Mechanical Offset will increased so the shot will end up not where we want it.

Here is s simple but effective graphic showing the principle:

mechanical offset
On an AR, the mechanical offset is about 2.3 inches


Or you can watch a video with a real life and costly demonstration:

In the next lesson we will be talking about bi-pods, bags, shooting sticks and other devices that can help shooting a long gun without incurring in vehicular bodywork expenses. 😀

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By Miguel.GFZ

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  1. Shooting over the roof like that rarely ends well. The other one that I’ve seen a couple times is shooting over the box, and putting holes in the off-side of the bed. When shooting off of a truck, I prefer to either shoot from prone out of the bed over the tailgate or lean against the front fender and shoot angle-wise over the hood, with the muzzle out past the grill.

  2. I totally didn’t shoot our club’s chronograph while clocking Remington amunition from my SCAR 17S. Nope, never happened.


  3. Father in law didn’t want to spend 50 bucks on a shooting stick so he found a 2×4, put a V on the end of it and bam nice sturdy shooting stick

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