The following is another Gun Control meme that took hold sometime last year and I going to credit either Moms Demand or the Mayors/Everytown for it. Due to the fact (damned facts) that the murder rate has actually been dropping and they could not juggle it, the Gun Grabbers went on to explain that the reason that happened was because better ER and medical techniques that were saving more patients.  Now, I am always on the hope that doctors and hospitals do improve and I have no reason to say that is not, but if somebody is shot and taken to the hospital, it has to be reported to the local LEOs and gets classified as Aggravated Assault. And guess what has happened to the Agg. Assault numbers? Yup, they dropped too.

Again, selected takes of the exchange in order to keep it sane and to the point.

lib hip hospital costs 1
I don’t know if she is really that dumb or just playing one for TV.

lib hip hospital costs


It does not require a PhD or even a GED to figure that suicides and homicides have very little or no cost to a hospital’s emergency medicine and a big fat zero for long-term medical care which was brought up by one of the minions floating around the conversation.  But it has been a long-standing tradition for the Gun Grabbers to lump suicides as part of the “Gun Violence” so I figure it was a knee-jerk reaction to add them in the medical cost meme.


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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

12 thoughts on “More on the mind of Gun Grabber: Hospital Costs.”
  1. Actually, Lone Star, in my wayward and utterly misspent youth, I regularly told people that stupidity was a disease, and death was the cure. I’m not as sure of it now as I was then, but when I encounter dumb videos on Youtube of idiots doing stupid things, I am reminded of it. Maybe it’s just debilitating pain that is the cure.

    1. My Drill Instructor had it right. “Ignorance, like virginity, can be cured. Your stupid will live on well after your body dies.”

      stay safe.

  2. Geezus. I’ve been following your exchanges with this nut job here and on Twitter. I still can’t believe these words are coming out of my mouth, but I truly think this person has managed to out-stupid Joan Peterson.

    I think it was blogger Joe Huffman who pointed out that this is a religious belief to these people, and no amount of evidence, links, proofs, or facts will shake them from their dogma. It’s probably why they get so violent when you try to prove them wrong. They really are mentally ill.

      1. To be fair, Joan gets comped lobby flights, gets to mug for the camera on local news when guns are the topic, and even gets an audience with anti-gun politicians who massage her ego.

        So Joan is dumb, but she sells her stupidity for top dollar!

  3. “I just shared a link showing how much gun violence costs” I see no link
    “not sure what point you’re trying to make?” YOU JUST ASKED HIM FOR A SOURCE, YOU MORONIC BIGOTED HARPY!

    1. Typical ‘Rules for Radicals’ methodology. Make completely outrageous claims, demand evidence of counter claims, then deny said evidence was ever presented, lather, rinse, repeat in an endless circle of stupidity. Then when you finally lose your temper (like the all caps above 😉 ) they try and present you as a violent, unreasonable bigot.

  4. There is no educating these people. They don’t want to be educated. They want the government to coddle them from womb to tomb (if they make it out of the womb alive).

    There is no political solution for America, and no convincing these “Opposite Day” Progressives. What’s left but war?

  5. Here’s one for you, Miguel:

    The Las Vegas Sun owns a business page called “Vegas Inc.” Recently an editorial was posted thereon titled “This Gun Control Tactic is Hard To Shoot Down,’ arguing (of course) for universal background checks every time you hand a firearm to a buddy to inspect and/or to marvel over. The article presumes even “honest and honorable” gun owners would support it. I had a little too much fun (from their editorial point of view) shooting down their thesis, so they locked me out of their comment section twice, each time adding insulting replies to my comments afterward, when I could not respond. The second lockout appeared to be permanent.

    Being somewhat annoyed by this tactic, I went to my other computer, went to the site without the extra garbage characters they tack on to the To: field to identify the person logging in, registered under my other email address and the username ‘Frdmftr1776’, and proceeded to comment in response to the insults. (I don’t insult back; I just challenge their juvenile tactics and state facts and argue principles.) In an original message at the top of the stack, I identified myself and asked if they really thought they could lock me out, and pointing out to observers that Marxists can’t stand free and open debate because it destroys their agenda every time.

    (If you aren’t having fun, you aren’t doing it right.)

    So within hours ALL the comments to the editorial had been deleted. Apparently the editors didn’t want their tactics exposed to the world. (Duh.)

    Now, this morning, the same editorial is now on the Las Vegas Sun, and open to comments, and – whatddyaknow? – I was not locked out. (Not yet, at least.) Here is my first comment:
    Those who advocate background checks are after a lot more than our right to keep and bear arms. The purpose of background checks was never to reduce criminal access to firearms, and its backers knew it. Its purpose is to sucker gun owners into believing they were somehow “blessed” by government if they willingly waived their right to be secure from unwarranted interrogation and search of their records in violation of our 4th Amendment-guaranteed rights, and willingly waived their 5th Amendment-guaranteed right to be secure from losing any right without due process based on a criminal complaint. The purpose of government-compelled background checks is also to drive a final coffin nail into our 10th Amendment rights to a federal government that exercises only those powers Constitutionally delegated to it, which does not even include the power to license firearm dealers.

    Now the backers of this pernicious violation of our rights seek to expand them to every transfer of a firearm, even temporarily for the purpose of inspection, thereby also violating our 10th Amendment right to a State government that exercises only those powers not prohibited to it.

    Our nation was founded on the premise that individual rights trump the arbitrary whim of kings and princes and neighborhood warlords, including the Marxist political officers these Socialist and Marxist “useful idiots” (V.I. Lenin’s label for his followers) would like to see in charge. The 4th, 5th, and 10th Amendments are the Rule of Law, and gun banners want them rendered moot and irrelevant, so the Rule of Man can once again hold sway.

    These efforts are subversive of our Constitution, and when the Socialists/Marxists decide it is time to confiscate our firearms, it will be an armed and violent insurrection against our Constitution in violation of 18USC2383 and associated statutes. We will defend our Constitution, folks. You can bet on it. And we will prosecute the insurrectionists for Treason.

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