Yesterday, I posted a single sentence to Twitter:

My child is more important than your gun.

I tweeted this to the tag #StopGunViolence. Now, you’d assume that the above statement isn’t controversial, right? The life and rights of a human child should always be valued above the existence or ownership of an inanimate object. To suggest otherwise,–unless we’re speaking of extremely extenuating hypothetical circumstances–is monstrous.
Jenny Trout

Source: What I Learned From Pro-Gun Twitter | Trout Nation

For the sake of argument, let’s assume that Jenny Trout is really a mother. I did a quick search and I could not find if she is or not.

Now, let’s get started: she states that:

My child is more important than your gun.

And my reply is:

I don’t give a damn about your rugrat.

And you know why? because her statement is intellectually dishonest. She is creating an either/or proposition where none exists. What is my gun doing to your child? Last time I checked, my pistol is safely tucked in the holster at my waist whereas I have no idea where your kid might be. Your kid has a real chance of being hurt by the loose collection of prescription pills, Colombian baking soda, dry cleaning wrapping plastic, cleaning solutions and the occasional nocturnal visit from Uncle Ernie than from my gun.

“But Miguel, you are being literal when she clearly did not mean it.”
Oh hell, she did. Remember when I said “Intellectually dishonest? It also applies.

“She is talking about the need to enact some common sense legislation to reduce the epidemic of gun violence that is sweeping our nation and killing our children.”
Dear Starshine Snowflake, we don’t need any more stinkin’ legislation. We have plenty of that. But what we really need is 1) enforce the ones that are already in the frigging books and, 2) Develop some intestinal fortitude and address the fact that decades of Social Engineering towards minorities and failed Drug Laws are creating the massacres we read about everyday in places like Chicago, Baltimore and St. Louis.

“OMG! That is racist!”
No, it is not you barely-breathing moron. It is the sad truth. The Liberal experiment has failed and it needs to be repealed, but your ilk rather see the bodies of minorities’ kids piling up rather than admit your team fucked up by the numbers.

“That’s it! I am banning/muting/silencing you! You are a small-penised ammosexual  right-wing redneck and I hope your kids die a painful horrible death!”
Gee, I never saw that coming. <snark> For a bunch of self-identified pacifists, you guys are quite quick wishing violence on those who oppose you.

And I want to close with a direct quote from Jenny herself:

The pro-gun right is as much a terrorist organization as Al-Qaeda or Daesh.

Dear Jenny: We are loud, we are not scared of your morons anymore. We lobby and push and call and write and vote so our side (facing the full opposition of one political party, all the mainstream media and one Billionaire) wins many more times than it loses. If you find that our long-accepted and legal actions to further Civil Rights are terrorism, the problem resides with you. Trust me, if we were to behave at only 1% of the way the Jihadists act, you’d be beating the doors of the nearest Canadian consulate demanding political asylum, free health care and fries without mayo.

You are trying to shame us with the “My child is more important than your gun” meme, but you forget that we have mothers on our side that take the safety of their kids very seriously and know that a violent offender will not stop his attack by asking pretty please and wishing upon a shinning star. More and more moms every day are realizing that stupid slogans really do not solve the question “What will happen to my children if I am killed?” or What will happen to me and my kids if my mate is murdered?” and they are flocking to gun stores, buying guns and getting their concealed weapons permits.

A mother, besides loving, must be pragmatic. Even you must admit that if somebody breaks down your door in the middle of the night, a gun will give you a better chance to stop the intruder rather than a copy of Such Sweet Sorrow.


In closing, the message is simple: Go fix the shit you guys broke and leave us alone. 

We stopped being your scapegoats long time ago.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

55 thoughts on “My child is more important than your gun.”
  1. Of course a child’s life is more important than an object. If I were at the Mayo Clinic and heard a doctor say “If only we had a 9mm pistol we could save this child,” I’d immediately hand mine over. You’d do the same, Miguel. We can always get others. (Of course that’s not what she means. It’s just a deceptive oversimplification, like most of the “gun-control” arguments; and they don’t like being called on the deception. Hence the vitriol.)

  2. I’ve heard so much talk of the NRA being a terrorist organization that I had to go ahead and become a life member. I suppose GOA might be next, just think about how mad the progressives will get when they finally notice them.

    Call us names, berate us, put a pox on our house – it just strengthens our resolve.

  3. “fries without mayo..”

    That’s just flat out blasphemy right there. Even though I do prefer tartar sauce.

    I tried to read the comments after her “article” but I couldn’t. I could feel the IQ points trying to escape. My children are important to me too. They are all grown now but I would still defend them, with a gun if that’s what it took.

  4. My child is more important than your house, Jenny. In fact, my child is more important than every single thing you own. So where does that leave us?

  5. I see Ms Trout is a writer for hummpingtonpost. If she has a child, she shouldn’t have another! Nor should she wear a bikini either…..

  6. That’s precisely it. Sure, if we’re going to compare them, a human life is (theoretically) more important than a thing.

    Thing is, we on the pro-gun side aren’t arguing for things. We’re arguing for the right of self-defense. We’re arguing for human lives. And whether one human life is worth more than another is an entirely subjective argument.

    For example: To me, my life is worth more than anybody else’s. Possibly everybody else’s, though I hopefully won’t ever have to make that judgment. A gun is simply one way for me to protect not only my own life, but those of other people as well.

  7. Dave: Don’t forget to take out a gift membership to that “terrorist organization”, in the name of one Michael Bloomberg. Send him some love mail.

    Ditto for all your state-level pro-gun organizations. 😉

  8. They can’t even get their narrative down. I saw an article today in The Guardian discussing how gun manufactures wouldn’t help Obama because they are “afraid of the NRA.” Here I thought their narrative was “those evil profit-seeking, death-dealing manufacturers run the NRA” and that the NRA membership was being lied to and used! The propaganda is nauseating in the MSM… and with the “Town Hall” on CNN tonight, it’ll just get even more irritating on DerpBook.

  9. It is intellectual dishonesty.

    My life, the life of my family, and the life of my loved ones is a million times more important to me, than you, and your loved ones lives are to me.
    (Read that once or twice to be sure you notice the subtleties.)

    And, I do not expect Ms. Trout to think any different.

    The only difference between gun owners, and “mothers protecting their children” is the choice of tools.
    Gun owners know that responsible gun ownership reduces crime, and reduces risk to their loved ones, despite the fact that firearms, when used irresponsibly, can be a factor in injury or death. (just like hundreds of other items in the home.) We make our worlds safer through gun ownership.
    Whereas, Ms. Trout think she is making her world safer by petitioning the government to take guns away from those who want to possess them legally and use them in a responsible manner.

    We are both acting because of the same motivation, but methods differ.

    And it is through that lack of intellectual honesty that she believes she is standing on a higher moral ground.

    It is no different than when the “progressives” make the claim that the 1% are greedy, when they are petitioning the government to take money from the 1% and give it to them for doing nothing.

  10. Some ideas are more important than your child, Jenny.

    Ideas like freedom and liberty and relief from despotism. People have fought and died for our liberty. An idea that is very important. We have the liberty to arm ourselves which is also how we preserve it.

    Finally, as some have mentioned, my firearms protect my children who I value more than your children and vice versa is true, too. My firearms do not have any direct effect on your children, that is, unless they grow up to be thugs and criminals and break into my house (and then they will regret it).

  11. Is this the typical liberal? Ignorant and a simplistic world view driven by emotion? False dichotomies and a weak strawman to knock down seems to be all they can think up.

    I’m afraid it is the reality. She looks like the great numbers of women I see driving with Obama 2012 bumper stickers. They have shit for brains.

  12. My children are very important to me. That is why they STARTED learning to Handle all sorts of weapons proficiently and safely at a early age of 6

  13. I fish for trout. A lot. Never caught a trout as big as this one though, and if I ever caught her… I’d throw her back. Ugliest trout I ever saw…

  14. If you ask the Mother of a child who successfully defended their live with a Gun and Won, you would understand that one does not exist with out the other. To spell it out for you, without the gun, her child would be dead.

    By the Way, this is America, and Guns are allowed due to the 2nd amendment. If you really fear for your Child, move to a Country with Gun Bans, especially like those with Muslims moving into them, your Mind will change Quickly after they rape your Children, and make you watch, then rape you. With a Gun, that will not happen.

  15. Miguel, You are 100% right. I couldn’t have said it better. When you don’t have logic and statistics on your side, resort to STUPID sayings and EMOTIONAL views. They don’t work anymore on right thinking LAW ABIDING GUN OWNERS. How many more IDIOTIC laws have been pushed on us by Executive Orders after a sicko commits a ‘mass’ murder? All you gun-banning gun-grabbers do me a favor add the number of people killed in ONE year and then compare to the killings in ONE city. You can start with Chicago, Baltimore, New York, Detroit, Los Angeles, or any large city. Lets take guns away from law-abiding citizens because it’s much EASIER than going after criminals, gangs, thugs, and now RADICAL ISLAMIC TERRORISTS IN OUR COUNTRY. So keep on being IGNORANT and spew your LIES (too strong, naw). Good luck and don’t go to any GUN FREE ZONES, better chance of getting killed. And don’t forget this tired truism “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people”.

  16. My child is more important than your child, or anyone else’s, and I choose to have a gun to help me protect my child. So are you willing to deny me the best tool available to appease your irrational fear?

  17. Although most legal gun owners are law abiding, you take the bad with the good. Like girls in yoga pants.

  18. I agree with Jenny Trout, which is why my daughter has her own gun and has been trained to use it. Did I misunderstand what she was saying?

    Self Defense is a right. We should give our children the best tools and training possible.

  19. Too bad few people are willing to admit that guns protect the rich, famous, political and yes the police. Private owned guns from the US were sent to England during WW2 so they could defend themselves from Germany. You see my child is more important to me than yours and my child nor me would exist today if not for a gun.

  20. You’re irrational fear and hatred of guns does not trump my right to have one. Her argument is standard liberal boilerplate,her argument if you will plays on emotion and hyperbole,it touches on very few facts. I would just like to know what her grand solution would be,what’s her end game? How would she make it better? You get her to answer those questions and you’ll see the real “looney left.”

  21. I am going to assume she either has or had a spouse since she has a child…probably not a good assumption about a lib, but I am going to make it anyway.

    I wonder how she would respond if her spouse were to say “my child is more important than your choice”?

  22. How bout with out the right to bear arms your child may not even be here, or better yet if it wasn’t for our gun rights… you might not have the freedom to blab off at the mouth about something you know so little about. Without 2nd amendment no other right can be protected, and unless your child is trying to rob me or harm either me or my family my gun will cause no harm to your child.

  23. Agreed. However, my children are more important to me than your child. Since we are both in agreement that children are more important than objects, the fact I have a gun to protect my children, makes your argument useless. The means of protecting our kids is a parental issue. You use 911 and the police. I also use them and a gun to protect the most precious people in my life.

  24. My child is PRECISELY why I carry a gun.

    I carry a gun because I place a higher value on the lives of my family than I do a rapist, murderer, druggie, thief or child molester. Monsters; who would take or destroy my families innocent lives without a backwards glance, a moments remorse or even a second thought.

    In a scenario like the one mentioned above, (one that is sadly on the rise) you’re going to have blood on your hands either way.

    The difference between you and I is simple. My choice is just while yours is not.

    I side with life and for people’s right to live their lives free from predation.

    While you side with child molesters, rapists, thieves, drug addicts and murderers.

    You really don’t think that scum like that are going to obey law do you? Or wait around politely for the police to arrive and arrest and/or stop them?

    Taking guns away from lawful citizens ensures that only criminals will have guns. And leaves the rest of us defenseless against them. I would say at their mercy, but “people” like that have no mercy, NONE!

    It also makes you party to their depraved acts of chaos, evil and destruction.

  25. My child is more important than your pool…which it so happens kills more children than guns every year. My rights are more important than your hysterical fear of inanimate objects.

  26. I’m a mom of 3. My gun isn’t more important than my kids, but it’s an important way to protect them in our town full of drug addicts.

  27. Jenny Trout, how dare you! My children are more important than your children and anybody else’s children—and they will be protected by my and my wife’s guns. Period.

    Oh and as for “children,” don’t ever forget that every thug, gang banger and drug dealer is some mama’s child—and the mother of Tamerlan and Dziokhar (sp?) Tsarnaev (the Boston Marathon bombers) considers them her precious snowflakes. And I have every right to protect my family from the likes of them.

  28. There are so many parents in the United states who back their cars over their own children, in their own driveways, that there are those who want to require back up cameras on all new cars.

    Of all of the tragedies that Obama`s Presidency has created, bringing out the fact that so many of the American people are really THAT stupid is probably the worst. They voted for him twice, and back over their own kids at a staggering rate.

    For someone to say something like this, is no big surprise.

  29. If this were a case of “Either or”, then of course, I’d choose my child.
    if my hypothetical “canoe” tipped over in the river, I’m going to reach for my child, to save him/her from drowning before I check my gun.
    If an out of control truck was careening into my car, I’d do the reflex action, reach out my arm to first protect my child,
    as I slammed on the breaks and tried to avoid a collision before reaching for my gun.
    “But”…..this isn’t the case here.
    My right to bear arms is there to hopefully protect not only me and my child, but this woman’s “Hypothetical child” as well.
    I choose life above death. But even so, when I served in the Army, it was CLEAR before I even took an oath to defend the constitution, that taking lives while trying to “save lives” was a reality of being a soldier.
    I chose to defend this country “First”.
    I had to make tough decisions while deployed, sometimes these decisions about who and what I could kill or do damage to, were already made for me.
    In most cases, all I had to do was wait for the opportunity to pull the trigger, once the criteria was met by the “THREAT”.
    My children mean the world to me. I wouldn’t trade them for “Magic beans”, or a stupid piece of legislation, which would rob me as a parent, of my ability to safe guard myself, my home, and child from harm.
    Harm?…Yes Harm. Harm from whom?
    Harm from someone else’s child (probably this woman’s child).
    A child who was neglected, ignored, and not brought up to respect life, A child who reached adult hood, but was never taught to “love thy neighbor as thyself”; a child who grew to learned that its easier to steal, kill and destroy, with no conscience, no consequences for their actions, rather than toil at a job for a living.
    A Child whose mother thought her spoiled, entitled brat, was more important than someone else’s “right” to own a weapon, and defend themselves from such a poorly raised child.
    Anyone who robs a family of money, who kills a family member all because they have no respect for another human beings hard work and life, is a lousy piece of miserable humanity.
    I deserve the right to choose Me, my family and my child, and the lives of other innocent people, over someone else’s criminally minded BRAT.
    And…if it takes “my gun” to finally teach this BRAT, (and this brat’s Mother) a valuable lesson about “respect”,…then so be it.

  30. With our Gov, funding, training and arming the terrorist while allowing many into our country I for the life of me DO NOT understand why ANY American would want to give up their right to defend themselves….other than those complete morons who voted to put Obama in the WH in the first place. Anyone who does not support our right to defend ourselves, IMO, is on their own when the SHTF and they will not get any help from me. I can assure when that time comes, and it will, they will wish that they had a gun, and God, in their lives..

  31. You know my dog is more important than your kid. I will use whatever is necessary to keep my kids safe. You do what you need to do. My kids come bf anyone, period. While you hide in a corner waiting for police, hoping and praying that the criminal at your door, by your car or in the public place you are at w your kids does not make it to you or your kids I will be confident in the fact that my gun will take the criminal out before he hurts my kids, murders me or god forbid rapes me. So you can hate my gun all you want.

  32. This problem here in your statement is of course side by side life wins over everything. However that is not the issue, the issue is the gun is just as important as your shelter and your clothes and your food you need to save and protect your child. I think that is where all the “controversy” stems. Just saying. So the answer is NO, taking away my gun, my house, my clothes and my food and even my job is all just as important to the childs life as the life of the child itself.

    1. This problem here in your statement is of course side by side life wins over everything

      Everybody is comparing the items as if they were side by side in near proximity. They are not. My gun represents no danger to her kid but somehow she plows the idea that I am uncaring because I don’t give it up.
      And even if they both were in the same room unchecked, the gun is not going to do squat unless the fruit of her loins decides to screw with it.
      We can only take fairness so far before is abused. And they have no problem doing so.

  33. The “statement” is a strawman wrapped in a non-sequitur.
    Apropos of nothing.

    I could say “my ink cartridge is more important than your mule shoe rack” and make as much sense.

    But it’s all you hoplophobes have…and you’re losing, so you’re becoming desperate.
    Hitler used the same tactic while trying to oust the old Weimar Republic. You should be proud.

  34. Banning illegal drugs worked so well at eliminating the issues caused by them let’s keep it up {insert a ship load of sarcasm here!!!!}

  35. My life and safety, as well as my rights, are more important than your irrational fears of my guns. The fact that you wish to bring your child’s well being into this matter, shows just how ignorant you are of facts surrounding lawful gun owners and the lawful use of guns. Your shild is 100 times more at risk by cars being driven in an unsafe manner. When you start campaigning against ownership of cars, I just might take you seriously. Until then, you are merely a hoplophobe.

  36. My child is more important than thugs, terrorists, rapists, thieves, run of the mill murderers, mad dogs (& englishmen [hehe]), and your broken political insinuations.
    So I’m for guns.

  37. It’s strange to me? how can anyone feel that an inanimate object is so evil?
    Pro-gun “Nuts” understand that when someone attempts to victimize you… “you have seconds to live and the police are only minutes away!”
    Take the protection of you and your family in to your own hands… no one else will do it for you. Firearm safety is the responsibility of the one holding the weapon not the government… and as such the individual should be held responsible for the actions they demonstrate. we need stricter penalties for criminals and less media coverage glorifying nut-jobs who commit murder.

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