I realized yesterday that I had written plenty about having a kit to stop massive blood losses but had not shown mine. This kit resides firmly in my center console with a knife and a window puncher.



I decided to add another tourniquet because you never know what will happen, specially if you are not the only person in the vehicle.

Recon Medical is now selling (beside the tourniquet) Israeli Bandages and shears at a damn good price so you don’t have to hunt around for that.

The trauma pack I have covered plenty and nobody should be out there without one in close proximity. And the First Aid bag is an inexpensive nylon bag that does not have the tactical look and can carry an amazing amount of stuff as you can see.

The wife has a similar kit with here and since I ordered another pair of shears and another Israeli bandage from Recon Medical (If you buy and register, you occasionally get a coupon code for rebates. Trust me, it is well worth it) I am gonna make a third kit to keep in the First Responder bag so it is easy to locate  in case of SHTF.


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By Miguel.GFZ

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