You may remember I posted about needing an inexpensive paramedic bag about a month ago (still deciding on that) and  Reader Chris was kind enough to gift me a Condor Rip-Away EMT Pouch as add-on to the system.

I am probably the last guy in the Gun Community that has not used Molle in some fashion, even as a pen holder, so I will leave the expertise on what could be done to others. The overall dimensions: 7″H x 5″W x 2.5″D according to their website and it comes in the usual tactical colors. I picked red to go old school First Aid color that is still embedded in my brain.

It comes with a long strap which can be used as shoulder strap or to be around a bigger bag sans Molle or like to a seat of a vehicle or even a fixed aid station and here is the cute part:

You can brag the top handle in an emergency and it separate from whatever is attached to it. IMHO that is a neat detail.

I tested the inside by using the items of my Oh S**! kit and of course I had more than enough space for all.

In fact, I added gloves in the convenient mesh section, some square gauze and a triangular bandage to the kit.

As for the construction, I am going to say it is shooting competition Range Bag tough. The item I have consistently destroyed through the years in IDPA has been range bags as the usual offerings are made of thin ballistic nylon and crappy zippers. This pouch looks like the miniature version of CED XL-Professional Range Bag which is the gold standard of soft range bags. The material feels tough, the zippers well sewn and overall it looks well finished. Obviously only time will tell, but I don’t think I am wrong on this one.

I stole this picture from their website so those who are more advanced in training understand better what can go inside. I will only use what I have been trained to use and I get to keep it light in the process.

My pouch will stay with the future bigger bag at home or the whole thing in the car if we are doing a long trip.

And thank you again Chris for the gift.

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By Miguel.GFZ

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6 thoughts on “Condor Rip-Away EMT Pouch”
  1. Just as an idea to how I have my Condor rip-away set up, I put a Tourniquet Pouch on the front MOLLE panel and put a CAT Tourniquet in the pouch for fast access in the case of shit happening hard and fast. They also make fast-access pouches for your shears that could be attached to the front, just in case. The 4×3 real-estate gives you a lot of options.

  2. A couple of things:
    You have two CAT Tourniquet’s in your kit, put one on the top with the loop to hold it in place. I’ve had my CAT-T in that position for about 2 or 3 years now and it has never ever slipped or moved. That or the tourniquet pouch as described in another comment.

    You might want to pick up a couple of patches for the hook&loop area. We have two types of patches we use. One is a standard red cross symbol and the other is a medical caduceus emt type patch with the words “Rub dirt in it, everything stops bleeding eventually”

    The red cross goes on the bags where we don’t care if “others” grab it for first aid, these are normally Stop-The-Bleed low level plus bandaids and such. The subdued patch goes on the “tactical” colored bags. Anybody in the know that can recognize the CAT-T on top and the patch on front will know it is a “good” FAK.

    As for the MOLLE mounting, I have one of the panels on my range bag, my hydration pack, the back of the truck driver seat, our GOODE bags and the main Group FAK. Only a few of the kits are the “full” kits, others are simple FAK.

    For an example of something very like this pre-filled:

    I’m a big fan of Rescue Essentials. They aren’t always the cheapest but they do have quality stuff. Take a look at their “Stop-The-Bleed” section for all levels of options. The Compact First Responder(CFR) kit above goes from you nicked your finger through stop-the-bleed into burn/breathing and other needs.

    Enjoy your new bag. Hope it works for you

  3. Follow up: That long strap you were looking at as a handle or to attach it to things? That’s a safety strap. The top buckle goes through the handle of the bag, the bottom comes up the bottom and it snugs everything in place to the panel. Now to release the kit, push the buckle sides, grab the handle and pull.

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