Miguel beat me to breaking this story, but since I have a different perspective on the topic I thought I’d post about it too.

To a lot of people, the idea that a guy got a box of ammo in his Amazon Prime shipment smells heavily of bullshit.  Not in the least to me because Federal Fusion is about $20 a box and what kind of prankster would give up $20 worth of ammo?

But debunking this story isn’t my intent.  I want to focus on this guys response and how it shows the caliber of man that he is (pun fully intended).

Start at the beginning.

He was “literally terrified.”  By what?  Live ammo.  Ammo without a gun.  What is it going to do?  Assuming you are not a gun person, I can imagine annoyance is a valid response.  Maybe flummoxed.  But “literally terrified” is a hysterical reaction not justified by the facts of the case.

The “involuntarily tasked with their safe disposal” is histrionic, as though the entire pro-gun community has dumped on this poor soul the Herculean task of cleaning the Augean Stables.

Now to his thread.


Ah yes, everybody calling bullshit on his bullshit story is a jobless gun sycophant and clearly some sort of mentally unhinged individual.  You know, those ammo-sexual types.

Makes me wonder what this guy’s job situation is that he can send the original tweet at noon on a Wednesday.



The people calling him on his bullshit are “unbalanced.”  Given that he was “literally terrified” by a box of ammo, it seems that this is projection.

Also, ammo is a “conduit of savagery.”  Spare me.



If, in fact, he did get this stuff in his Amazon shipment, it’s not anything that relates to “an epidemic of senseless murder.”  In most of the country, violent crime has gone down.  What we have seen is crime going up relating to drugs and gangs in some Democrat run urban areas, and mass shootings almost universally related to young men raised without fathers on ADD medication.

If Amazon is selling items that contribute to “an epidemic of senseless murder” it’s not ammo, but the items that enable absentee fatherism.

What really struck me in this pair of Tweets was the part “I know zilch about guns, and proud of that.”  This man is proud of his ignorance.  What sort of man is proud of ignorance.  Once upon a time, ignorance was something to be ashamed of.  Now it is an honorific.

“I wasn’t comfortable with … unwarranted to [sic] research how to safely dispose.”  Oh God no, not the horror of having to learn something about guns and ammo.  His pure and virtuous mind has been polluted by gun crimethink.  He knows something about ammo and now all his Progressive friends will know that he knows something.  He has been made unclean.


Horseshit.  There are 20 rounds in a box of Federal Fusion.  Either he can’t count or he is lying.  I’m guessing lying.

Also “in a land plagued by boundless slaughter and indifference to peace” is more bullshit.  Crime is down, and for the most part way down.  This is completely disconnected from reality and sounds like the hysterical rantings of the anti-gun activist who watched CNN school shooting coverage 24/7.

“Due to the fright that their worship of an inanimate object might be infringed.”  Pardon me or worrying about my civil liberties.

It’s not the law-abiding gun owners and Second Amendment supporters who are causing the “boundless violence” that only exists in limited places.

The gang members shooting each other in Chicago every weekend are not NRA members or gun rights advocates.  They are criminals and are not buying hunting ammo online for home delivery.

I’m chalking this thing up to a hoax stunt for attention, but the real takeaway is this guy’s pride in his ignorance and open disdain for law-abiding gun owners.  Its sick and sad at the same time.

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By J. Kb

17 thoughts on “My thoughts on the guy who got ammo from Amazon”
  1. I generally agree.
    However, I remember my state of ignorance before I learned about guns — which wasn’t until middle age. Without any gun training, it’s not out of the question to worry about how much risk is involved in handling ammunition. If you drop the box, will it all blow up? You and I know it will not, but that knowledge comes from training, not intuition.

    1. Training, yes. Or a 30-second Google search.

      Or thinking for a moment what that package went through to get to your door. 🙂

      Being ignorant at the moment is an excuse. Choosing to remain so, especially with today’s tools, is inexcusable.

    2. But were you proud of your ignorance. It’s one thing to come to the realization that “hey, I don’t know X but I should” but “I know I don’t know X and I’m proud of not knowing it” is a very different attitude.

      1. You’re quite right. No, I view ignorance as a curable issue and try to cure it when I encounter it. (As opposed to stupidity, which is not curable and appears to be what the Twitterer is suffering from.)

  2. It might be a hoax … But there are at least three types of Federal ammo listed on Amazon at the moment by 3rd party sellers. Granted not at prices I’d care to pay. But they were there as of half an hour ago. (See my comment in Miguel’s post for details.)

    His twits were ridiculous, childish and hystrionic … but he may have gotten ammo.

    1. Except there is no way that an order from Amazon would mistakenly ship ammo, because third party sellers don’t use Amazon fulfillment centers.

  3. I must admit I did get an Amazon screwup once. Ordered a game controller for my kids xbox and got a dildo. Glad I opened it before my kid got home! I will await every shipment for some 10mm now…

  4. Leftard credibility=0.

    Another fake hate crime.

    He may as well have claimed Amazon sent him a sheet and hood with eyeholes cut out of it; it’d be as likely to be reality as this.

    Apparently the guy was too lazy to go spray paint his own car with fake supremacist grafitti, and figured this was a way he could virtue signal without having to prove anything, or claim actual damages and risk getting popped for fraud.

  5. Is this guy related to the Massachusetts teacher who planted loose rounds in the school hallway, then called the police in terror earlier this month? Something in the water up there…. May it take them all.

  6. Given that he is openly accusing Amazon of violating MA law, I have to wonder if his stunt may, perhaps, have deeper consequences than he anticipated.

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