Remember when Joe Biden was Vice President and he gave America the useless and illegal self-defense advice that when you are threatened you fire “two blasts” out of your double-barrel shotgun into the air through a door to scare off potential intruders?

Now Presidential Candidate Joe Biden is giving even worse and more illegal advice.

That’s right, Joe here wants you to shoot to wound.

Both very dangerous and very illegal.

It amazes me that he’s allowed to give explicitly illegal advice to people, but that is the Left when it comes to guns.  They know nothing and are wrong but demand to be listened to as experts.

Whatever you do, don’t listen to them.  If you don’t get killed you’ll end up in prison.

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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “NEVER listen to a Democrat when it comes to gun advice”
  1. Do these lackwits even realize that the femoral artery is in the leg? Pierce that and it’s a fatal wound.

  2. So says the guy who lives on an estate and guarded 24/7 by Secret Service agents. Of course he doesn’t need an AR-15, his body guards have full-auto MP-5s among other weapons. If you run at the former Vice President with a knife, I doubt the Secret Service will intentionally shoot you in the leg, rather than 15 or so rounds center of mass. P.S. a man attacking you with a knife is not “unarmed.”

  3. There’s a video out of Iran that’s a few years old and surfaces every once in a while. A knife-armed man is shot in the leg by a plainclothes officer. The offender then sits down on the ground and bleeds to death. Maybe that’s a training film for the New Policing?

  4. As usual, advice given by Dems is usually wrong.
    Remember Dingy Harry Reid telling everyone that paying Federal income tax was “voluntary”?

  5. What’s he doing in a church? Aren’t not-profit institutions (unconstitutionally) prohibited from making political endorsements?

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