By J. Kb

4 thoughts on “New toy”
  1. Great sidearm, many of my clients use them and love them. The grip angle is wrong for me, so I don’t own one. With the reenforced frame, it can handle +p+ rounds with a lot less wear and tear than standard polymer frames. And many use them for CC after they remove the flared magwell. What’s the trigger pull weight? Four to five pounds is what all my clients prefer. What was customized?

  2. Am very interested how you like the feel and performance of this one. There’s one at the shop that’s singing its sirens song.

    Sig gave some thoughts to aesthetics with this one.

  3. oooohhh…. yer gonna like that!

    I have two p320’s – one in 9mm and one in 45acp. None have the tungsten or ‘X5’ treatment (they’re the first gen) but I love them.

    I don’t CC them much, but only because I liked the p320 so much, when I saw the p365 come out, I knew I had to have one. It’s a *very nice* cc gun… one of the easiest to carry I’ve owned.

    Sig has been hitting it out of the park lately – have fun with your new ‘steel’ J.KB!

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