Ezra Klein is salty that his favorite DA and elected radical, Chesa Boudin, is facing recall.

Let us look at what the people in his city think.

Then this news story:

EXCLUSIVE: Charges dropped for suspect in assault, attempted carjacking of older SF woman


Lastly, an interview with a lifelong Democrat who is leading the recall effort:

The people who want Boudin kicked out of office are Progressives.  They’ve been bitten in the ass by just how bad Boudin’s Progressivism is.

Klein is insulated from this because of his money and gated security so he’s willing to let criminals break a lot of middle and working-class eggs to make his Progressive omelet.

This must serve as a lesson to the rest of us about not electing Progressive DAs and how it can become.

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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “NYT Opinion writer upset that people noticing Progressive policy causes crime spikes might be bad for Progressives winning elections”
  1. Just like the discussion on bugs. The elite will eat steak while the proles will eat bug burgers and soylent green.

  2. The contrast between the protest in Chinatown and the usual BLM/Antifa/”free” Palestine protests is remarkable. Nothing being thrown, no arson, no air horns, no profanity being screamed and no one being beat up.

  3. Leftists will never see the disastrous results of their policies until they have to live through the consequences.

    History is abundantly clear on this point.

    However, because idiots like Klein are insulated from the real consequences, all he sees is the progressive policies may be delayed. It is not until everyone, across the board, including those that warned about the adverse outcomes, are suffering before this changes. Klein and his cabal will drag conservatives along for the ride.

  4. I wonder why he’s worried about the Democrats losing elections. They are never going to lose ever again because right now they have an unlimited amount of people that don’t exist to vote for them.

    The progressive Democrats could quite literally deploy nuclear weapons on United States soil to kill United States citizens and they would still win because of that.

    I wonder what the media and the courts will do when more people vote for the Democrat that actually are live in the District/state/country?

  5. Wednesday and Thursday of this week all the local TV Stations had stories on the Minneapolis Chamber of Commerce encouraging people to come back downtown now that the Chinese Coronavius Pandemic and Panis is abating.

    Friday night, outside a downtown Minneapolis bar, two gangbangers commenced to fighting in a crowd, and after they escalated from words, shoves, and fists, they pulled guns out and shot up the area. Two dead, eight wounded. One of the dead was a St. Thomas Senior that was going to graduate with an engineering degree Saturday. Now he won’t.

    Come to Downtown Minneapolis! Mingle with the mobs of Black Teenagers wandering the Downtown. Maybe you will only get robbed, raped, or carjacked? Maybe you will end up dead.


    Oh, BTW. The six year old girl shot in the head when her mother was driving back from Mickey D’s? She died. The other two children shot in the head in the last three weeks are still hanging in there.

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