This is a follow-up to my post The medical establishment is murdering the unvaccinated for their health.

Here is the Occupy Democrats’ response:


Let me remind you that this man is 31-years-old.  He has a wife and two young sons.

Look at these pictures:


I’m not much older than this man and my two kids look to be about the same age as his.

This breaks my heart to think about his two boys losing their father, being raised without a dad in their life.

His wife, widowed at far too young an age.

Now think what sort of person can look at this and say “fuck that guy, I hope he dies because he didn’t get the jab.”

That Occupy Democrats Tweet has over 10,000 likes.

I go from having tears in my eyes for the future of those boys to a white hot fury that makes me want to put all ten-thousand people who liked that Tweet in a big hole in the desert.

I try to be empathetic but the radical Left has absolutely broken me of that.

They lack empathy and want us to die and I absolutely, 100% return the sentiment.

These people better pray to whatever unholy god they believe in that society never breaks down because when it does I guarantee a lot of people on our side will choose violence and settle scores.

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By J. Kb

18 thoughts on “Occupy Democrats cheer on the death of an untermensch from heart failure”
  1. Last time I checked, isn’t stimulating the immune system a bad thing for transplant patients?

    Not a medical professional, but I do know several folks who were told emphatically not to get the vaccine because of their immune system, or other medical reasons.

    Yet, this guy will die, because…. reasons.

    I guess, first do no harm has been moved to the second bullet on the list. First one now is “check covid vaccine status”

  2. I’m sure that, when you’re dying of cardiovascular disease, accepting a medical treatment that sometimes causes cardiovascular disease is just the most greatest idea in the history of great ideas.
    Also, in response to CMBTTek: my understanding is that, in general, transplant patients can’t have their immune systems stimulated, because they’re dosed up with immunosuppressive drugs to avoid rejection – so any vaccinations that are going to happen have to happen before the transplant in order to be effective. (The Holy Vaccine doesn’t work on the immunosuppressed, but they should get it anyway out of solidarity and because Science.)

    1. @Eric Wilner: et al.

      Yes, organ transplant patients do have their immune systems suppressed to reduce the chances of rejection. The system is not “shut off” as I hearing from various sources. So, immune responses, like wound healing, are slower than normal.

      That said, Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, a pioneer in kidney transplantation and where I had mine, recommended an influenza vaccine, oh, 20 years ago, even though it was the attenuated (injured) virus kind.

      They also recommended the Wu Flu vaccine, which had no live virus, when it became available. I’m not dead yet, nor have I developed a super power. Sigh.

      I also don’t know whether it works or I’m just lucky. I realize that my case is anecdotal. I also believe that all three “sides” – vaccine helps, vaccine is useless, and vaccine kills – are not honest with their number (for various reasons).

      I do not believe in mandates (or womandates 😆). If you want it, get it. If not, don’t. If you want to live in your basement until you die, help yourself. I only wear a mask when circumstances require it (and l’m as casual as I can manage).

      My transplant is coming up on it’s 38th anniversary, but I’m not going to hide myself away just in case.

      If you lasted this long, thanks for reading my rant.

      Be well.

  3. There always will be ghouls reveling on the misery of others. Nothing new there.

    What we see here is worse: medical profession murdering patients by the order of the Politburo, disregarding all the medical, scientific and ethical canons.

    Nazy extermination of undesirables and forced Chinese abortions somehow come to mind…

  4. Why did they admit him into the hospital if they weren’t going to do the transplant? If he needed a vax for the surgery, they should never have given him a bed.
    His insurance company should come down on the hospital for acting in bad faith.
    I’m surprised they didn’t start the surgery and then had an “oopsie”. during the procedure.

  5. And every single one of those people who clicked ‘like’ support ‘single payer/universal’ (iow gov’t run) healthcare.

    On a local news site, there was the usual POS that supported denying medical care to the unclean. I played devil’s advocate and agreed w/ him but expanding it to drug users, violent criminals, contact sports players, etc. They didn’t comment again after that.

  6. Tantiv said it – the same people who want to control your health care have no problem denying that same health care to those who they disagree with. It’s not about public health, it’s about control. And it has been almost from the start.

  7. BEST! ARGUMENT! EVER! For “single payer” nationalized health “care”.

    Who was that kid in England? Denied care in Formerly Great Britain, AND, court ordered forbidden to leave England for no-cost-to-brit-taxpayers care, elsewhere.

    Yeah. “It Begins!”.

      1. The moment the NHS declared his case hopeless, Alfie Evans HAD to die, at any cost. He could not be permitted to have any chance of survival under any circumstances because that would make the NHS look bad.

  8. If he were anyone other than a heterosexual white make it would be racist/sexist/homophobic/ablist to deny him the transplant just because of his “vax status.”
    J. kB, I think that’s part of the reason why they are so terrified of losing their political power & “status” to people who believe in traditional American values. As long as they retain control of the reigns of power they feel like they won’t have to reap what they have sewn. Take away that security blanket and we get a repeat of the summer of 2020 all day, every day. Commies gonna tyrant, & tyrants are terrified of a reckoning of the people on their tyranny.

  9. Everyone here knows what I think the left wants to happen to every single unvaccinated person in the world.

    I keep saying everything I say is insane and I am self aware of it. However can one honestly think now that I’m not actually wrong anymore?

    When he dies they will celebrate. They are the ghouls they claim us to be and will be offended when they get called out on it. Not because they know they’re in the wrong, but because they think they are right. They honestly think it’s right to celebrate a man’s death because he’s not vaccinated. They don’t see anything wrong with it. Why do you think I say the things I do?

  10. I guess we are finally seeing the gov death panels from gov involvement in health care, we were just wrong where it would come from.

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