We are so fucked.

No they are not.

Unit cohesion, esprit de corps, and the ability to kill people and break shit are necessities.

But it’s so much worse than that Tweet.

Our military has known for over a decade how bad all of this is and embraced it anyway.

This next part shocked even cynical, black-pilled me.

I’m going to pull out this paragraph for you to read again:

The Chinese accurately diagnosed our problem in 2013 and it was captured in a 2013 DOD report.

Again, I’m going to pull out a critical paragraph:

I must interject at this point to remind you that this is central to Chinese propaganda against the US.

“How dare they US criticize us about the Uyghers/slave labor/other human rights violations when they have BLM protests and fight over voting rights.”

The Left ceded any moral high ground we had by constantly attacking America as systemically racists and blowing our race problems hugely out of proportion.

Since 2013 China got a lot closer to Nazi Germany with putting an ethnic minority on rail cars, taking them to slave labor camps, and sterilizing them.

In 2013 the DOD commissioned a report to attack China for being an authoritarian ethno-state, that believes in its own ethnic superiority and that superiority justifies its right to dominate the world.

This report recognized that the Chinese saw us as a strong opponent when we were united under our traditional Liberal values founded under the enlightening Anglo-Saxon tradition. As we embraced multiculturalism and the corrosive perversion of extreme individualism we have weekend ourselves.

We accurately diagnosed both China and the United States a decade ago and all we did is accelerate into it.

We have allowed China to be more aggressively racist and colonial with their Belt and Road program, and we haven’t been as weak on the international stage since pre-WWI isolationism.

We drank the poison, knowing it was poison, and committed suicide.  Partly out of a suicidal ideology and partly due to the actions of leaders who sold out America for million in thirty pieces of silver Yuan.

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By J. Kb

3 thoughts on “Our military knew it was poison and drank it anyway”
  1. “The left ceded any moral high ground…” — that would be accurate if they were merely useful idiots. The more plausible explanation is that they are allies and agents, and that they support Chinese propaganda intentionally rather than mistakenly.

  2. I have two thoughts on it.

    First, the Chinese see culture through the lens of race. One cannot really be Chinese, no matter where they were born or how they were raised, unless they are genetically Chinese. Most Americans don’t see it that way; you’re just as American whether you’re born in America or you emigrated and naturalized and became a citizen, and your genetic “race” doesn’t factor into it.

    Second, our diversity really was our strength. It informed the American view by exposing us to all kinds of backgrounds, and in so doing it enriched the culture — the culture defined by a strong belief in freedom, personal liberty, and equal economic opportunity (in the paper’s words, “the political ideology of liberalism, the rule of law, and free market capitalism”) regardless of where you come from.

    On the one hand, the Chinese view of culture as inseparable from race means they don’t understand America. On the other hand, they are absolutely correct in their belief that multiculturalism is weakening America. We used to be a people of many races and backgrounds nevertheless united by our American values, but now tribalism has been allowed to establish and fester, and we no longer are one culture; the people now identify more strongly with their ancestors’ ethnic cultures than our shared American culture. Instead of being united by culture, we are divided by it.

    The collectivist Left is 100% to blame for starting us on this road and driving those race-based wedges between us (to be clear, the Right is not blameless in allowing it to continue). “Diversity is our strength” used to be a noble truism, but like everything else the Left touches, it’s been corrupted and perverted to mean something very different.

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