Racism in Alabama….just not where you think.

“Your folk never used all this sheit (sic) to protect my folk from your slave-holding, murdering, adulterous, baby-raping, incestuous, snaggle-toothed, backward-a**ed, inbreed (sic), imported criminal-minded kin folk.”

via Alabama lawmaker’s email: ‘Slave-holding, murdering, adulterous, baby-raping, snaggle-toothed kin folk’ | al.com.

And that would be a statement via email sent by State Rep. Joe Mitchell (D-Mobile)

But we are the bigoted ones, right? The sad part? He’ll be re-elected.

On the Jim Carrey thing… UPDATED

carreyJust compare:


And to add insult to injury, there is an auction for an autographed Jim Carrey glossy, funds to be used for the acquisition of a new spanking GUN!

I almost forgot. What do Hollywood Lib-types do when they piss people off? Well yes! they get somebody with a gun to protect their asses!

Quoting reader IanK: This irony is not just thick, it’s non-newtonian. Any attempt at cutting will result only in previously unfathomable thickness.


UPDATE: EBay removed the auction for the Carrey autographed pic. No explanation given…not that we needed one, right?

Sometimes I need these reminders.

I’ve been dealing with some medical family issues and that means having to go to building structures with patients and doctors and microbes, etc. As you can see, I am not fond of Hospitals and that goes triple when a loved one needs a procedure so my mood was not the best when settling the bill. As I was dealing with the doctor’s office manager, I pulled my credit card and form of ID, namely my driver’s license and my Florida’s CWP fell off the wallet and right smack on the desk in front of the fella. He took a look at the card and said “A CWP! I love you!”

I was a bit taken aback. Yes I suspect the gentleman was of the softer side of males but it was not because of that but by the actual friendliness which he expressed. We got to talking as he was finishing my fleecing paperwork and he admitted that he had one too and that he had decided to arm himself after being victimized at a convenience store/petrol station. I congratulated him on taking his own safety serious and reminded him that we were in the fight for our rights as we are being attacked by politicians. He was slightly aware of something going on, but not at the level we do (we as in hard-core pro 2A activist.)

At the next visit, he warmly received us and I gave him my last Keep Calm and Carry sticker I got from the GRPC. He was happy and to my amazement, proudly showed it to everybody in the office who was envious for the gift. It the struck me: There is indeed more of us that I even figured out. They just simply are not as active or visible or thoroughly engaged as some of us.

This is good news. We have more supporters than I thought (not that we were short to begin with) and that means less chances for the opposition to forcefully install their jackbooted laws on everybody. These “low intensity” gun owners might not be as active as many of us, but they are sympathetic to our views and less prone to buy into the B.S. spouted by the Antis.

Our goal is to keep spreading the message no matter how tiresome it can get sometimes. It has a dual purpose: to get those doing the fence thing to see things our way and to get our low intensity gun owners to be aware and not being intimidated by the bullies of the You Must be a Victim Lobby.

Basically we get our rest when we bet the opposition or are sucking roots from the bitter end. An occasional vacation is allowed.

Jim Carrey Tweets That He Has an Armed Bodyguard After Mocking Gun Owners in Music Video

Less than a day after releasing a classless music video mocking gun owners and the deceased actor Charlton Heston Jim Carrey alluded to having an armed bodyguard on Twitter.

via gunssavelives.net Jim Carrey Tweets That He Has an Armed Bodyguard After Mocking Gun Owners in Music Video.

Once more, Irony so thick you need a Lightsaber to cut through it.

I smell actor

The latest and lamest ad from MAIG (Mayors Kissing The Ass Of Mayor Bloomberg) gives us the perfect image of the redneck/hillbilly as the intelligentsia-types from NY think they are supposed to look like.

Except I never seen a redneck or anybody else that hunts with a shotgun hold it like that. Just not a natural way to handle it.

actorAnd the title of the video is “Responsible” as in responsible gun owner interested in safety. The finger looks like it is inside the trigger finger, so much for safety.

I wouldn’t be surprised we find out later on that the guy is an actor or is acting the part.

Because they don’t play by the rules they set.

 Dictum: “Violence never solves anything.”

It is the eternal piece of advice given to us by everybody, specially the Powers That Be. Yet, those Powers are the ones that have no problem applying violence if you were to step out of the mandated parameters or just become increasingly annoying by demanding them pesky things called rights. Lots of people fail to see the contradiction and follow the dictum to their sepulchers.

I was told that the pics above are from a university students’ march in Venezuela protesting about fair elections or something like that. The picket of police was waiting for them near the central Elections building and as you can see, they were ready not for a waltz but to provide a beatdown if the students got too uppity for their own good. The pic below is the money shot and something very typical: Pro-Government goons, guns in hand harassing and intimidating attendees to the march. And no, police does not do squat about them.

Since Chavez got elected and even after his death, not one single solitary protest/march/movement/happening from those who opposed him has produced one single solitary change in politics.  Armed goons are now the norm and people being shot is not uncommon. Those marching do sing the pacifist songs and act according to WWGD (What would Gandhi Do?) without any effect, basically confirming the definition of insanity: Do the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

So when your local politico says that Violence is never the answer and asks you to surrender your weapons, just go ahead and flip him the big one because you can be sure that they will never surrender theirs.

They set the rules, they just do not like to play by them.