Shooting on the move when you ain’t moving but you are.

IDPA is fun if you have a twisted & deranged person designing Courses of Fire. Yesterday we had a match for Safety Officers Only to say thanks for all the hard labor they put in herding our club members safely all year long.

The last stage was interesting to say the least.

Yes that is a shooter and a safety officer on top of our props’ trailer being towed at 5 m.p.h over uneven terrain. There were four paper targets and seven steel targets for the engaging. Ammo count was basically everything as long as you stayed withing IDPA rules… and most of us shot it all.

We are used to shoot on the move at our command. We walk and somehow we integrate our movements we our shooting in a somewhat coherent process which (with a lot of practice) allow us to be accurate enough. Some how we ‘know” when a foot is up, when it makes contact with the ground again, coordinate with our hands, arms & upper body to create a stable platform, acquire sights, press trigger… and if we are good & lucky we make a great shot.

All of the above goes out the window when you are just there for the ride & shoot. You are not in control of anything other than the gun. The terrain here is a bit bumpy and gave the trailer a slight rocking motion back and forth plus side to side. Not a whole lot mind you, but enough to make you work a lot and miss a lot. The first time I ever did a convoy/style stage was years ago at a SFDCC match, with a rifle from a regular trailer, sitting on a secured chair and I missed every single target.

View you get from ground level.. Yours truly trying to shoot the stage. I do apologize for the less than polite word at the end, but there was a steel who refused to die and had to be shot several times and cussed accordingly.

This is the view you get from top of the trailer. Rob from gets in a good run.

I think people should try this or a similar stage. Not only it is fun but it opens your eyes and gives you a new respect for the technicalities of shooting. Basically a portion of humble pie is good for the soul now and then.

More dangerous than an Armed Hillbilly.

Damn it, I think I am going to have to subscribe to any rag. Again a newspaper fell in my hands and found something interesting. According the an article in the Wall Street Journal, doctors and hospitals are killing people at an alarming rate.

Errors made by doctors, nurses and other medical caregivers cause 44,000 to 98,000 deaths a year. Hospital infections, many considered preventable, take another 100,000 lives. And mistakes involving medications injure 1.3 million patients annually in the U.S., according to the Food and Drug Administration.

Holy crap! I knew it was bad, but this is just Halloween/Freddy Kruger/ Jason Vorhees/ Mother In Law Staying For The Summer scary.  Next doctor that tries to tell me how dangerous is for me to have guns, I might have to ask him about how these little statistics here.

At the end of the day, the stethoscope turned out to be more dangerous than a gun.

Gallery of Scumbags: Stephen L. Goldstein and Southern Poverty Law Center.

I have little respect for the traditional printed media since they are mostly prostituted pamphlets with a severe allergy for the truth so it is unusual for me to sit down and waste time with a local newspaper. I canceled my subscription to the Miami Herald a long while ago and I read the Sun Sentinel if there is a copy that somebody left somewhere and forgot to take home to use for the parakeets’ crap catcher.

On March 12 I was given a free copy of that day’s Sun Sentinel and I read a column by Stephen L. Goldstein titled “Racial bigotry blocks health care reform.” In this column Mr. Goldstein quotes the Southern Poverty Law Center:

“Since the installation of Barack Obama, right-wing extremists have murdered six law enforcement officers.

I was floored when I read this. How come never heard of this before? Is there a conspiracy of Militias roaming around our country targeting Police Officers? The quote evokes of muscle-bound Southern White boys chugging beers driving in a beat up van searching for that evil black cop to take down and show them nigger in the White House who is Da Boss.

Then I remembered we are dealing with both a newspaper and the “impartial” boys and girls of the Southern Poverty Law Center and I decided to do some research. I used which lists the LEO deaths for this and last year with a description of the events. Then used Google to look for more details on the murderers themselves, photos and their affiliations. I must confess I had to do some racial profiling, I excluded anybody who was not white in my amateurish investigation, I hope I do not offend anybody with this revelation… OK truly i don’t care who I offend.

The first case was of three officers murdered by 22-year-old Richard Poplawski.  He is/was a Pittsburgh resident who lived with his mommy and granny and by all indications was nothing more than a Net Racist. His “militancy” was basically posting in racist websites like Stormfront but that was about it. He was a stalker,  woman beater and was kicked out of the Marines for discipline problems. A nutjob that found a niche for his scrambled brains among others like him in the net. The night of the killings, Officers Paul Sciullo, Eric Kelly and Stephen Mayhle responded to a domestic disturbance call at the Poplawski residence and on arrival Mr. Poplawski’s mommy told officers he wanted him out of the house. Poplawski opened fire on the officers and killed them plus wounded 2 more officers.  He was shot in the leg and surrendered. Two of the officers killed were white, one black so I am guessing Poplawski was not too choosy about race after all.

Next I found Joshua Cartwright who murdered Deputy Burt Lopez and Deputy Skip York from the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office Florida in a Domestic Abuse call and outside a gun range. Mr. Cartwright is the perfect liberal idea of Right Wing Militia: White, Military (National Guard), owned guns and according to the girlfriend, he was upset that President Obama was elected. I do pity the Secret Service, I can’t imagine what is to do background checks on all the white kids that own guns and serve in our military. By the way, Deputy Burt Lopez and Deputy Skip York were also white.

After reading about these five officers down, I suspended the search. There is no obvious racist conspiracy of Hate Groups against cops. Four out of the five officers killed in the two incidents I checked were white so there is no racial overtones as Mr. Goldstein and Southern Poverty Law Center try to push.  Now if I were a nasty idiot who liked to use the race card to defend the indefensible, I would point out to both Mr. Goldstein and Southern Poverty Law Center that the number one race killing police officers since President Obama was inaugurated is African American.  But the truth is that the number one murderer of Law Enforcement Officers in our country are scumbags of the criminal type which are somewhat related to the scumbags of the political type like Mr. Goldstein and Southern Poverty Law Center.

PS: If you see fit and can afford, donate to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund or any other related organization of your liking. I know times are tough so if a small donation is not possible, do say a prayer for the safety of our brave officers battling Bad Guys day and night, for the souls of those fallen in the line of duty and for the families of both.

Have you renewed your memberships yet?

Don’t ask me how, but I always manage to congeal all my subscriptions and memberships to die at the same darn time. So I just finished renewing NRA, IDPA and SWAT Magazine plus I have to send my contribution to Gun Rights Radio Network but I screwed around enough and just now opened an account with GunPal which is the Gun version of PayPal. Let me rephrase that so there is no confusion: GunPal has nothing to do with the schmucks at EBay/PayPal. GunPal covers the huge hole left by the PC morons at EBay/PayPal who develop a sudden rash of morality and cancel transactions and accounts if they are gun related somehow. GunPal was created by Gun People for Gun people so a wee bit support is suggested. We should support our guys, right?

So back to the original thought, Have you renewed your memberships & subscriptions?  Git to it! Do not procrastinate! I do that enough 😉

And do join GunPal…. please?