Pelosi gets the Cuban American Treatment in Miami.

Your side called for increased confrontation, you got it. How does it feel to be “collateral”? I think they ruined her latest botox treatment.

In other times, I would have disagreed and even criticized the crowd. But not anymore.  We can’t risk that our epitaph be “They were polite all the way to the mass grave.”






8 Replies to “Pelosi gets the Cuban American Treatment in Miami.”

      1. That’s identity politics for you. They lump Hispanic/Latino into one category regardless national origin or history. They do the same with Asians.

        They treat someone from Japan and Cambodia the same or someone from Santiago, Chile and San Salvador the same because they check a single box.

        It’s like a bad racist joke, but for them it’s Woke.

  1. Pop quiz, fill in the blanks:

    1. Payback is a ____________.
    2. What comes around, ___________.
    3. What’s sauce for the goose is ________________.

  2. As Trump has shown us, the only way to effectively fight and win with the left are to use their own tactics against them. Glad to see this sort of thing happening.

  3. While I understand the sentiment – wresting with the pig only makes you and the pig muddy. And the pig likes it.

    We’ve largely successfully portrayed the left as this unthinking, unreasonable, radical mob. We need not undercut that impression by jumping in the crazy with them.

    I’m all about protest – but I don’t want the side a favor to be seen by middle America as just another version of them.

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