Remember when gas was under $2 per gallon and a cart full of groceries for a family of four was about $125 per week?

Pepperidge Farm remembers because that was barely two years ago.

Now it’s over $3 per gallon and the sane groceries are coating about $180 per week.



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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “Pepperidge Farm Remembers when…”
  1. In my high school years(early 80s) we were a family of 6. My mom would go to grocery shopping and fill 2 of those huge shopping carts to over flowing and write a check for $125…..

  2. As Mrs B and I are wont to say to each other as we drive by the local gas station…

    Thanks, Big Joe!

    (In as sarcastic a tone of voice as possible.)

  3. 2008 when I was a baby engineer, I could spend about $100-150 at Walmart and Publix and come home with groceries for a couple weeks, a couple boxes of ammo, and extra groceries to put into the Hurricane stash.

    Now that gets me through one stop for the weekly essentials.

  4. Biden already has a couple of black marks on his record going into the mid-term elections. If this inflation stuff sticks, that’s going to be as bad as any of the other problems, perhaps more so because it directly affects people rather than being a distant and partially-forgotten bad memory.

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